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  1. Rowdy, I have the sight plate for my Shadow. Honestly I have never had it on, just ordered it in case I wanted to go back to production. It seems really well made, I don't think it would go anywhere once you torque it down and I doubt you would get POA shift.
  2. Another vote for Bruce and Primary Machine. Really happy with the two they have done for me.
  3. good to hear. I’m heading to the range Sunday
  4. I am just getting ready to try an 11lb in my Shadow. Sounds like it may be the ticket. Thanks
  5. Thanks Stuart. Got it installed. I really like how it feels. Now I just need to get a match in. Hopefully soon.
  6. I have a couple Hennings. I have been happy with them and impressed with the quality. Make sure you get the grams guts if you want to maximize capacity.
  7. Sell out already, or is the site not updated? They are showing out. Even if they are sold out, thanks for the heads up. Thanks
  8. Same pistol just no rail on PCR
  9. Sorry no idea why it rotated the image
  10. Here is my PCR with a trijicon plate and RMR. This was done by CZ Custom though I had Primary Machine do my SP-01. I wouldn’t hesitate to use either again. Great companies
  11. Thanks, that's exactly what I was thinking. Going to place an order for one. I appreciate the feedback
  12. I am thinking of putting a S2 (paddle type) mag release on my original Shadow. Anyone who has done this, what did you thin?. I think it would save me rotating the gun in my had to hit the release.
  13. Blue Jacket

    Moving to CZ?

    I love my CZs, but the X5 legion is nice. I think it weighs more than my shadow.
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