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  1. TTI spring and connector kit, and an over travel stop is what I had in mine. I liked it a lot. That being said, if you want a new gun, get a new gun. I did the same thing awhile back and sold my g17 to buy a sp01. I liked the cz, but I really appreciated the simplicity of the glock.
  2. At the local level? Rimfire Action Match National level? US Rimfire Shooting Association or something along those lines.
  3. Uspsa. I've shot some outlaw steel matches with a 22. There's a place for it--but that place isn't uspsa.
  4. I'm all for changing the current system. 1. RM calibrates every popper with 115-120 PF ammo before the match starts. 2. If there is a FULL DIAMETER hit within the scoring ring and a popper fails to fall during a COF, the shooter goes directly to chrono. 2.1 if shooter fails fo make minor PF, give shooter the "no score" in PS. If shooter makes Minor, call REF, adjust steel as necessary, and reshoot. I think this whole deal has been blown waaaaaaaaay out of proportion. Some days when you're dealing with 30mph winds and steel, nothing is
  5. It's a magwell and will be treated as such in uspsa, just like the once that comes on the sig.
  6. I've been powder coating/hitek'ing my bullets for 3-4 years now. I won't be going back to lube. As far as data goes, I use lead guidance. If that's not around, I go off FMJ data. Usually a starting FMJ charge will put you right at PF.
  7. They're more fun. And that's what this is all about, right?
  8. I commented on a Facebook post by USPSA to ask why Troy went to Open. The reply was, “43.4oz isn’t 43oz.”
  9. HCH


    I always read on the Internet how the XD series of pistols is unreliable. However, I have had nothing but reliability from several XD’s, and the ones I see at matches tend to run well. So what is everyone’s experience with them??
  10. That’s pretty cool. I haven’t ever heard of that!! I really don’t have a use for a shooting jersey. I kinda like being the redneck that shows up in jeans and a cowboy hat and shoots good. Or at least sometimes shoots good
  11. Cdnn will have some stuff like that from time to time.
  12. What charge are y’all using for Major in 45ACP?
  13. I saw the biggest jump in numbers after the 140mm mag allowance. I think folks like a dot. They like cheap ammo. They like a gun that works and doesn’t require a lot of tinkering to stay running. They like to go through a stage more freely and less confined by reloads. CO just has a LOT of appeal to it.
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