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  1. Not necessarily. “The Range Officer must judge whether or not an accurate score can be determined.” If the RO can score it, he does. If he can’t, it’s a reshoot.
  2. I go to locals to practice my excuses Its fairly common around here for a few guys to shoot two divisions in one day. They definitely don’t do as much reset, but honestly it’s not that big of a deal. I’ve RO’d majors where the “GM, sponsored shooters” wouldn’t get off their ass to tape one target—and all they had to mess with was one gun. As as far as it being an advantage: who cares. You get beat by a guy that shot the match three times? Sign up three times next month.
  3. I’m on my second one. The diopter lens broke on my first one. (Still haven’t figured out how—I pulled it out of the safe and it was shattered.) Turnaround was very fast getting a replacement. I have been shooting CO off and one for nearly two years, and I like the Burris just fine.
  4. Trying to toss a stage that I had gun trouble on. All I want to see is the overall for the match, if that stage never existed. How do do I make this happen?
  5. FF3 Dovetail mount thug plug, plus added shot in the backstrap tungsten guide rod 15# spring TTI GM Trigger kit overtravel stop ejector housing glockstore extended mag release grip tape 140mm mags/extensions
  6. Because Troy said so. Also, you can’t cut the frame into a shelf, but this slide stop is totally legal. Clear as mud?
  7. I second this. If you have the money, go with the Atlas, or whichever custom 2011 is the must-have next month. As a side note, I will never understand the cost/performance ratio of 2011 mags. At over $100 each, they should run non-stop straight out of the box.
  8. And was one of the alpha hits missing a grease ring, or look different than all the other holes in targets from that shooter?
  9. HCH

    Glock 17 mag questions?

    May be, but I’ve used 3 of their 140’s for nearly two years and haven’t had any problems whatsoever. I do clean all my mags that hit the ground though.
  10. HCH

    Glock 17 mag questions?

    Ive been using pmags quite a bit and they haven’t let me down. I don’t recall ever seeing one malfunction. I can’t say the same about ETS, but they do stand behind their products.
  11. HCH

    Glock 17 mag questions?

    Really? That’s literally the first bad thing I’ve ever heard about any magpul mags
  12. Since you’re in the never ending search for the best gun, here’s what I’d do: buy a barrel and Taylor Freelance sight block for your g22 buy enough mags and extensions buy a good rig buy a good trigger ($50-$300) practice give up on on finding the perfect gun for you right now, and practice some more.
  13. I’ve had decent luck with the ets 9mm mags—no experience with the .40. I had one of their 170’s crack, and some mag spring problems with their 140’s. They replaced the 170 and sent me parts for the 140’s free of charge.
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