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  1. I would SO do that if I had one of those guns and enough $$ to pay for ammo!!
  2. Minimum doesn’t equal “only” There’s a video out there of a guy shooting a match with a desert eagle....
  3. HCH

    40cal build from 10mm G20

    You may be able to run .40 in the stock barrel. Might be worth a try.
  4. HCH

    Glock 34 and coated bullets and upgrades questions

    I’ve put lots of lead through a glocks, coated or lubed. Never had a problem.
  5. HCH

    Red Dot for Rock Island?

    How does it secure to the slide? I’ve been using the Burris mount on a Glock for CO and it’s pretty solid.
  6. HCH

    Best gun bag for Single Stack?

    $2 garage sale duffel bag and a couple coffee cans. I have a lot more to worry about than what bag to haul my $hit from bay to bay in.
  7. HCH

    Newest holsters for open.

    Safariland 014 here
  8. HCH

    Limited Ready Glock17

    I shoot both. But I wouldn’t build a minor limited gun.
  9. HCH

    1911 weaknesses

    In this game, you can’t tolerate an unreliable pistol. 2011’s are at the top of the game for a reason.
  10. HCH

    Switching from 1911 need advice

    This. Or fix your current pistol.
  11. I pick up a few handfuls between shooters, and after the squad is done with a stage. We all reload, we all help reset.. stay out of the next shooter’s way while you’re getting brass and you’ll be fine around here. I can’t afford to shoot your match if I don’t pick up my brass.
  12. Me. I like the dot, and capacity of limited.
  13. Exactly. Do 1b, with the PF capacity restrictions. And option 2 is still completely viable. Or option 3: go back to two divisions.
  14. One more reason a pump shotgun sucks for HD.
  15. HCH

    Proposed 2019 rules available?

    I thought that had been addressed previously, since the end of the wall (in this case) was divorced from the shooting area.