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  1. I suppose my biggest question is if the shooter got close to sweeping the RO while the RO reset the prop; if the RO is at the far left side of the bay and the shooter pointed the firearm toward the right berm at 170 degrees I don’t see it as unsafe. I do not think the shooter should be responsible for the RO walking in front of the firearm. While the whole situation is screwed up like a soup sandwich, the shooter can’t be expected to read the RO’s mind as he walks uprange.
  2. Are you saying telling a guy to load a gun and then walking around down range while he helps you reset props is ok?
  3. Based on the information in the OP, I say that if an RO is dumb enough to go down range while a guy has a loaded gun in his hand, and then tells the guy with the loaded gun “hey help me with this range equipment” and THEN walks in front of the muzzle.... it’s not the shooter’s fault. Based on what the OP wrote, the shooter realized what was happening/had happened and tried to avoid it. Blaming someone else’s mistake on the shooter is not grounds for a DQ.
  4. I just found out that gun existed about 3 hours ago. Things to consider: -can you get mags -can you get basepads -do you like the trigger out of the box, and if not, can you do anything to change it? If the answer to all of these is “yes” I see no reason not to go for it!
  5. I follow. I see it both ways. As a SHOOTER I don’t like being told what to do—in any game. But I do understand the work and equipment it takes to build stages. Been there, done that, got the t shirt. I really don’t know what the best answer is.
  6. HCH

    Limited Minor

    So out of all the minor shooters, 49 signed up in a Minor-only division. I’d be willing to bet the two revolver shooters (LOL) are shooting Minor. SS is a toss up for Maj/Min. So, perhaps 15 Limited shooters signed up in Minor. I would really like to know what equipment they show up with classification, etc. Are these Unclassified/D/C shooters? Or are they guys that have dumped a good bit of money into the game.
  7. Could you expand on item 3? Are you saying no more “freestyle”? Cause if this hypothetical game is “shoot T1-T4 from left side of shooting area, T5-T8 from right side of shooting area” I think we’re going in a really bad direction.
  8. I agree with this. I sure don’t mind telling someone that they need to help—usually people around here are more than happy running the timer and giving improper range commands, or poking numbers into a tablet—taping and setting steel can be the tough one. I shot a Pro Am style falling steel match at a very well established club last month. Around stage 3, me and two other guys noticed we were the only ones resetting, and decided we would sit in the shade on the next stage. That shade sure was nice in the middle of the afternoon.
  9. HCH

    MBX STI mags for Glock

    ^^ just buy Dawson or TTI Basepads and be done with it.
  10. HCH

    Connector Opinions

    Factory Factory - V4 TTI TTI is my pick
  11. What submodel, approximate age, etc. also, do the mags have basepads or are they stock? at that price I don’t think you could go wrong.
  12. This. All of it. Especially the part about reading the rule book.
  13. Mainly the crossover between the sports as it stands now. Dots on handguns aren’t allowed in Tac ops in any major that I’m aware of. That would keep the common rules in play. Also, the difference between open rifles and Tac rifles is pretty negligible these days. Most guys that have Open rifles already have some sort of Open pistol. Long story short, I wouldn’t feel any disadvantage shooting a Tac rifle in Open in the type of match you described. However, I would be shopping for a CO gun if they were allowed in Tac/limited tac or whatever.
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