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  1. Of course, but I’m sure people have also polished internal components as well. In a full-size P320 .45, I have the GG Competition kit and I polished portions of the FCU body and trigger bar. It pulls at 2lbs, but the break is soft. Just wondering if people have polished other internal components in their P320s.
  2. Hello, Who here has polished parts in their P320 FCU? In previous builds I have polished the FCU body where it contacts the trigger bar and polished the portions of the trigger bar that contact the FCU body. Is there any significant part I'm potentially missing? Maybe the portion of the trigger bar that contacts the trigger bar spring? What about polishing the trigger bar safety disconnector or the safety lever? Is that approaching dangerous territory polishing those? Am I missing any areas that could greatly benefit from a polish? Thanks!
  3. Yeah, I asked him recently about it and he stated 2.5lbs with a SA/GG combo
  4. I did. While the Sig Armorer does really good work. (I have had his Competition Action job done on an X-Carry). That alone doesn’t produce a 1.6 lb pull. It is stated on his website that he will get about a 3-3.5 lb pull with his Competition Action job. So I’m suspecting additional enhancements. I’m just curious as to what other things were done.
  5. Just curious, which enhancements do you have on your Legion to get that 1.6lb trigger? (Besides the AC trigger)
  6. Hello, I was just wondering, has anyone combined a P320 Sig Armorer competition action job with the GrayGuns competition trigger internals? How would that combination compare with getting just one or the other done on your P320? Just seeing what might be possible. Thanks!
  7. Hello Everyone! I'm from the STL, MO area and I'm interested in IDPA and reloading.
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