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  1. Same here I am using my Legion holster for the AXG
  2. Anyone got recommendations for sights to co-witness a RMR?
  3. I’m going to check those grips out. Look nice glad they are working for you.
  4. Any concerns with taking the magwell off and breaking the grip on a reload. I was surprised there wasn’t any metal there when I took mine off. Needs to be off for CO and I can’t seat my 23 rounders with henning base pads when it’s on there.
  5. Thanks. Mine is my next weeks project. Can’t wait to shoot it
  6. Rowdy did you direct mount our plate the holosun? I just pick up an AXG pro this weekend. Have a spare RMR I was going to put on it. That and an AC curved trigger and I should be gtg. Love the feel of it. Even better than my legion.
  7. I haven’t done much to mine. Springer mag release and curved AC trigger. I just don’t prefer straight triggers. Just run it. I’ve been happy with mine.
  8. Thanks Echo. I just ended up taking it out. Not too much pre travel anyway. I really like the trigger though
  9. Looks like taking pre travel out may disengage the striker safety
  10. it’s just stock. No trigger work other than just replacing factory straight trigger with AC curved. I just don’t like the straight triggers
  11. Installed one of the AC curved triggers. Took out a lot of the pretravel, but left some slack. Are there any know safety issues by taking out pre travel with their trigger? I don’t want to find out the hard way it fails the drop test. thanks
  12. Thanks now I’m wondering it’s because I wasn’t slingshotting the slide. Didn’t have any issues
  13. How long do your recoil springs typically last. I might have a couple thousand rounds on mine and it’s really dragging going into battery. Also can I use 1911 springs? Thanks
  14. It's the stock trigger that came with it.
  15. You can install a shorter front sight. Use Dawson’s calculator to figure out what you need
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