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  1. Bad primers do happen. Did you pick up any that didn’t go off and try them again?
  2. This And this And this I’d rather shoot a G22 popo trade in with a connector and +2 basepads than a $5000 9mm in Limited.
  3. I think that’s because most of us think it was dumb that the guy with a G22 couldn’t slap a G34 upper on his pistol and remain Production legal.
  4. Here’s my thoughts: combine L10, SS and Production, and stick with the 8 major, 10 minor of SS. Keep SS/Pro holster rules. Keep the production/SS box. Weight limit of 59oz (or whatever). No optics. No comps. Pretty easy and pretty consistent.
  5. Will it really matter? Who knows. But if the rules say max weight is 35 ounces or 45 ounces or 59 ounces or 15 pounds, one should be able to make their gun that weight. I don’t understand the “this gun is too heavy, so mill the crap out of it to make weight, but don’t strap some weight to the front of your plastic turd” mentality. Either go off of the manufacturer’s weight, plus “x” ounces, or go with a flat weight limit.
  6. At this point, is there really any reason to keep L10, SS, and Production separate?
  7. Well 59oz is 59oz.... why would it matter how it got there?
  8. I’m wondering if they’re going to allow frame weights now. 59oz vs a 28oz Glock doesn’t seem very fair.
  9. The idea/theory/plan is to get non-moving parts heavier. The GR and weight in the grip work in tandem.
  10. I’d go with the g40 and a 40 conversion barrel
  11. HCH

    Gen 3 22 value ?

    Pretty sure that’s a gen 2 since there’s no frame rail. I could be wrong. If if you can get $300-$350 for it, and want to sell it, take it and run. Anything in .40 is going super cheap right now—in my area at least.
  12. Legal. I had a thug plug, shot in the backstrap, tungsten guide god, and weighted basepads and still wasn’t close to the weight limit.
  13. Trigger will be better on the S2 due to no firing pin block. Plus it’s heavier.
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