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  1. Thanks Twinkie! back when I was shooting Limited Minor with a 92 Brig Inox and MecGar 20 round magazines, those same mags would hold 15 rounds of .40S&W. I am ASSuming the same 8 shots per array/port rule still applies today??? If so, starting out with 15+1 rounds of .40 doesn’t really gain you much. ASSuming you didn’t miss or did any make up shots, you would be doing a slide lock reload after the second array. (shrugs shoulders)
  2. 1. How many .40 cal rounds can you fit in the gun? 2. Will a M9A3 grip fit on that to give it the typical curved backstrap of a Beretta 92FS? That looks nice. You certainly caught my interest.
  3. I know this thread is mire lights mounted to the underside of pistols.... but just an FYI.... streamlight makes both handheld and AR15 forearm (Picatinny) lights that are dual fuel. they will take a battery that is called an 18650. It has a little micro USB port which makes it rechargeable. There are also rechargeable CR123’s out there also.
  4. At one point the lawyer in the bottom left corner can’t believe what he is seeing, so he puts his glasses on :
  5. Awesome! Thank you sir! I asked Santa for a new timer for Christmas, so we’ll see.
  6. Hi all! I am just wondering if there are stage or drill templates in the Practiscore Log App so you can track your progress. For example, if you were practicing the Steel Challenge stage Smoke and Hope, and you had an AMG timer, would it automatically save your times, your draw to the first target, then the transition to the second target, so on and so forth, until you hit the stop plate? Or another example, if you shot the El Prez classifier, would it like know after the 6th shot that you are doing a magazine reload? Then later on you could revi
  7. Whoops! I forgot to add, it makes the calculating part of the scoring after the match go a lot faster too. Their raw stage time plus whatever "Failure to Neutralize" (FTN) penalties (5 seconds or 10 seconds each)
  8. If you don't have some sort of scoring software to do your scoring, I would highly recommend going with time plus. Two hits anywhere in the brown = neutralized, for an example. It makes walking forward to score the targets a whole lot faster. Not neutralizing a target could be a 5 second or a 10 second penalty. When I ran outlaw 3 gun, we also used reduced size targets for the rifle targets since we were on pistol bays. In theory, if you wanted to make it more challenging for the pistol shooters, you could cut off the D section of a USPSA target.
  9. Whoops! with respect to my comment up above... that’s ASSuming you could find any factory 7.62X39 ammo to start out with or once fired brass. which is probably just as UNobtanium as small rifle/small pistol primers now.
  10. No experience... but I have to wonder.... 7.62X39 takes large primers right? getting a 7.62X39 bolt, barrel and mags might be easier than machining brass for primers.... that said, Hornady does make primer crimp removal tools (bits) that can be chucked in a drill. I don’t know if a large Hornady reamer would actually enlarge a small primer pocket.
  11. In 2012 (prior to Sandy Hook) 25 to 30 bucks per each brick was a fair price. I am a member of a gun club/range that has a dealer’s account with Graf’s of Mexico, Missouri. So I was getting primers at near wholesale. When I am back at my reloading shop, I will have to look through my primer stash. On some of the boxes , I wrote the date that I bought them and their price.
  12. They look even better when cleaned up and casted into ingots (these are my shoulder shrug “dumbells” since real dumbells are in short supply too):
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