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  1. I traded into a stock xdm 40 a couple months ago. I like it quite a bit. I plan on keeping it Production legal in case I decide to shoot the division, and it will serve as a backup to my Para Limited gun. I honestly don’t understand the hate towards the XD line that I read on the internet. I had one of the original, XD9 Service models that had over 30k when I sold it, and it never had a problem. I’ve seen others with similar round counts.
  2. For under $100 you can get basepads for your g22 mags that will hold 20 and run like a scalded ape (see: Dawson precision). I’m not sure what the cost difference is in 9mm or 40, but that would get you Major. If you don’t like shooting .40, shoot your 9, and work on things like movement, reloads, transitions—all the things we all need to work on—and I’ll guarantee your scores will go up.
  3. The best idea is to merge SS, L10, Production, and Revolver. 1. Keep the production/SS box 2. Keep Production/SS holster and gear rules. 3. Rob the 8 major/10 minor rule from SS. 4. Let revolvers do whatever they want (who even cares about revolver, anyway???). Call it “lo-cap” or something and be done with it.
  4. I had one and have felt others. Not impressed at all.
  5. The fault line is part of the shooting area. That would include all edges of the fault line. The dirt is on top of the fault line, which is part of the shooting area, and therefore inside the shooting area. A graphic representation of the situation.
  6. I had a .45 bullet bounce off a plastic drum and hit me in the stomach once. It hurt. I like barrels.
  7. Yes. And holes are required for a shot to score.
  8. If there was anything to the “.40 is hard to control” argument, you’d see a lot more .45s in Limited.
  9. I want solid built stages. I like an easily navigable range. If props are involved, I want them to be well constructed in order to cut down on reshoots. I couldn’t care less about match shirts, trophies, or prize tables. I go to matches to see how I compare against the best. A 3rd place A class trophy isn’t much to brag about.
  10. You’ll blow your toes off doing that
  11. ^^ and furthermore, the shot must go completely through the target; if it was at a hard enough angle to only crease the front, it doesn’t count. 9.5.9
  12. “Grip panel” and “overweight backstrap” seem like different things to me. Like most things in this game, it is really splitting hairs. I would like to know what NROI has to say on this. And this goes to further the silliness of the CO appendix. Let’s have a 45 oz weight limit, allow competitors to mill slides and frames to actually make weight on certain guns, but not allow competitors to add frame weights on other guns to get to 45 oz.... seems like a double standard to me.
  13. I don’t think it would be legal as it is a non-factory part that is external on the frame. Send Troy an email, though, and I bet he says you can use it.
  14. Eh... My Para mags with Dawson basepads required nothing more than taking the factory pad off and installing a Dawson to get 20 rounds reloadable. And the pistol was ~$1100 new in 2016.
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