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  1. That said... Recently I did an experiment with brand new/virgin Lapua .308 brass and Varget. I kept everything the same between say 2, 20 round batches except the presses and the powder charging . One 20 round batch was done on my 650 with the regular Dillon powder measure. The other 20 round batch was hand trickled up to the same charge weight and bullets were seated on a single stage RCBS press. Get this... at 100 yards, the Dillon batch shot better groups than the single stage and hand trickled batch. Seems very counterintuitive. And doesn't make a lick of sense. Sooo...yeah, at some later time I will have to try Varget again in .223 with the 69gr and 77gr SMKs.
  2. Nope...no testing. I stocked up on a bunch of ammo cans full of factory XM855 and XM193 a year or two ago. Some local dude was moving and didn't want to lug all that ammo to his new house. So I just keep track of that brass that I shoot, and keep it in a zip lock bag from the range with an index card in the bag. All that factory ammo comes on stripper clips, so if I can remember while I am at the range, I will run a red sharpie marker down the sides of the brass of say the XM855. The XM193 will say get a green sharpie marker stripe while still in the stripper clips before I load it into mags. That all makes it easier keeping the brass separate when I pick them up. Once in their dedicated zip lock bags, I will write LC 17...or whatever the year...and "1X fired" on the index card. Then put the index card in the zip lock bag. When I get enough of a particular year group brass together, then I will process it as a batch. I have a 650 with a Swage It tool and and an RT1500. I figure 69 and 77gr SMK's are the high end of .223 bullets. You are paying a "Cadillac price" for them, so why screw up their accuracy potential by seating them on top of mixed brass. But if you are looking for just "whammo blammo" , then bulk 55 grain FMJ's and mixed brass would be just the ticket. FWIW, I don't like Varget because I think it doesn't meter as well through a Dillon powder measure as say H335. One of these days I will try XBR8208.
  3. Me? Personally? Yeah I will sort out by headstamps for rifle brass. I do NOT have any particular load for .223 and Varget. I prefer H335 instead.
  4. Here is me...just kinda tinkering, by myself on the Smoke and Hope stage: I shot my 2 Brig Inox's the other day. I don't know if it is the rubber Hogue grips or the skateboard tape or both on my Brig Inox's, but putting either Brig in my hands just feels right....like slipping on an old pair of sneakers.
  5. I've had my second 650 for less time than that, and I have already cranked out some .308 Winchester rounds.
  6. I have the primer assembly completely removed from my one 650 while set up to prep .223/5.56 Lake City brass. Station #1 is a universal decapper. Station #2 is an RCBS X sizer die with its decapping rod/mandrel removed. It is a pre-resizer. Station #3 is empty. Station #4 is the Dillon RT1500 trimmer. Station #5 is also empty. So that one spring loaded arm or clip that usually is located next to the primer carousel is not there. The clip which would normally keep the case in the #2 spot while it gets a new primer. So probably about one or two cases out of a hundred will slide just enough out of the #2 spot in the shellplate so that when the Swage It comes up it presses on the headstamp "rim"...and the real rim is not being gripped enough by shellplate.... the case comes flying off the press... and rim has two bent up ears. My Swage It has a little bit of slop or play to it...almost like it could use another E clip or two to keep it more straight or plum. Now that I have my second 650, and I plan on keeping it set up for larger primers, I might try the Armanov Swager Pro instead.
  7. Where are all the videos of people cranking out ammo on their new 750's?
  8. There was a time when the 650 sent me into a rage too. I'll post a picture later. I have mellowed since then. Lately, I have been on a reloading .223 "kick". From a technique or procedure standpoint, I am probably doing it totally bass ackwards. My .223 reloads have been 55 grainers over 25.0 grains of H335. To dial in the Dillon powder measure, I have been running prepped cases through the 650 like normal, but NOT seating the first few with bullets. When a charged, bullet-less case gets to station #5, I remove the charged cases from stations #5; #4, and #3 and dump their powder into the scale's pan. With each dump, I am hoping to see the scale read 25.0, then 50.0 and lastly 75.0 Then I take all three primed cases and throw them back into the casefeeders's hopper. Soooo...eventually, an already primed case makes it to station #2 where I can feel that it has already been primed. In turn, a primer eventually drops out of the 650's primer carousel and down the ski jump. I have resorted to wrapping the bottom of the ski jump in packaging tape in order to contain all the primers. When I am ready to re-use those primers, I just place an akrobin under the ski jump, remove the tape, and use my fingers to sweep the primers off the end of the ski jump and into the akrobin. Then I "stab" them with a primer pick up tube. Since I am using Lake City brass and the Swage It tool to remove the primer crimps...I am still new to using it...some pieces of brass end up not getting primed at station #2. Then I end up with this trail of powder as the case makes its way to station #3 and #4. H335 meters like granulated sugar and quickly funnels out through the flashole and around the shellplate. Soooo....what would have been really nice on the 650...or any progressive press for that matter really ...would be a primer "lockout". Just some spring loaded pin that goes under the shellplate. If a primer-less case is about to rotate from station #2 to #3, the pin pops up into the empty primer pocket and keeps the shellplate from rotating or advancing. It would be set up in such a way that the shellplate can be rotated back slightly to remove the case that is about to spill powder everywhere. Anywhooo....I have mentioned here in this thread already, but the 550's priming finicky-ness would be almost completely eliminated if it didn't drop all that used primer crap all over where it is about to install fresh primers.
  9. I was going to buy another 650 anyway...soon. But Dillon just moved up my timeline for me. I went through my gunclub's contact Sunday night to order my second 650. And a casefeeder. And a large rifle casefeeder plate. The Graf's truck made a delivery at the range on Friday. I picked it all up Saturday morning.
  10. But on the flip side, you have this CP1100 and whatever that other press is called all hyped up at SHOT... and as far as I can tell via Graf's website, not a single one of either of those two presses ever got delivered and distributed by Graf's. Yeah, sure I get it... in business it is always better to under-promise and over-deliver versus over-promising and then under-delivering... But to not make one single announcement or facebook post about a new press that we can supposedly all order 3 days from now... Something seems fishy...
  11. The mid air part ...looks like you're correct there... that white plastic part is supposed to be inserted through something..that's how the rod gets pulled downward and the bell crank assembly also pulled downward on...all to make sure the powder completes a full cycle open and closed. I am thinking it really doesn't matter which side the failsafe rod goes through the bell crank assembly. Try searching here or on google for "dillon powder measure retrograde" The old or original Dillon design used two springs wrapped around the cone part of the powder measure to get the powder bar to return.
  12. I just went through my club/range contact to order another 650 and a casefeeder. My one gunclub/range has a dealer's account with Graf's of Mexico, MO. Ya know what's weird about this whole thread/topic? 1. we didn't hear a thing or rumors or hints from January's SHOT show about this press...whereas, that CP1100 and whatever other press was all the rage at the last SHOT show...and this new 750 press is supposed to be orderable come August 1st???? and 2. who is eye searingly absent from this thread? who hasn't posted in this thread? You would think USPSA'ers make up a sizable chunk of Dillon's customer base, so you would think a rep from Dillon would be here answering questions or dropping hints...trying to drum up interest and sales. Kinda weird...
  13. For all you folks who said they had issues with their 550's primer bar, allow me to point out one significant difference between the 550 and this new 750. According to the pic posted on the first page of this thread, the 750 will be priming at Station #2...kinda like the 650 does now. The 750...like the 650....will still deprime at Station #1. The problem with all the dirt and grime getting on the 550's primer bar is that the 550 deprimed at Station #1 AND then re-primed at Station #1 also. Sooo...like that old saying about direct impingement AR15's/M-16's, the 550 "poops where it eats" (or eats where it poops).
  14. You must be real fun at parties.
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