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  1. Never heard of issues with the other two but Atlas... I will stear away from anybody claiming to be the best or to know it all. Neither. Buy an SVI and be happy
  2. I know first hand, Canadian distributor changes the extractor spring to wolf before shipping out and they do not sell tanfo springs
  3. it might have to do with batches. Both my guns failed at 200 rounds. switched to wolff and zero issues.
  4. Question: can the trigger be activated when you rock a holstered gun/rock the muzzle? For the safety nazis, I understand the gun should have the safety on, however, I am looking at worst case scenario. also, is the holster going to be compatible with any 2011? They all have different trigger guards/cutouts/dimensions. can you post more pictures of the lock up? I have found a way to get this holster and I am interested. Thanks.
  5. if the gun is new, you need to take the extractor spring out and replace it with a WOLF XP Spring. Tanfo factory springs are utter garbage and only last for about 200 rounds. This thread is very long and I was part of it for a good part of 3 months trying to figure this out as well. Replace the spring with XP, DO NOT MODIFY ANYTHING : do not modify your extractor, do not touch the new spring. Just replace it. Do not waste your time with other tanfoglio spring, just get wolf. Enjoy.
  6. I was just too lazy to open a thread
  7. Thanks! Me too, but a friend lent me some while waiting for some cam pro.
  8. Any loading data for xmetal (canadian-hitrk coating 180gr and v320??? in a pinch to reload for tomorrow and cant chrono until next week. please help a brother!
  9. I just tried both methods: using the video and secondly just screwing the die down down and finding a setting with the micro meter. it is about the same.
  10. I am in Canada and cant find anything about these holsters. I have been using a cr speed and ghost and not really king on the daa stuff. Too gimmicky. does anybody know where I can find info about the everglades in Canada.
  11. I am still curious about this holster. I been asking around and nobody heard of it here. Most guys are running ghosts, that cost $170 canucks, about $140 US. Any ideas where I can see one? Also, why not shipping to Canada? Bought holster from the US a million times. It is not a regulated item like a scope, it does bot fall under Itar. Could be a toy. thanks!
  12. That is correct however his instructions seem backwards. There is also no need to start with the micrometer at 1500 (as he has suggested. It is just seems and odd way to set up this die, I am just waiting for bullets to try this myself.
  13. Yes I agree with this, however when he is done the die isnt touching the die and it is a bit short. the die body in my opion should not be moved after it touches the plate (almost touching) and all the other settings should be done by the micro meter. I will do some experimentingand report back.
  14. I just purchased this die and I am not fully convinced that this video is correct in the way the day is set up. this die is designed to hold the entire case, for example, so I would have started by seating the body all the way down until touching the loader plate and then, with the micrometer extended out to the maximum setting I wouls find my correct oal. i think that by not using the die body fully you will get scraped cases as shown in this thread, as your die can’t fully align the brass before seating the bullet. Also, the whole point of having a micrometer is being able to start from zero and not use a guess-stimation. Please correct me if I am wrong, as I am going to be setting this die soon and might even do a new video If I find a better way to set it up.
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