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  1. I think it just devalued my G19 gen 4 by quite a bit. I foresee them to be very popular if they’re reliable.
  2. Awhile back I remember watching ShootingUSA or something along those lines and they interviewed Randi Rogers.... er, uh, Holy Terror... at End of Trail. She said it wasn’t all about cosplay. Everyone else they interviewed said they liked SASS because they got to dress up. I live in in the middle of TX, have worked on ranches, wear a cowboy hat and wranglers on a daily basis, and have never shot SASS. Something about cosplay doesn’t interest me
  3. Yeah... it was a joke. It comes down to this: coupled, separate mags are not allowed. Mags that are to be used on a stage are to be carried on the belt or pocket (unless otherwise stated in the WSB). If you have two distinct mags butt-to-butt, you are carrying one that is not in a mag pouch or pocket, and a coupled mag. The adapters that make one mag body act as an extension are allowed because they make one functional magazine.
  4. I never put mags in a pouch shooting PCC... why reload when you have 48 rounds Item 12 seems pretty cut and dried to me.
  5. In short, yes. With the coupler your spare magazine would not be “carried” on the belt or pocket. Just like Pat wrote.
  6. I think Pat’s got it. One of the handguard mag holders would fall in the same arena IMO.
  7. USPSA and 3 gun would have to cease to exist, and I would take up bullseye and silhouettes (which are both fun anyway) for me to have ANY interest in shooting a revolver in competition. Im classified in revo and have shot a few club matches, but it’s more punishment than fun IMO. There were a total of 31 people shooting revolver at nationals last year, so if you practice a lot and have functioning legs, you could be the 2020 national champion....
  8. I’d like to mess with that trigger
  9. The only reason I revisited this thread was to say “why are we up to 3 pages of this?” But you beat me to it
  10. What is the benefit supposed to be?
  11. Standard is a 17# I believe, so you may could drop it to a 14# or so (if they’re available). I haven’t seen much for the 4” guns. Your ammo will be fine. What division are are you planning on shooting? Caliber conversion isn’t legal for production or carry optics.
  12. I think they put up the change log for awhile after the 2019 rules came out, and then removed it after some time.
  13. I did awhile back on some weakhand stuff, but my left hand was in a brace...
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