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  1. There are lots of fine builders out there but you won't find one better than Ed Cameron. I ordered my 4th yesterday. You will never regret it.
  2. You will love this gun. Ed has built two 6" guns for me and a 1911. There are a lot of people that build fine limited guns, but you won't find anyone that builds one better than Ed. His attention to detail is unmatched.
  3. Yes, the frame needs to be shortened to Commander length but there is one that is not weld-on.
  4. Got mine at the home depot with three tubes of grease. +1 on the marine grease. The red tacky is nice too. You don't need to over-think this one.
  5. Many SS shooters still prefer 45 as this is the original caliber. The migration to 40 is simply a matter of convenience for reloading as many SS shooters shoot LTD as well. Changing the caliber on your press is one thing but changing the primer system is a bit of work. In my humble opinion, there is no advantage to shooting 40 in major in the SS platform other than convenience of reloading.
  6. Depends on a lot of variables. What metal, what climate, what cleaning intervals, how much you use & reapply during a session. All that being said, I'm a Weapons Shield fan mostly because i bought enough of it to last me for a few more years. I use a syringe to apply and also use Weapon Shield oil with it (the amount depending on the season). I think you can use just about anything as long as you clean the gun each time you use it. Not everyone cleans their guns every time.
  7. I had a 6" with a lightened slide and there was definitely less muzzle rise. There was also another thing was was just as dramatic as the reduction in muzzle rise. My experience (your's may vary) was that when the slide slammed back into battery after each shot, there was a dipping of the front sight due to the length of the barrel (slide). I've not felt it as dramatic in 5" pistols. I think that a shooter could have shorter splits with more alphas with a 5" pistol. I found myself waiting for the front sight to come back up to get on target between shots on the same target. I don't shoot the 6" anymore for this reason. Just my opinion.
  8. Thanks for all the replies!! Budget is up to $4K. Really appreciate the comments.
  9. Looking for a reliable 1911 in 9mm that will last 40,000+ rounds. I like hard chrome (alot) but it seems 1911's aren't popular in hard chrome. Is stainless (Dan Wesson or Ed Brown) tough enough for USPSA? I would estimate shooting about 800 rounds a month between matches and practice. Will either of these pistols last 40,000 rounds? I'm transitioning out of customer 2011's built on the STI frame and slide. Those pistols wear well and I had zero problems with the builder. I like the STI premier but don't know if it will run out of the box or if more work will be necessary. Any and all thoughts appreciated. Thanks!
  10. Looking for any opinions on Sentinel Premier in 9mm. Wanting to shoot SS and plan to put 800 - 1000 rounds through it a month. Thanks in advance for any comments.
  11. Interesting that they are the only manufacturer that does this. I think it really has more to do with not looking like "other guns", than durability. I won't own any other finish.
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