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  1. The people on other gun forums don’t care where the drama comes from...the top...bottom... doesn’t matter. They want to be able to relax at the range.... to get a reprieve from the Monday through Friday stress and drama at work.
  2. I wasted about 5 minutes on that video. In that short amount of time, I gathered it was some drama llama BS. On other gun forums, people say they shy away from USPSA matches because of this 8th grade girl drama.
  3. It is a tedious trial and error process, but you can drill and tap your 550 and 650/750 toolheads for allen head’ed or allen socket set screws. that lip or ledge in the toolhead, drill through that into the hole for the die. Then tap it. thread in the die. Insert a piece of lead birdshot into that just drilled/tapped hole. Thread in the set screw. The set screw mashes the lead birdshot into the die’s thread. And that die isn’t going anywhere. The sucky part is having to slide the toolhead in and out of the press to get t
  4. I don’t have a Lab Radar ... at least not yet. but one of the perks I have heard and read about with the Lab Radar is that it has an app you can put on your smart phone. then at the range it connects to your smartphone via blue tooth. I am ASSuming that the velocity data and standard deviation, etc data would show up on your phone’s screen. just for the sake of staying organized and not losing your reloading notes, you could do a screen shot and upload that to the iCloud. but I am fairly certain there is a way to save data either on
  5. In theory.... if you ran your brass through two or three different toolheads.... and in the last...the load pass through your 750, you could put a retrograde’ed Dillon Powder measure in Station #1, if you dumped already primed brass into the casefeeder. Butttt...with all these different passes and toolheads on your 750, whatever time you think you might be saving by running a bullet feeder is going to be negated by all the trips through the press. me? I rely on my Mark 1 eyeball to see that there is powder in the case. I a
  6. Well....YEAH! But did you get to shoot the new Beretta?
  7. I am ASSuming there isn't a .40 cal version....at least not yet???
  8. This showed up on USPSA's Facebook page on October 2nd. So where can one find/get/buy the version pictured below?
  9. I am using a Frankford Arsenal wet tumbler. so I have one toolhead with a universal decapping die. I take the dirty brass and knock out the old primers on my casefeeder equipped 650. Then I wet tumble with SS pins. I let that brass dry . Then I put the load toolhead on/in my 650. I do NOT use any case lube for straight wall pistol cases. I am running two sizing dies in that toolhead. In station # 1 is, I think some RCBS carbide sizing die. Its decapping rod has been removed. Station #2 has an Evolutio
  10. I had that stage Smoke and Hope set up, so most of the brass was landing on the tarp depending on which targets I was shooting at. Some of the brass still had enough momentum that they bounced/rolled off the tarp and started up the side berm. I am going to have to make it back out there again with my .45 ACP 1911's to see where their brass lands. And to see if I can rip off some Bill Drills The Sig 10mm just feels funny in my hands when trying to do Bill Drills. I can't quite explain it
  11. I brought a 16 foot by 16 foot tarp with me. Most of my brass was landing on it. The center of my tarp was a good 11 steps away at my 4 or 5 o’clock. Thanks for all of the replies.
  12. It is a Sig Tac Ops. I have no idea what weight the stock recoil spring is. I also have no idea what weight the hammer spring is. If I switched to a heavier recoil spring, would that keep the brass from getting flung so far? if so, which weight?
  13. I try to keep the brass separated, but there is only so many .30 cal ammo cans I can organize and put labels on. If this is just whammo blammo, then I would say you could throw all the various headstamps together. When it is just once fired and trimmed to 1.74” and fired a second time.... and reloaded... and fired a third time, chances are it will still all be under 1.76”. so in theory you could get by not running it through a trimmer. I call it Single Pass Rifle Reloading (SPaRR), because you use just one toolhead and run brass through in one pass. I use a Redding
  14. Yes sir! That is the free market in its purest form. and like you said, not gouging.
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