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  1. Hmmm. I had forgotten about these. I am a big fan of magpul accessories and rifle mags. I have some of their g19 mags and they are good to go. I guess you give up 1 round but they are $18 a piece. Figuring the cost of the OEM mag and $40 for the base plates they come out at $60 a piece. Hard to argue with that.
  2. What is the goto for extended base plates for both 140 and 170mm? I see posts on Taran, Taylor freelance, carver, aerendo, Dawson etc. which is best for you and why? are the factory 22-Rd mags a viable option? How long are they? thx
  3. Ssp is probably 2/3 glock in my club. 17 is 3/4 of that. 19 and 34 the banlance.
  4. Interesting debate. I think gamers are gonna game. IDPA started back in the 1990s as a repudiation of gaming guns and now look at it. People are shooting guns and wearing gear that are as far from “street” as they can get and still pass the rules. No matter what rules there are, people are going to go right up to the edge of the line to get an advantage. Let folks have their fun. I don’t shoot carry optics, but I don’t mind the idea of 140mm mags. What shooting I do is in production and I can tell you it sucks to have to do 5 mag changes to get through a busy stage
  5. Not sure. I have one I used in production a while ago and like it. I have been away from pistol shooting for a while (kids, hunting habit, living in commie state) and just returned to a few competitions. I bought a new blade tech holster And the quality compared to the ones I was buying years ago seems much lower. makes me wonder if they have gone down market in the last few years. They used to be a good mass market brand.
  6. 6 here on my pistol. I had a 2 for a while and it wasn’t any more accurate and harder to pick up especially on the move. Can’t see going smaller especially as the old eyes get older.
  7. thanks. I don’t see training on his site. I will look again.
  8. I have a friend (non military / non LEO ) based in Los Angeles that wants to purchase a pistol for home defense. He has limited firearms experience with hunting long arms. I am looking to connect him with some basic indoctrination training in or around Los Angeles, once COVID related restrictions are lifted. Single day or 2 day course for now. Once he gets his feet wet he may consider additional training. I took a similar course at Lake Piru in the early 2000s when it was required to get a pistol purchase license but the instructor is no longer in business. Also, Martin B. Retting in Culver City was my go to firearms dealer when I lived there 15 years ago. Please let me know if there is a better place to send him near LA. any suggestions are appreciated . Thanks, DJ
  9. I took an M&P detour before returning to glock The sig 230 platform is calling me to try it out but I think I am going to stick to glock. They just work.
  10. What mounts are people using? MOS slide? Having the lite cut? After markets that attach to rail / frame? I am kicking around some ideas.
  11. thanks. I have the option to pick one up but I can also get a vortex pretty close to that price. At $300 it was a no brainer. For pretty close to the price of the vortex, I am struggling with the warranty and the unknown factor. C-more is great for red dots but practical no where in magnified optics.
  12. if the price is the same between the vortex pst g2 1-6 and then c-more c3, which would you choose?
  13. Most hearing aids are not rated for hearing protection. You can further damage your hearing without protection so be careful. Protect what you have left.
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