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  1. So that's what did it to my left middle finger!!
  2. Thanks for the replies, I expected that cost would be a factor, especially if one is shooting several thousand per year.
  3. Maybe they won't melt but I did manage get a blister on my finger from a hot 625 barrel:)
  4. OK someone help me out here.........what is the benefit to using coated bullets instead of plated?
  5. I got some from George, they're great so far!
  6. H110 for full loads and whatever I have handy (HS 6, Unique, Herco, etc.) for mid range:)
  7. +1 on the Wheeler, got mine from Brownells.
  8. My reloads with Federal primers always look flatter than Win, Rem or CCI primers. I don't load for 9mm. I load .44 mag, .45 ACP and .38/.357.
  9. What primers are you using. Federal primers have soft cups and will probably look flatter than other brands even with the same (safe) loads.
  10. Try a few and see what happens......a little leading isn't the end of the world!
  11. Is your bullet puller an inertia puller (hammer type) or an actual collet that grips the bullet and pulls it from the case? At the short ranges most pistol shots are taken, I would reuse the bullets if they look as good as the one pictured. For 50 yard slow fire bullseye competition maybe not.
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