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  1. HCH

    Is Single Stack Dead?

    Which is why combining l10, SS, and production makes so much sense. 8 rounds major; 10 rounds minor. Since we we now have DOH holsters in SS, SS minor and production are the same thing. Combining the divisions would simply things, and increase competition in areas such as mine that are typically dominated by limited and open.
  2. Wait a minute... shooting skill is what wins matches???
  3. So your MD is a dumbass and needs to read the rules (which are available for free on the USPSA website). If this is marketed as a USPSA match, steps can be taken to correct this issue. I will I’ll also add that a shooter should know, at least roughly, what is or is not allowed in a USPSA match so they can arbitrate such illegal stage designs.
  4. HCH

    Glock 35 9mm open?

    Its in the “open pistols” section. You may have to search/google it. It’s about 20 pages long.
  5. I’m assuming you’re talking SVI? If so, they’re nowhere near production legal and have no grounds in this discussion. OP, don’t see how the coating would be outside the rules, but it would be worth getting some clarification.
  6. HCH

    Funeral for the Glock

    Cant we all just get along and realize we all shoot crappy polymer pistols?
  7. HCH

    Glock 35 9mm open?

    Definitely look at the .40 open thread if you decide to go that route.
  8. I pick it up constantly. And *GASP* help reset for 3/4 of the shooters. If I’m not on deck, shooting, or loading mags, I’m resettting.
  9. I think y’all are way overthinking this and too uptight. I’m not coming to shoot a match without ammo, and I’m not leaving all my brass at the range and buying more...
  10. HCH

    Glock 35 9mm open?

    Was that the .357 barrel?
  11. HCH

    Glock 35 9mm open?

    It looks like somewhere in the neighborhood of 6 grains should make PF. Typically you want to load a slow burning powder to make more gas to work the comp.
  12. HCH

    Glock 35 9mm open?

    In two Open 40’s I’ve had, 8 grains of Longshot or WAC and a 140 coated lead worked well.
  13. HCH

    Rule 9.1.3

    Dual monitors is a must if you don’t print it. I just took the recert test a couple of months ago and used dual monitors. Once you get a feel for where everything SHOULD be, it gets a lot easier to navigate.
  14. HCH

    Funeral for the Glock

    Pretty sure the CO champion only has a dot strapped to his sig.... and when was the last time you saw an open shooter that was cowitnessing??