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  1. HCH

    Limited Ready Glock17

    I shoot both. But I wouldn’t build a minor limited gun.
  2. HCH

    1911 weaknesses

    In this game, you can’t tolerate an unreliable pistol. 2011’s are at the top of the game for a reason.
  3. HCH

    Switching from 1911 need advice

    This. Or fix your current pistol.
  4. I pick up a few handfuls between shooters, and after the squad is done with a stage. We all reload, we all help reset.. stay out of the next shooter’s way while you’re getting brass and you’ll be fine around here. I can’t afford to shoot your match if I don’t pick up my brass.
  5. Me. I like the dot, and capacity of limited.
  6. Exactly. Do 1b, with the PF capacity restrictions. And option 2 is still completely viable. Or option 3: go back to two divisions.
  7. One more reason a pump shotgun sucks for HD.
  8. HCH

    Proposed 2019 rules available?

    I thought that had been addressed previously, since the end of the wall (in this case) was divorced from the shooting area.
  9. Better go ahead and ban CZ’s in production.
  10. HCH

    USPSA App

  11. The trigger didn’t seem to matter all those times Sevigny and Vogel won L10, or last year when Coley won Limited. The differences in Production, SS, and L10 are getting smaller and smaller. The more liberal NROI makes Production, the less it is needed.
  12. But DVC doesn’t work without the V. If everyone one is going to get scored minor, there needs to me a capacity restriction, not a magazine length restriction. Which is the way it should have been forever.
  13. The fact is MOST are capable of cocked and locked. We have a rule that prevents them from starting that way or most probably would. Cocked and locked is the same on a 1911/CZ/Tangfo/Etc Yes, your argument is incorrect and your word... "stupid" I’d hate for the DA/SA guns to be at a “disadvantage” for one whole entire round per stage.
  14. I’ll accept that argument as soon as you tell me which top level GM Production shooter is running a stock trigger and stock grip profile in whichever gun they’re using.
  15. Sadly, most people can’t see it this way, so we have 3 VERY similar divisions for no apparent reason.