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  1. I would agree with this in practice, but it isn’t covered in the rules. IMO, an empty gun sitting on a barrel is no more dangerous than an empty gun riding around in a holster or range bag. Im going to have to go with DQ, in a grey area, that could have been easily avoided.
  2. HCH

    DQ event

    Sure you should. I was working a level 2 match as scorekeeper. The stage had a V shape, which required the shooter to go back uprange. I had a shooter break 180 while retreating. I yell “STOP” as I’m looking down the barrel of a SV 38 super. Shooter doesn’t hear me, rounds the corner, finishes the stage, while I keep yelling stop. At ULSC, I told the RO and shooter about the infraction, and the shooter got to get a Blizzard on the way home.
  3. I added some stick on wheel weights to the sides and back of my Pmags to help them drop free, and add weight while shooting. Adds a couple ounces, but every bit helps. I have one TTI for 24 round paper stages.
  4. Jeez... I’ve shot plenty of 3 gun matches where one evening I was shooting 500 yards at dusk, unable to see a target through a scope, and the next day I was staring straight into the sun through a rifle scope. I’ve shot USPSA across 4 days when some guys shot in 110 degree heat, and others shot while it was 80°, muddy as hell and muggy. Major changes in range conditions can happen within 24 hours in my area. Put on your big girl panties and deal with it.
  5. So once again: we have a competitor signed up in limited and CO at a level 1 match. Are we going to move him to Open (twice) for walking around with equipment that does not satisfy the requirements of the other division, while he is not shooting? Pretty much anything that happens before the start signal and after ULSC (equipment wise) doesn’t matter, safety not included.
  6. Just like moving a competitor to Open for having a mag on a magnet outside a COF.
  7. Why don’t we move people to PCC/Open for picking up a competitor’s magazine after a stage?
  8. I would reshoot the squad that didn’t follow the WSB. It sounds as though there was some miscommunication, which happens. If the entire squad decided not to follow the WSB to gain an advantage, I’d give them procedurals. But it in all actuality, just reshoot.
  9. I’m starting to understand why 3 gunners make fun of USPSA shooters and the arbitrary rules.
  10. I find no difference in this and loading 11 in a start mag in production. Should a shooter use either after the start signal, a division bump/no score is definitely warranted.
  11. Can you remind me what competitive advantage that offers? As in, a competitor chambers a round with an illegal magazine (for whatever division), removes said magazine, throws it back in their range bag, inserts a legal magazine into their handgun, holsters, and waits for the start signal. Sure, it may be some little nugget of a rule, but it is BS and we all know it and I’m gonna have a very hard time telling someone “Looks like you’re just here for fun because you loaded your gun incorrectly.”
  12. Or loading 11 rounds in a start mag in production. Are we gonna bump a guy to Open because he is shooting L10 and CO at the same match and is wearing non complaint gear for each division, while he’s shooting the other one? What happens outside the COF has no bearing on the COF. If I want to Barney up using a 33 round Glock mag out of my front pocket, the RO has no say.
  13. HCH

    CO Rules

    I find the texture of wheel weights quite pleasant
  14. HCH

    CO Rules

    I emailed Troy, and he said weighted basepads are legal. I would have to say you aren’t adding external weight to the handgun; you’re adding it to the magazine. Brass basepads are legal. It’s the same thing.
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