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  1. Carbine, SBR, or “pistol.” has anyone handled and used one? what hand guard to rail combos? how reliable, etc. thank you for any information.
  2. I find it has very slippery grips and the grips are held in place by a pretty small piece of plastic. It is my least favorite 92 variant. did you ever find out if it was good to go?
  3. I have an Elite, Elite II, Vertec, M9A3, Wilson Brig Tac, etc. i got mine Langdon a week ago and with the FO front it is the best off the shelf, out of the box production fun of the lot with the best trigger. this is literally the gun I described like 8 years ago on the beretta forum as what beretta should be making and were fools for not offering a production gun when everyone else was when popularity was rising. i had not retired from the Army yet back then and between Moore, Fayetteville, Sid Walter Raleigh, Zombie Shooter, etc. I don’t think there was a
  4. DA/SA was able to give a better SA pull than a striker at the cost of the first DA pull. if a striker gun can match the SA pull, with no DA penalty, and do so in a weight equivalent to a DA/SA steel gun, is how. just something I was thinking about with how good some striker triggers have gotten. they are a long way from the “Sproing!” Of my first Glock in the early 90s.
  5. Right now a very good DA/SA steel gun seems to rise to the top in Production. some striker guns out of the box, like PPQ and TP9SFX, or other models with after market triggers, are much better than classic striker fired triggers used to feel. does this mean, someday an all steel gun with a great striker fired trigger will come out and rise to the top?
  6. Update- Update. I have sanded down the trigger safety so it fits flush. This really improves my appreciation of the trigger. After a half an our or so of dry firing, I rank it above a stock Glock, M&P, and XDM trigger. Perhaps very close to on par with a VP9. But still not the amazing short pull and reset pull of a PPQ. I will make another trip to the range Thursday. second update. Getting ready to go to the range. Holster and a couple of extra mags arrived yesterday. The holster is an ABS belt, dropped belt, offset dropped if
  7. I have a ton of the Beretta 30 round mags. I want an AR based Beretta carbine instead of my CX4. i will switch the CX4 over to PX4 mags. this is not necessarily for PCC. its just that very few people run these carbines as much as competitions.
  8. I saw a Glock mag one running fine, but have heard zero feedback on the Beretta. thank you for any info.
  9. This was not a match, this was a class. the kind of class for young new Green Berets, old Ranger Bn guys, etc. to get instruction on taking your basic tactical shooting skills and getting better at USPSA. tons of stages during the two days. i was shooting a trusty old 92G, with another trusty old 92G in the bag. i like the old aluminum baseplates, and on the newer easily breakable Beretta plastic floorplates I take them off and replace them with Beretta, NDZ, or Bastion or whatever floorplates. i had done so on some of the new mags t
  10. Long story short, dont think this is going to be the next big thing in Production. I am not an Operator, USPSA Grandmaster, shooting instructor, IDPA Champion, professional reviewer, and have never shot anyone with a pistol. I picked the gun up Wednesday morning the first day it was available to buy. I like Beretta. In the 80s I was a young Infantryman in a Ranger Bn and our rattling, best 1911s with unreliable even more beat magazines were turned in and we got M9s. We bemoaned the loss of 45 for 9mm but these shiny, sexy new pistols were accurate, reliable, and h
  11. It's not that I find the PX4 to be a horrible gun. but out of the box slippery, non 92 mag compatible, and over a decade to make it and still no splash in Production. i literally consider it a has been/never was in Production. the compact version has recently had some coverage in IPDA by taking advantage of adding stealth levers, trigger work, and being the biggest, least recoiling gun in its class. But at the end of the day I think it is CPR on a dying platform.
  12. ramairthree


    I don't notice a vertec slide at all compared to standard except when I look at the front sight. i only notice a difference in the brig vs standard or vertec slides when shooting really light, already slow ammo, like working up a 40 minor load.
  13. Production yes. limited 10, somewhat. otherwise, it is an affectation.
  14. Thank you. experienced with the 92FS, 92G, and the non decocker CZs, but these versions are new to me.
  15. %5BURL=http://s649.photobucket.com/user/ramairfour/media/IMG_0207_zps3ivkja2i.jpg.html%5D%5BIMG%5Dhttp://i649.photobucket.com/albums/uu220/ramairfour/IMG_0207_zps3ivkja2i.jpg%5B/IMG%5D%5B/URL%5D Beretta M9A3 CZ SP-01 Tactical one buddy says yes, another says no, another says yes if you take off the thread protector there was also an issue at a match regarding the decoder variant CZs. it decock to the half notch, which is supposed to be good to go to holster. a buddy was told at a match he had to manually lower hammer all the way dow
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