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  1. N320 .... been the Fav since mid 2000’s without Doubt... want a alternative?... Ramshot Competition It’s a Sleeper ....switched long ago in 45 and 40.... no regret Not good at all in 9mm. But in 45... clean and can use a little less! And today That is important!! H
  2. Why try to figure Anything out?!?.... run a Benny!! I’ve had mine a while.... paid $750 M1super90. Ya I’m old i thought I was interested in the jm model out of respect but no.... I’m not dead yet!! H
  3. Wow great post and pics! I also have a few Bilby guns.... some talked about in this forum Years ago.... I have one of his 10mm Pocket Rockets.... one of two he made and I believe one in 357sig.... I did not know he made one in 45..... I also have a Full House Delta he did.... Barsto, Bomar rear, Metaloy HC....and what I believe was his last full house 45 he built..based on delivery and his passing... I’ll get to some pics hopefully tomorrow Brian lived twentysome miles from me.... I’d hang out in his basement and also helped him with his State IDPA match he ran...he would come shoot the IPSC match I ran.. He got Ken Hackathorn to do a class and Brian asked to borrow back the Pocket Rocket.... when he returned it he had performed a Live Rnd Clearance mod to ejection port and reblued it..... tell ya what came out of Brian’s mouth was... well.... Colorful H
  4. I experienced similar fps reduction in my 9mm loads running Ramshot Competition powder in my Colt6450. Without getting out of my Lazyboy recliner to look at specific data ....but I posted specific data results in the 9mm reloading area Years ago ..... fast powder in a longer barrel Scrubs fps......if you can not safely use more of your stated powder than switch to a slower powder for a longer burn. H
  5. Ramshot or N320..... fmj to taste.. bout as good as it gets still today... no magic! H
  6. Some of it is just momentum physics due to the longer case.... they Fly but ya a 23# main just like Heinie says, and a fitted FP stop will help most. I ran a 23# recoil sp on my Bilby Pocket Rocket and a 18.5# on my Delta due to extra slide wt H
  7. I’ll confess to not reading this old thread... I have still today a usp40c and a usp40 competition and used to own a usp45c..... I ran them in idpa and ipsc.....for me it was natural to use my gun hand middle finger. No firing grip change required .....I run 1911’s, xd’s and sigs as well. But when I have a HK in my hand my brain switches to strong hand middle finger .... Try it!! H
  8. I just watched a YouTube vid of Jason fitting a grip safety..... I had No idea He who created master pieces to cherish a lifetime Was so young and would share to a common man a simple task.... I am sorry here..... I relate him to a Wayne Gretzky type.... one in a Lifetime I‘M 61 and have three Brian Bilby 1911’s I cherish. I just humbly say thank you And keep at your gifted artwork!! H
  9. Ramshot Competition.... switched to it from 320 umpteen yrs ago for 40min and 45maj..... gggreat SD and ES numbers. Clean mild and much less $$. Now ill confess to not buying either in Umpteen yrs and still have both jugs today. Just saying RS Comp Works. Not in 9mm though... high pressure signs I have No idea where prices are today H
  10. I’ve ran a Wolff 15# in my 40Tac since mid 2000’.......180gr true minor load.... won ESP EX in my state back then. Same spring Lots of rounds thru yesterday. Took it out Yesterday to see if it’s sacked out..... after laying it beside a new one I put the old one back in as I could Not see any noticeable diff H
  11. Welcome to the forum From another MI Guy. Great expert advise here from all levels. No 2011’s for this old guy.... my old Bilby Guns were well talked about long ago....... Have fun! H
  12. I know this is old thread.... just fwiw.... I’ve chron’d pistol loads in brass and plated brass.... I’ve found that plated adds 5fps on average HHjr
  13. I fully agree to this statement.... case edge stands proud and Ruff in the pic. I don’t know Dillon stuff at all. I use Lee or Redding crimp dies in All cals to a nicely burnished edge with slight taper.... Very slight H
  14. Real nice post there Lots of insight there for the reloading masses! Well done H
  15. You left the word Tube out so..... NO!!!!!!! Drop quarters in to buffer TUBE Then Spring Then buffer. then see if buffer clears latch JUST enough to hold open.... if your gun does that..... H
  16. You are still swinging a hammer at a expensive piece.... vise blocks can slip, anyone can miss hit that nylon punch.....slide ends up on floor...... to each their own, it’s All good! i don’t swing a hammer at a truck steering knuckle Either.... I use the appropriate size ball joint/Pittman arm separator.... Different Strokes Different Folks H
  17. Non of these crimp numbers listed matter Unless you take the time to separate your brass as mentioned and can repeat the measuring location on the cases to a microscopic level .....and this for The Average reloader is just not even required. The probability of holding accuracy to One Tenthou is pretty lofty Set your separate crimp die to slightly turn in and burnish the case mouth .... that’s it Done And I’m done.... go For It Lady and gentlemen reloaders. Cheers! H
  18. Same springs Work perfectly in my Springfield XD40 Tactical ..... I run a 15# for minor.... can’t go Too lite for fear of Not going in to battery on the XD’s H
  19. Really ..... measuring to .0005 accurately consistently....?...... I just humbly say please stop. But say you can That’s cool but not necessary for this purpose H
  20. I can fully recommend Ramshot Competition for 45acp And 40sw. I’ve used it exclusively for Years in both cals.... much cheaper than N320 my old stand by Now that I don’t shoot nearly as often I am back to N320 H
  21. Check Comp-Tac’s site for fit! Top notch plastic!! H
  22. This pretty much ... plus a little......Stop trying to chase a crimp taper number of .xxx. Please! Set your stand alone crimp die so it just burnishes the case edge and Stop!!! You can see it as you rotate the round....... Everyone’s measurement will be different on how They hold their caliper.... please no numbers needed! H
  23. The one for $40 looks pretty good.... unless your slide is angled or stepped in any way..... I went with Fisher Sight Solutions pusher .... it is Very similar I chose their deluxe set with a boat load of angled aluminum blocks for diff slide profiles.... so far I’ve used it on HK USP, SIG p225 and SIG 10mm 1911. It’s rock solid and non maring H
  24. This right there..... black rear.... and Fixed! anything else is a distraction. I put a Dawson .100 wide fo front on a custom Caspian 45 build and went on to win Expert CDP state championship match. I feel fixed rear zero detriment to hitting.... regardless of bullet wt.... I reload and buy what’s the deal!!! this being reasonable pistol distances. Did the same exact thing on a XDTactical and won Expert ESP championship match next year. I once thought adjustable was required..... proved that Wrong. Once you find what works you not change..... neither does your H
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