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  1. Has anyone drilled the dust over on a 16-40 for a thumb rest? I have had guns in the past that had scopes mounted on standard dust covers, and they all cracked. Just wondering if the outcome would be the same with a thumb rest.
  2. They’re steel... I’m concerned about lead poisoning
  3. I have a 17 gen 4 tungsten guide rod extended mag release thug plug and shot in the heel TTI trigger kit I’m on round 4 or 5 of grip tape
  4. I don’t think .40 is ever going away. In a few years, the tide will return to “bigger is better for carry/LEO” and 40/45 will be the standard upon which others are judged. Even with all of the craziness over the new 6.5mm short action rifle cartridges, 30-06, 30-30, 308, 223, 243 etc are still easy to find EVERYTHING for.
  5. Then why does 8.3 *SPECIFICALLY* state “the competitor must place eye and ear protection” ?? I would be willing to throw down my $100 if an RO tried to DQ me for not wearing ear pro during reset. (I always have on some form of sunglasses when I walk outside, so I have to use a different example ) I said it before: stupid of the competitor to not wear eye pro at the gun range. Also stupid of the RO to issue a DQ for “unsportsmanlike conduct”.
  6. Doesn’t sound like unsportsmanlike conduct IMO. Aside from 10.6 or whatever was quoted earlier, there’s not a DQ for this instance. It isn’t unsafe gun handling. They aren’t trying to get a reshoot by knocking off their glasses during a COF. It’s just stupidity on the competitor’s part. To quote a chemistry professor I once had: “You lose hearing over time. Eyesight is lost instantly.” This is what I would say.
  7. Most truth I’ve read on Enos in a while.
  8. 8.3.1: “Make Ready” .....competitor must.....fit eye and hearing protection ...... Is it smart to walk around without eye pro? No. I’d be hard pressed to DQ someone for walking around the range without it though.
  9. I just showed up. I don’t know of any intro classes in my area—typically before the match they’ll ask if there are any new shooters, take them aside and give them a quick rundown of how everything works. Usually everyone is willing to help a new shooter out and will answer any questions you have.
  10. HCH

    Cracking Up

    Nothing a little JB Weld can’t fix
  11. If I can't disassemble the gun some I can still be DQ'd for sweeping my hand. That's what Troy said during RO class. 10.5.5 specifically states “during a course of fire”
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