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  1. Thanks for posting the actual cause of the problem.
  2. Some of the hammer block safety blocks that I have seen need a bit of TLC to remove sharp edges and burrs from part which is obviously stamped, leaving rough edges most of the time. With the Apex hammers, it's sometimes not enough to chamfer the edges of the "flag". The lower part of the hammer "face" needs to be beveled a bit to provide clearance for the flag to clear when the trigger resets. I suspect that this is what Apex is referring to when they mention that "some fitting may be required".
  3. For diagnosis only, assemble the revolver without the safety bar, if everything works properly with the bar absent that's a good indication that the bar is binding/hitting the hammer. Don't leave the safety bar out permanently!
  4. I have seen the safety bar catch on the bottom part of the hammer when the trigger tries to reset, preventing the trigger from returning forward. The safety bar might catch on the frame just a bit below the firing pin hole. I think both cases are caused by the fit between the ramp on the rebound slide and the rebound pad on the hammer being "tighter" than factory stock. With the side plate off you might be able to see the situation I'm talking about. Put the safety bar in place and look at the tip of the safety bar where it fits between the frame and the hammer when
  5. I can do the tractor mechanic work myself
  6. I knew that Jim Sr. had died but didn't know about Jim Jr.
  7. Thanks for the suggestions. I had some work done by Mr. Clark himself many years ago, didn't realize that the business was still in operation.
  8. I'm too old.........by the time I got it back, I would be using a walker:)
  9. Thanks but you must not be as OCD as I am:) I had to move the rear sight waaaay left to get centered at 25 yards. Jim
  10. Posted in the gunsmith forum also......... I'm looking for a real revolver smith to correct the over clocked barrel on my 686. TIA, Jim
  11. I tried the search option, no joy. Looking for a real smith to correct an over clocked 686 barrel........ TIA, Jim
  12. And, of course, no one knows how a rock finds it's way into a Glock!!
  13. Thanks for the reply. Interested in what is found.
  14. Was this the first round of the day or had it been fired several times just before the malfunction?
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