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  1. Oh...yeah... one more thing. I almost forgot. That LC19 brass that I shot yesterday... that was its 3rd firing (thrice fired???)... I measured 10 of those fired cases (so the next time I run them through in a single pass on the 650, I will make it a point to measure some of them for case length AFTER being re-sized in the Redding S die w/ neck bushing and make sure they fit the case gauge) :
  2. For the next time out, I will have to load up some Hornady 55 grain FMJ’s . if this is just going to be whammo blammo, there is no sense in wasting the good ($$$) bullets on them. I also have some Montana Gold 55 grain FMJ’s that I bought as a case years ago. They group just slightly better than XM855 and XM193 ammo. I just checked the MG website. They aren’t even listing .224 caliber bullets.. they probably haven’t for years. I suspect they were actually Armscor bullets. Checking out Graf’s website, if they had any of the Armscor .224 bullets in stock, they would be running about 8 cents each. Whereas, the 69gr HPBT SMK is running 24 cents each, retail, and the 77gr HPBT SMK is running 28 cents each, retail.
  3. Another 5 shot group: (which reminds me I should have stapled the targets on the cardboard instead of the plywood. The bullet holes look a lot cleaner when cardboard is the backer)
  4. I made it to the range yesterday to shoot some groups. I am calling this Single Pass Rifle Reloads(ing). Or SPaRR for short. This particular load consisted of LC19 brass, WSR primer, 22.0gn of H335, and a 69 grain HPBT SMK. all groups were at 100 yards.
  5. First off, you have to understand that I had a zip lock bag of LC19 brass (5.56 or .223 brass) that was twice fired. That’s important to know because the primer crimps were already taken care of. I took about 5 to 10 pieces of that brass and measured them for length. They were all under 1.76”. None of this brass had been tumbled yet. I poured them out onto an aluminum cookie sheet. Then I sprayed them with a homemade version of the Dillon lanolin lube. Then I started setting up the toolhead. To make a long story short, through some trial and error, that toolhead ended up like this: 1. Universal decapper 2. Empty/nothing 3. Redding S die with a 0.245 neck bushing 4. Dillon powder measure with 2 old school return springs 5. Redding micrometer adjustable bullet seating die Then I gingerly shook the cookie sheet with brass and sprayed them again with the lanolin lube. I only had so many pieces of twice fired LC19 brass. In all, I made 63 complete, reloaded rounds. I poured some 91% rubbing alcohol on a terry cloth towel and dumped the loaded rounds onto that. I grabbed the four corners of the towel and gave ‘em a good shaking. That got rid of the lube. All 63 rounds fit the case gauge just fine. (some brass was measured for length just after resizing and were under 1.76” .) They all measured at about 2.25” for OAL. I weighed each one and they came in around 186 grains. (69gr SMK + 22.0grn of H3355 + a WSR primer) I will be back in a couple of days with a range report. If you don’t need super clean brass with clean primer pockets.... AND you don’t care that some brass might measure 1.745” and others might be 1.750” and others still might be 1.755” ... AND your brass doesn’t have any primer crimps, then single pass reloading might be for you. Maybe?
  6. Long story short, it was taking too much elbow grease to resize and load 9mm with the EGW/Lee Undersize die in Station # 1. All my powder measures have received the retrograde treatment. No need for the powder bar failsafe rod. So I moved the PM to the # 3 slot. The U die went to the #2 station. Then at the # 1 station, I installed a Dillon 9mm resizing/decapping die. It acted like a pre-re-sizer. I wet tumble first after decapping the brass, so these two sizing dies pictures below have their decapping rods removed. I checked, re-checked, and checked again the charges the PM was throwing. Everything checked okay, snd I always put my Mark I eyeball on the freshly charged case to check for powder before my fingers set a bullet on top of the case. Have you ever moved your Dillon PM to a different station besides # 2 (on a 650) ?
  7. Chills1994

    TS/TSO vs. 2011

    I have been trying to track down Tactical Sports in .40 , but not much luck. I was hoping some distributors had some stuck on a shelf from 2018 when they were discontinued. a TSO is my second choice. I like the two tone look of the TS’s... better. I took the slide off my SP01 last night and put It on my matte stainless CZ75b . The matte stainless slide wouldn’t fit on my SP01 frame.
  8. Is he full length sizing with the decapping rod / pin assembly removed? is he just neck sizing only? otherwise I am with Guy Neill.
  9. Chills1994

    TS/TSO vs. 2011

    I took my Beretta mags made by Mec Gar with + 2 extensions that would hold 20 rounds of 9mm and stuffed them with .40 cal rounds. IIRC, the most I could get in was 15 rounds. so with a Barney round in the gun, I was at a total of 16 on board. I am assuming USPSA still has the 8 shots per array rule??? so back then trying to shoot Limited at major PF with a Beretta 96 was a non-starter. you fire one make up shot before the end of the second array and you're stuck doing a flat footed slide lock reload (right in the middle of the array) I ended up going with the Beretta 92 in 9mm and shooting Limited minor. at least with stock TS or TSO mags, 18 in the gun does give you some more flexibility and room for error.
  10. Chills1994

    TS/TSO vs. 2011

    thank you sir! So about 104 bucks per mag.... gotchya! I have an old STI open gun in 9mm Major. It came with one mag that worked. Probably about 10 years ago, I bought new SVI mag tubes for it. Come to find out SVI changed the dimensions on their tubes. I am probably into each "mag" for about $150. the big stick is probably closer to $180. I was really hoping you guys would tell me TS / TSO mags in .40 cal could be had complete for like $50 out the door.
  11. Chills1994

    TS/TSO vs. 2011

    How much are TS or TSO .40 cal mags going for? How many rounds can you stuff into them?
  12. What that pic doesn't show is there is a pouch sewn on the outside big enough to carry a box r three of ammo. here is their website: http://www.bagmaster.com/# and here is the bag I am talking about : https://www.wiskurtactical.com/prod/BAG-MRBD-HG.html you should be able to get it in different colors.
  13. Bagmaster Bags of St. Louis, MO. I have two of them. They look like this:
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