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  1. Just got this back about a month ago from Primary. I’m happy with their work.
  2. Ditto on the 15 lbs with my FAT wrench
  3. And sometimes they take a really good whack to get out.
  4. I use an RMR on my comp gun because I am trying to closely as possible match my carry gun. You get used to it.
  5. You can always use a RMR
  6. I’ve used primary and CZC. They both do great work. Turnaround is quicker at primary
  7. I've beat the crap out of my magpul glock mags on run and guns. I think you'll be fine
  8. I haven’t noticed any hits on my Gen 4 MOS with an RMR.
  9. Brilliant idea checking the pawn shop. I’ll do that and if I can’t find one I’ll check out CDI. Thanks!!
  10. Tired of borrowing my buddies torque wrench. Figured I should just buy one. Anyone have any recommendations for a decent one?? Thanks.
  11. They will call you when it’s complete. I don’t send CC info either. I assume you completed a work order and sent it with it.
  12. Thanks Bruce, that's what I was afraid of. The new Acro supposed to fit?? If so still co-witness with rear sight?
  13. For that matter can an RMR even be milled into a 43/48??
  14. I don’t see anyone making competition accessories for sub compacts in the future. I don’t think there would be much market demand.
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