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  1. They will call you when it’s complete. I don’t send CC info either. I assume you completed a work order and sent it with it.
  2. Thanks Bruce, that's what I was afraid of. The new Acro supposed to fit?? If so still co-witness with rear sight?
  3. For that matter can an RMR even be milled into a 43/48??
  4. I don’t see anyone making competition accessories for sub compacts in the future. I don’t think there would be much market demand.
  5. Same here. That’s what I did as well.
  6. I’ve tried a few different ones. I have to say I really like my Johnny Glock. No take up and smooth pull. I’m even using a 5# striker spring since it’s for run and gun.
  7. I ve used my 17 MOS for 4 run and guns with an RMR so far no problems. I really like it.
  8. Blue Jacket

    Best Connector??

    Personally I like Zev, but I think it will come down to your preference.
  9. I’ve never had a problem. I use them in almost all my Glock’s
  10. I went with the CZ plates on my Accu and got the sight plate so I could still shoot production if I wanted to. Haven't had any issues, but no matches on it in it's current configuration.
  11. Blue Jacket


    2 more with the TTI plus 2 they are about the same size
  12. Blue Jacket


    I think it is longer, but I’ll check tomorrow.
  13. Blue Jacket


    Just picked up my 48 last night. I like the way it feels and yes 43 slide fits the new frame.
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