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  1. would a small drop of super glue or loctite hold it for a while?
  2. "Hammer follow" is usually caught by the half cock notch, that's probably the reason the cartridge isn't firing.
  3. Normally you don't want to drop the slide, from the slide lock position, on an empty chamber but in this case you might do that a couple of times and see if the hammer falls. Sounds like you need more tension on the sear spring as well and maybe the dis-connector leaf as well.
  4. https://www.brownells.com/handgun-parts/trigger-group-parts/connector-parts/evo-elite-connector-prod94852.aspx Took several minutes to fit the trigger stop tab but very satisfied with the results.......not so happy about the price:(
  5. So that's what did it to my left middle finger!!
  6. Thanks for the replies, I expected that cost would be a factor, especially if one is shooting several thousand per year.
  7. Maybe they won't melt but I did manage get a blister on my finger from a hot 625 barrel:)
  8. OK someone help me out here.........what is the benefit to using coated bullets instead of plated?
  9. I got some from George, they're great so far!
  10. H110 for full loads and whatever I have handy (HS 6, Unique, Herco, etc.) for mid range:)
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