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  1. Not really.... Iron sights 8major/10 minor Keep the SS/Production holster rules. Keep the SS/Production box. It's that simple. Make everyone's highest classification for any of the current 3 divisions their classification for LoCap. Run all the classifiers at NHQ with combined divisions to set HHF.
  2. Are your PCC reloads insanely fast or your CO reloads really slow?
  3. All of these changes, and yet Production, SS, and L10 are all different divisions..... for reasons we proles will never know.
  4. I dont think the striker spring has much at all to do with the recoil impulse on a standard glock trigger. It should slow the slide down some going forward on the timney.
  5. Timney had mine shipped same day. FedEx decided to hold it ransom for a week.
  6. Were they mild steel poppers? I have shot my personal steel with green tip, tula, wolf, monarch and everything else and never did so much as dent it with a 223. I saw a new shooter at a 3 gun match shoot every plate on a MGM plate rack with green tip. No dents or holes in anything.
  7. I really don't know. They added that rule in the last couple years.
  8. Got mine this week. Had trouble with a Zev lightened striker following and not resetting. Installed the stock striker/spring, and haven't had the issue since.
  9. If I'm spending three days shooting and working a major, I want to shoot against more people than 4 B-class and 3 C class SS shooters.
  10. Does anyone else find themselves division shopping in 2021? I moved right when things got out of hand last year and failed to order primers. Therefore, I have about 3x more LPP than anything else. I have been shooting SS exclusively for the last 8 months at club matches. I signed up for a major and there are 6 shooters out of 225 (including myself) listed in SS. As such, I am considering shooting SS at the club level and Limited at majors this year, unless SS has a large presence. Anybody else in a similar situation?
  11. That might be the single greatest post I have ever read in Enos!!
  12. No love for a wrangler pearl snap?
  13. Unpossible.... glocks never jam
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