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  1. I totally agree....UUUGGGLLLYYY!!! But does it shoot?:)
  2. Try dry firing with empty cases in the chambers just to see if the cases have anything to do with the problem.
  3. Thanks for your comments. I have actually used the technique you mentioned to repair stainless cylinder notches. With care the repair isn't noticeable and can be repeated several times.
  4. Thanks.......maybe the issue is more of a theoretical problem than an actual real life one.
  5. How about you guys who fire thousands of rounds yearly in competition? What sort of wear/peening do you see on your stainless revolvers vs. carbon steel revolvers?
  6. Have any of you noticed if stainless revolvers show earlier wear (especially peening in the cylinder notches) than carbon steel revolvers? Thanks, Jim
  7. Actually have seen this on several recently. Agree that it looks like some sort of polishing compound. Shouldn't be there but cleans up with relatively little effort and no pitting that I have seen.
  8. What powder and what charge did you use for that load? I have some 200 grain plated RN and E3 powder.
  9. Actually, nothing that would be suitable for revolver games....... some very old police duty stuff, holster and speed loader holders that can be (and were at one time) used to hold loaded .45 ACP moons. PM sent.
  10. Sadly, no. I'm not set up, equipment wise, to compete with revolvers. Maybe you could tell me what I might need to enter as a first timer.......... However, I would very much like to go and try to learn from the guys that do compete. Are you planning to be there?
  11. Me too Seriously, thanks for taking the time to participate in this discussion, I did learn a thing or two from it:) Jim
  12. Good Morning, I just did some measuring on revos that I have available to me......... 1 S&W 25-2 2 S&W 625 JM 1 625 Model of 1989 1 625 Model of 1988 3 625 PC To summarize, in each gun an empty sized ACP case, without moon clip, seated against the chamber shoulder with a positive "stop". In each gun, with the same empty case in a Moon Clip (.040 thick), there was a difference in the amount of case standing above the chamber........none of them were the same. In no instance was there .040" difference between clipped or unclipped m
  13. Why am I suddenly getting "this site is not secure" warnings when I connect to the forum? Thanks, Jim
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