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  1. Years ago...I am talking like back to 2007 and 2008, the Brownell's booth used to give out a SHOT show discount code. It was good for like 10%, 15%, or 20% off... I can't remember now. But the code used to work all the way up til April 15th.... tax day. Does Brownwll's not do that any more?
  2. Hmmmnnn...interesting. Times change...I suppose. Had an older gentleman show up a few weeks ago to an informal steel pkate shoot. He had one of those picker upper grabber tools. He was there scrounging brass and griping about all the .40 brass left on the ground. He was there for the 9's. It was cold enough to actually be snowing on us. I wasn't going to stick around to 'whore up my brass", so I didn't mind.
  3. Stick with the 9mm then. Buy it cheap and stack it deep... now... Especially before November
  4. What's the prize table like at local matches? Is there a brand new Chevy Silverado Z71 pick up truck on the line? If no, then... Shoot the 9... at minor...and have fun. Nobody from this sport is ever going to be on a Wheaties box. Bonus: if you do reload, you can fire and forget your 9mm's... leave them in the grass. 9mm brass is bountiful and cheap. If you do reload, and start shooting .40, then you are going to be "THAT GUY" ...down on your hands and knees scrounging to get your brass back.
  5. Which stings less? A. $500 out your own pocket Or B. $500 that can be called a business expense taken out of a business account and written off as such at tax time
  6. I am most likely wrong here, but if Ben is still in the "gun business" or "industry", then pretty much anything and everything he pays for competition or training related then becomes a tax write off. In short, why does he care what a match fee is if he can write it off as a business expense?
  7. I think that was just for show... for the camera...kinda like "air gunning" it but with a real gun and no ammo.
  8. I left mine on the charger for like 10 days to two weeks... just unplugged it today when I finally made it back over to my shop. I just now set it up, inside, and everything is working fine. Both the green visible LED's are on AND the IR LEDs in both screens are on.
  9. I want to say it was about 2008 or 2009 when a forum member here first emailed me an Excel spreadsheet with all the HHFs calculated out per classifier stage per division. Or maybe it was 2007??? Another forum member here... I can't remember his screenname now...but IIRC he did get a timeout or three over posting his gripe about the SS division HHFs being EXACTLY THE SAME at the L-10 HHFs. Single stack became a legit USPSA division in 2007/2008.
  10. I have plenty of 4 foot by 4 foot quarter inch thick MDF that I could cut a metric target shape out of. Then use that 3M spray adhesive to glue brown craft paper to it. As it gets shot up in the middle, glue another sheet of kraft paper to it. But that might entail lugging a cordless drill with me to the range to screw the MDF to the furring strips. And I really don't want to have to lug any more stuff to the range. My other idea was to take a virginal cardboad metric target, punch holes where the perfs are to basically turn it into a big stencil, and spray paint that target design onto brown kraft paper.
  11. B class is a wide ranging class. Probably too wide in the spectrum of skills it encompasses.
  12. A'yup! That's what I used to do. I have never tried this before, but I thought it was pretty clever: You get 10 internet points for figuring out what the little girl is actually doing in the background on your first time watching it.
  13. (Sheepishly raises hand) That was just a few months ago. Did I mention I was just a B class flunkie in Production and Limited (minor) .... eight years ago ... when I was shooting matches?
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