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  1. Exactly. I will not be DQing anyone for a malfunction—unless they’re clearing a bullet stuck in the barrel.
  2. My CO gun is a Canik. My Limited gun is a Para 16-40. My SS gun is a....1911. I had a SP01 for CO for a little while. Never could get used to the DA first shot. I suck equally with all of them.
  3. And yet somehow Lane won Limited last year with a glorified Sig 320, Coley was 3rd with a dressed up Glock, and Jonasson was 4th with a Canik shooting MINOR
  4. How well are the holosun dots holding up, particularly on CO guns?
  5. My 2 day shipping took 2 weeks to get here
  6. Everyone is correct on the rules. I will add: I have shot my carry gun/holster at a few matches, and started from concealment. I think everyone should do it every once in awhile. It's a real eye opener.
  7. After reading the previous comments I got to digging through my cleaning supplies. I had some hoppes and figured WTH, I'll try it. It cleaned up the tough spots easily.
  8. Thanks guys, I'll give those ideas a try!
  9. How do you guys keep the lense clean on a CMORE? I have a G17 with the SJC 5 port comp that smokes the lense pretty bad. I have tried eyeglass wipes and that helped a little. I've been using windex and q tips too, which is better but not great. Any ideas?
  10. That's what I was going to say. The lack of parts to fix it scares me.
  11. It was stupid, but it WAS the rule. https://nroi.org/ufaqs/can-i-use-a-magnet-in-production/
  12. But the cumulative age of all the CO shooters, and all the SS shooters are the same I might adjust my SS rig an inch forward on the mags and a inch or so on the holster.... I really dont see it changing anything. Also, before the rule change it was pretty easy for an RO to see of someone was out of compliance for a division, although I will miss bumping people to open for loading off a magnet at make ready
  13. Every time I've stuck a light on a gund and goofed around the house, the centering the target in the beam would get you charlie or better hits on a USPSA target at 5 or so yards. That being said, I really dont think it would be an advantage on 99.9% of the stages that we all shoot: outdoors in broad daylight.
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