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  1. Andy, what's the shooting schedule. Shoot each day for the three days? Is it an AM/PM format. Thanks
  2. Here you go. Sorry don’t know why it spun it 90 degrees. That’s a RMR btw.
  3. I’ll get you one tonight when I get home.
  4. Be careful they tend to multiply like rabbits
  5. I was happy with the work Primary Machine did for me. Had them mill an SP-01 for an RMR with the trijicon mounting plate. Looks great.
  6. Much thanks. For some reason I was thinking it wasn't just a simple slide swap. I'll pass on that project. I'll just pick up an SP-01 tactical some day.
  7. Anyone know if a SP-01 Slide will fit a phantom? I have an SP-01 slide milled and would like to have a decocker version to use as well. Thanks
  8. I’ve not used this plate yet, though I am going to try one. Looks like it can solve some plate concerns. http://www.chpws.com/product/holosun-glock-mos-adapter-plate-v3
  9. I really like my Trijicon HD.i use them on my g48. Only downside is expense
  10. Just got this back about a month ago from Primary. I’m happy with their work.
  11. Ditto on the 15 lbs with my FAT wrench
  12. And sometimes they take a really good whack to get out.
  13. I use an RMR on my comp gun because I am trying to closely as possible match my carry gun. You get used to it.
  14. You can always use a RMR
  15. I’ve used primary and CZC. They both do great work. Turnaround is quicker at primary
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