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  1. do you realize you responded to a post from 2013 right?
  2. 1911 spring.... in a 9mm pistol... you need to bring it close to 10lbs. the spring is design for 45 major PF, not mickey mouse 9mm. of course it will eject like that whit a heavy spring...
  3. I got 8lbs of E3 - let's see how it goes. loading .40 major 1180 col with CAMPRO. We will see how it goes.
  4. The redding comp die is a headache with coated bullets, it removes the bell so it scratches everything. There is a hole thread about it. I had it and sold it. all these dies combos make no sense, the lee die does Nothing to remove bulge at the crimp station and the crimp is no different than any other crimp. only way to remove bulge (efficiently) in .40 is rolling your brass (or any caliber) The bulge cannot be removed using a die mounted on a press, brass is only undersized to fit the chamber up to a certain degree i.e. Not one die will ever correctly size the web because it is physically impossible, as it cannot reach the web as when your die touches your plate first. Real bulged brass will have a bulged web as well and these pieces will crease when sizing with a longer die on a press. In a nutshell: 1-you can load with ANY die system provided your brass is in good shape. 2-some small bulges are reduced by longer dies. 3-real oversized bulged brass at the web cannot be sized with regular dies short or long, unless you roll at the web back down to saami. dont waste money on dies. Use good brass and a roll sizer and that is it. talking from experience after wasting money on magic dies.
  5. been following this thread because I now want a 1301. I am only 5'6 and 160lbs so not sure I want a 24", here in Canada, IPSC shotgun is not popular at all nor are 3gun competitions, so not sure if will get used for that. I want a Beretta that is a good all rounder, a jack of all trades and due to my height and weight I am leaning towards the 21. I owned a Urika2 that was 28 and that felt like a fishing pole to me, owned others in between and never tried something shorter. The urika felt too long. Sorry for derailing the thread but just wanted to ask for opinions on 21 vs 24. BTW I am not recoil sensitive nor a puss puss, I am relatively well built and strong. just saying, lol
  6. I guess that is a very respectable number for a gun that is tight as a 1911/2011. There were never designed to be shot that much before being cleaned anyway I think, but I could be wrong.
  7. Thanks zzt for all the info. i am getting 8lbs of e3 Monday.
  8. you got it, it is very popular or it was. There are better choices now. It is 231 rebranded.
  9. great to know thanks. how long can you go in between cleanings?
  10. E3 sounds good but it is not listed as a handgun powder unlike the other shotgun powders that are, so that begs the questions, WHY it is not if it is that good? I am not saying you are wrong, I am just one of those curious minds. I have been browsing for powder and I can get E3, WST or 320. I am certainly purchasing 320 because I know it works. WST is cheap but being in Canada, having a temp sensitive powder sucks. It also smokes. Now last E3, I can get 8lbs cheap but I am worried that if I do and it does not work well in my gun then I am stuck with a lot of powder. I cannot get a pound of the stuff because it is being shipped from the other side of the country. Any experiences here with E3 and Campro bullets in a SVI (major load). Thank you
  11. curious about lubrication needs on this platform. I am asking from ignorance really as I have never held one. I am currently running red and tacky grease in my SVI and I really like it, if it is cold I only need to break it with whatever oil (nothing gun specific) and it runs flawlessly. There is 0 indication of wear on my gun since I started using grease. I would like to continue using grease in the honcho, as I am considering getting one in the near future, but since I know very little and this gun is non existent in Canada I can't really see fo myself. Educate me please if you have the chance, thanks!
  12. excellent idea. I find the tear drop release to work the best for me.
  13. This die was perfect when using .400 bullets. Anything over that and it will scrape the coatings off. The body has crimp to it it seems. I no longer own it. Using dillon seating die.
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