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  1. Hi. Several years ago you had a great discussion on using the paddle-lever mag release. You described how to use it and it worked darn fast. I've attended many of Mas Ayoob's schools and Marty Hays and Tom Givens schools and I mention what you said. However I had a Heart Attack (Mas happened to be there) and I have taken a year of so out of instruction while Phil Wong and Sam Spade do the instruction. I can't find your discussion so could you repeat your method of using the lever-mag release. gatorfarmtactical.com
  2. I give this suggestion to my students and when I assisted Mas at LFI I. Take two magazines and paint them a bright color, white, yellow, or the like. Put only dummy rounds in them. Then make certain you put any loaded mags away, and I mean away. Then make certain you physically clear and check the chamber. Draw and dry fire to your hearts content.
  3. I like this drill and used it while getting used to my P2K.
  4. Thank you so much. That is the technique I actually stumbled on to. I'm getting relatively good at it and have actually developed several variations, one as you said and let the mag drop on my Tactical bag. (not going to drop an HK mag on cement in pactice ) Next use the same technique but out the used mag with a fresh mag already in my pinky and ring finger, put the new mag in and slam it home with my palm, then fire with the used mag in my hand if necessary. If not necessary to fire then put the empty mag in any pocket.
  5. I'm getting ready to attend LFI and want to use my P2K which I have been carrying IWB. My draw is getting very smooth, I use the large backstrap for excellent purchase, and come out in good position. My problem is that I can't drop the mag with one digit quickly, I have to use thumb and trigger finger or middle finger. H K pistols have the lever rather than a button mag drop. My old way was to actually use two hands that way I could pull the old mag and put it in a drop bag. (Sorry I always had a mag bag as an Army 19D) or a pocket before I inserted new mag. I actually got pretty quick, but not as fast as dropping on the ground and reloading in one move. What technique should I be practicing for the P2K?
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