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  1. I don’t have the ability to trap bullets. But yes, now I do suspect that the plating is falling apart with some powder. When I made that post I haven’t done accuracy testing yet, only chrono. This was accuracy testing at 50 yards. SP = sport pistol, PP = power pistol, LS = long shot. Heavy left to right crosswind. I just had a non magnified holosun 510c so I am sure there is some user induced error here. But it does give me a good idea on comparative accuracy of the projectile and powder combination. The optic was zeroed for 147gn velocity so all 115gn groups were ~3 inch hi
  2. I saw that JP PCC load development article... and at first I had no idea what the powder were. When I finally saw someone said JP tested longshot, all those names finally clicked for me. I actually had some of their every single powder! I was able to replicate almost the exact results, off by 0.1 gn here and there. It’s an awesome starting point for PCC load development... if I had known earlier I would have saved quite a few laddered loads to find the sweet spot. I didn’t use Titegroup because I read that they run hot and burn up the bullet. I never liked titegroup in my 5” p
  3. I've got some successful loads with the JP GMR-15 with 14.5" barrel. All at least 5 shots. Hopefully this will help others. 1. 2.9 gn Sport Pistol / Blue Bullets FP 147 gn / 1.135 OAL => 869 FPS / ES 61 / SD 22 / 128 PF 2. 2.9 gn Sport Pistol / Bear Creek Supply Moly Coated 147 gn / 1.135 OAL => 878 FPS / ES 23 / SD 8 / 129 PF 3. 3.5 gn Sport Pistol / Xtreme CPRN (plated) 147 gn / 1.135 OAL => 889 FPS / ES 54 / SD 20 / 131 PF 4. 4.1 gn Sport Pistol / Xtreme CPRN (plated) 115 gn / 1.135 OAL => 1124 FPS / ES 52 / SD 19 / 129 PF 5. 5.0 gn Power
  4. I figured it out. It’s the bullets, 147 gr 0.356 copper plated Xtreme bullets. Sport pistol, power pistol, long shot, doesn’t matter what powder. Huge variance in velocity, extreme spread was 150-200fps. With long shot powder I even got some at 500fps. Using blue bullets 147gr 0.355, I got expected results. 2.9 gr sport pistol at 1.135oal gave 130PF with 2.3 MOA accuracy. Using bear creek moly coated 147gr 0.356, I also got expected results. 2.9 gr sport pistol at 1.135oal gave 130PF with 1.46 MOA accuracy. I think non plated bullets are ok with 0.356 since they a
  5. I verified al the “slow” cartridges out of the gmr15 with my Glock and they chronoed as expected. My practice round was 3.3 grains of sport pistol pushing 147gr bullet and it was 130pf. My load development ladder was 2.8 to 3.2 grains in 0.1 increments. The pf drop off of these rounds out of my Glock was as expected at around 4 pf per 0.1 grain. So I know the rounds were not mislabeled and had the correct charge as intended. However, with all the posts, I have a good idea what the culprit was. I was using xtreme 147gr copper plated round nose which apparently is 0.356 diameter
  6. Humm, so it works in the Glock because there is only 5 inches of match barrelZ. It works in the ruger pcc because it’s a cheap loose barrel and the projectile never really slowed down. It doesn’t work in the jp because it is a high quality tight match barrel so the projectile got slowed down. That actually make sense. Whew. Should I up the charge or use a slower powder? The powder is sport pistol which a lot of pcc shooters seem to use. But I have some power pistols and long shot that I can try. Maybe load them all to 130pf and find the one with the best recoil imp
  7. My first suspect was chrono issue. So I took my production match round and chrono it out of my match Glock 34, that I have done many times. Sure enough it was right at 130PF with good es and sd. It’s not the chrono. My next suspect was somehow the bullet was not accurate out of the barrel, going over the chrono inconsistently leading to poor readings. If this was the case there would be large groupings. Put up a brand new target behind the chrono at around 10 yards. It was like a tack driver making almost one hole. Rifle was very accurate. The other observation
  8. Got a head scratcher here, want to see if anyone have an idea. Load development for my new JP GMR-15 with 14.5 inch barrel. Using 3.3gr sport pistol pushing a 147gr bullet, I get 130PF out of my Glock 34, 139PF out of my ruger pcc (16 inch barrel), but only 110PF out of the JP gmr15. I had 4 loads of sport pistol to try in 0.1gr increments, and consistently see 10 higher pf in my 16 inch ruger (expected) and 20 lower PF in my jp (????) than my 5 inch Glock. Like, if the Glock makes 125PF, I’d see around 135PF in the ruger pcc, and 105PF out of the JP. Another person at the range
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