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  1. Chills1994

    Erratic scope/rifle behavior - WARNING long post

    Or heck!... Even BUIS at 50 yards.... then if your eyes are still good enough, try the BUIS at 100 yards....see if the gun and just the gun can print groups. Then move the Vortex Razor to a different mount.
  2. yeah, that is a weird steel target he's shooting at too
  3. I was just trying to do some research on the CED Big Board when I came across this guy's YT channel. He does a 1.55 second Bill Drill in this video (stay tuned for the slow mo): then he has a CED Big Board in this other video: I thought his Bill Drill was...sporty.
  4. Chills1994

    Range Bag

    I have one of the Shooter's connection bags too. It is like too big. When loaded up with stuff, it's too heavy...and it seems awkward to carry I had two of the older Dillon range bags... one in OD green and one in black. I sold the green one here on the forums. They were both smaller than the shooter's connection bag One guy who I used to shoot matches with carried one of those Dillon border shift bags....and that was just for ammo. Everything else was already on his belt/waist.... gun, mags, holster, mag pouches...shooting glasses already on his face and ear muffs on his head. I like that idea of traveling that lightly.
  5. Chills1994

    Range Bag

    I have two of the smaller Bagmaster pistol bags. They look like this: And when opened up, the look like this: I can get two of them squeezed into that Dewalt tool bag...can't exactly zip it shut, but at least allows me to discretely carry my guns back and forth to my car. With just one bagmaster bag, I can get it zipped shut. Bagmaster is out of St. Louis and I think all their bags are made here in the U.S.
  6. Chills1994

    Range Bag

    This one has been working out great for me: https://www.homedepot.com/p/DEWALT-18-Volt-NiCd-Cordless-Combo-Kit-4-Tool-with-2-Batteries-1-2Ah-1-Hour-Charger-and-Contractor-Bag-DC4CKITA/202802953 As an added bonus it comes with all those tools. And....AND! if you have to walk out to your car and your neighbors see you, they will think "Oh....that's just jim m again. He must be working on a friend's or relative's house."
  7. I didn't read all 3 pages of posts....so pardon me if it has already been covered. Hit factor is like saying what your speed is out on the highway...like 65 miles per hour....or if you are flying or on a boat at say 65 knots. It is points divided by time essentially. So to get a higher hit factor you need to maximize your points and/or minimize your time. yeah...yeah I know kinda like "well, duh!" So a hit factor of 10 on a stage says you were collecting two alphas per second. Switching gears here slightly... the old IDPA classifier took 90 rounds to shoot. If you were to look at where IDPA HQ set the time cutoff for Master class, it was right around the 80 to 90 second mark....if I recall correctly. If you were to look at IDPA major match results, most top master class shooters have a final time/score that is real close to the minimum round count (MRC) for the entire match. That is or used to be my general rule of thumb. Of course, guys like Bob Vogel are probably finishing up a major IDPA match at something like 2/3rds to 3/4ths of the MRC. Now, I haven't looked at major USPSA match results in a while... and it takes a bit of calc-u-lating and head scratching from the results posted at USPSA.org's website to figure out the MRC for the entire match....and I think you would have to add up all the stage times together... but I would be curious how the top USPSA'ers final cumulative match time compares to the MRC. Sooooo...try that at the next local match you go to... read the written stage briefing (WSB)... get the MRC for that stage, say like 16 rounds, and as you are doing your walk through be thinking to yourself "This should a 16 second stage". Then when you shoot it see if your time jives up with the MRC ...ASSuming you are getting 75% + of the max points available. EDIT: and that would be for your typical field course stage. I think there was one USPSA sectional I shot in where one stage was on a bay that was like half a football field it seemed like. That was probably 20 seconds of just running right there.
  8. Chills1994

    Have you seen the MEAN Arms Endomag yet?

    I shot a very informal steel plate practice session on Saturday. I brought the 6951 along and a LULA. WOW! World of difference! So much easier. Bonus: a Colt stick mag filled with 32 rounds of 9mm could double as a bludgeoning tool.
  9. Chills1994

    Have you seen the MEAN Arms Endomag yet?

    I"ve got plenty of Pmags (FYI....you can fit 28, 30 rounder mags in a tall .50 cal ammo can.) So sacrificing a Pmag body or 3 to try this out wouldn't hurt. With my Colt pattern 9mm "stick" mags, after about the tenth round in, I need to have gorilla fingers to get rounds 11 through say 27 into the mag. I bought an UpLULA for the Colt pattern mags, but I haven't tried it yet. Soooo...I am wondering if these Pmag conversions would be any easier on the thumb???
  10. Chills1994

    Have you seen the MEAN Arms Endomag yet?

    I am not for sure which hook looking thing you are talking about... But I think the Endo mag is its own ejector if that is what you mean.
  11. It fits in a normal 30 round Gen 2 or Gen 3, 30 round Pmag: So no need for a mag block or a dedicated 9mm AR lower. Supposedly, they will be on sale later this summer...buy 3 for like $64 or $69 .
  12. We haven't seen hide nor hair of our OP since Saturday morning. Methinks we are being trolled.
  13. Where did our OP go? You got some questions to answer?
  14. A'yup just like the title says.... How far apart should stationary clay birds (target holders) be placed from each other? or said another way...what's the closest they can be placed near each other where one shot won't take out two or more clay birds?