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  1. Possibly the nose on the grip safety isn't stopping the trigger from moving rearward, sometimes happens on a poorly fitted GS.
  2. Are the racer red lenses still available from Rudy? I haven't been able to find them on their site.
  3. I have seen several posts stating that the 1911 grip safety was an unnecessary add on to the original design......... I finally decided to post a picture of the early design with the grip safety but without the thumb safety. As I recall, the US Military didn't fully trust the grip safety and required the addition of the thumb safety, which Browning added to the original design. https://www.m1911.org/browning.htm
  4. Stating the obvious here but Remington is not helping themselves with this level of carelessness.
  5. I have even used Black & Decker air tool oil with success:)
  6. Yeah, hope it proves to be good or it goes in the mower:)
  7. Thanks for all the input. I picked up a quart of Mobil 1 5w-20 today, will see how it goes.
  8. Is there any known reason to not use American Select for factory duplication loads for 230 grain jacketed or plated? I would like a clean burning, economical powder after my present supply of B'eye is gone. Thanks
  9. I've been away from 1911s for a while........what's the latest and greatest lube for them? Thanks
  10. Ruger's marketing team leaves me wondering what they're smoking.............
  11. https://www.apwcogan.com/plating-and-refinishing-prices Still a bargain:)
  12. Thanks for all the comments. All my previous 1911 experience has been with Colt, probably 20 different pistols, Govt. Models, Commanders and light weight Commanders as well as Gold Cups and the earlier National Match versions. Most have been OK but a few needed "special attention". After a Glock binge I have started shooting my old Kimber Compact again. Made me really miss all the good things a 1911 can do.......... So, here I am with three Kimbers; the old Compact and a couple of new Kimbers, a Super Match and a Stainless Target II, and so far I'm very happy. Jim
  13. The trigger stop may be adjusted too tight, not allowing the sear to move enough for the hammer to fall.
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