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  1. Check my last post! I use 4.5 grains.
  2. They would not be legal on the 21 round mags. May be on the 17's.
  3. 4.8-5.0 should put you in the right ballpark. I use 5.0 with a 124 FMJ at OAL of 1.165. I load 9 major at that length, so I just load my minor stuff at that length as well. Runs 100% and makes around 130 PF.
  4. I have been running skateboard tape on mine for many years. Kinda hard to beat.
  5. I have been using Soundgear plugs for 7 years now. Like them a lot.
  6. Sounds like you don't have enough crimp. Brass indenting the bullet shouldn't have much effect in the practical shooting world.
  7. A lot of this depends on what you drive to the range. I use a large expanded metal cart with pneumatic tires. It's heavy duty. But, there are two range bags and a cooler. Sometimes three range bags.
  8. I turn mine off before holstering.
  9. Check the classified adds here in the forum. Or place a want ad here in the forum. You will find lots of choices.
  10. If my budget were 4 grand, I would go the custom route. You'll get much better quality.
  11. I've rolled thousands of nickel 40 on my case pro in the past 20 years. Never had a single issue.
  12. This is like a blast from the past. Now I'm going to have to dig out his DVD and watch it again. Haven't watched it in over a dozen years!
  13. MadBomber

    What happened?

    Sounds to me like old, worn out brass. But, more info is needed. What powder was he using? Did he have enough crimp? Fast burning powders can have a higher pressure spike.
  14. One time, many years, I got to the starting box and realized I didn't have enough mags. The RO, who was a friend and running the same mags. I reached out and snatched two of his and said, ok, I'm good. Ran the stage with no issues. We all got a pretty good laugh out of it.
  15. There should be enough. Several years ago, there was a trend with the super short open guns. A lot of them only had like 3 inch barrels or so.
  16. Everyone should own at least one 1911. Maybe even several.
  17. The new Magnum PI carries one, John Wick uses one, so now all the tactical Timmy's want one. Go figure.
  18. Sounds to me like you are doing more than most us! Keep doing what you are doing.
  19. If you really want to add insult to injury.
  20. I used a Safariland 011 and a CR Speed. The Safariland 014 should work just fine.
  21. Some people do this if they are sharing a gun for a match.
  22. If I could only shoot revo, I would quit and start shooting PRC. Maybe even silhouette with my TC Contender.
  23. Ammo doesn't have to look "pretty". As long as runs 100 percent, that's all that matters.
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