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  1. Not to hijack, but will they fit an MOS slide with the right plate? I have been thinking about a Romeo for my Glock 17 MoS.
  2. I am a big fan of these type of sights with trijicon and a bright background ring. I like the Ameriglo operators and trijicon HDs with a big orange background. They run about $65. Install can be DIY but you need a small wrench for the front sight. on the point above about triggers and other modifications is somewhat over blown IMO. Massad Ayoob and many gun writers have made good hay out of the concept for a long time. I remember reading about the ‘82 Alvarez case 30 years ago and others that gave credence to that theory. Most of those cases weren’t about shoots that people c
  3. Fairly certain you need 40/10mm mags. 1911store.com carries them, I think.
  4. Fair points. Thanks for what it is worth, I am still tilting toward the SRO but based on some feedback here and elsewhere I want to spend some more time with the decision.
  5. I did watch their SRO review and it gives me pause about that one. I agree that I don’t need a riggedized sight for gun games but I want to avoid something too fragile. Just in the last 5 months I have seen 3 dropped guns at matches. Not 5 feet on concrete but definitely guns in the dirt. None of the sights - two c mores and a hol0sun - broke but I can’t say if the zero held.
  6. So after a long layoff from shooting sports, I have jumped back in. I have been shooting matches for the last six months in Production using lightly modified gen 3 glocks that were my IDPA guns years ago. I am making my way to slowly to open division and my next stop is carry optics. I bought a Glock 17 MOS and mounted up a vortex dot I had to start training with and I am adding C-Mores to two 22s I will be using for steel matches. I am in PA where most clubs shut down about this time. So my winter plan was to practice with a dot guns until after the first of the year when matches star
  7. It took 4 weeks to get an extractor. I went to go buy some springs and they are sold out. I am assuming COVID related production delays but does anyone know anything more specific?
  8. Hmmm that sucks. are c-mores that bad too? I am getting back into USPSA and moving to carry optics from production for next year on my way to an open gun. I have been practicing with an MOS Glock mounted with a vortex while I figure out a plan. Comments like this are a bummer.
  9. Dang. I was on the fence about this sight but this makes me nervous. Maybe I should go back to thinking about the SRO. what are the top of the heap for optics reliability?
  10. Just a quick follow and thanks for the feedback. I bought another gen 5 19 and though it is a little harder to clear a live round, it is nothing like my problem child 19 and on par with my gen 5 17. I am thinking there is something wrong with the extractor. I am ordering parts to do a swap in hopes that may resolve it.
  11. Not the most experienced voice here but I will add my $0.02. I am running 2 CR speed toward the back and 2 DAA racers in the front on a belt set up for production. I ah e had the CR speeds for several years and picked up the DAAs a few mo this ago after a long, long layoff from USPSA. I run them Bullets forward on a CR speed belt with G17 with stock mags. the CR speeds are fine. One of them lost the tiny little adjustment knob mid match a few months back. It still had decent retention and I didn’t notice until the next practice session. it was easy enough to replace. I
  12. I have been a Glock for a long time. I have been getting back into USPSA and flirting with a move to carry optics. I looked at a switch to sig 320 but decided to stay glock. The triggers are what they are but in the end a new grip angle, giving up my parts, holsters, mags, etc. made me question the move. The bit of noise surrounding the 320 turned me away. CZ is a fantastic gun. I shot a couple. I agree with the suggestion above to try one out. Also FWIW I have seen two AD DQs in the last 6 months. Both with CZs.
  13. not really and Glocks are going to be less finicky about dirt than a 2011/1911 as a general rule. It is easy to wipe them after and even during a match if needed. Glock mags are relatively cheap so I run 10-12 in my range bag for production. If I put one in the mud or dirt, I swap it for a fresh one.
  14. I use the original protectant or the original protectant wipes. That stuff looks fine too. Basically it just slicks up the plastic surfaces.
  15. Thanks. I am trying to round up some different ammo for further break in. Not easy these days. It doesn’t seem to be a tight chamber issue. Rounds clear the barrel but the nose of the bullet is not clearing the chamber by about a 1/8-1/4 inch. I only have a few round through this and my other gen 5 so I don’t want to snap to judgement, but if the new version of glock “perfection” entails ammo sensitivity and very forceful manipulation, I may just go back to my gen 3s and 4s. They are cheaper and easier to find anyway.
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