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  1. Pelican is top of the heap but I have become a fan of skb iseries cases. I still have and use a few pelicans but the iseries are plenty of protection for throwing a gun in my truck without the weight, bulk and cost of pelican.
  2. Shot a match in production this weekend while I wait for my SRO to arrive. I preferred the 21 rounders vs 17 without a base plate. More to grab onto for reloads. I ordered one of the stoeger magazines and plan to try that out and decide from there. I am thinking if I had a couple that I could load to 23 rounds and 2-3 21-rounders that I should be fine, although the 21 rounders are tough to find now for decent prices.
  3. Going to try out a legion for a while. What recipe does yours like? Bullet weight / type? Powder? Etc. thanks
  4. Had mine about 2 months now. I have seen better finish and had better fit on Kydex before. Not bad, IMO, but not exceptional. Mine functions fine once I got the tension dialed in. I tend to get a little outward (away from body) flip when I draw that wasn’t there with the comp-Tac holster it replaced. I need to take a look at the hanger and see if I can determine why. overall, I think it is fine. Not sure it is 2x as good as my $70 Comp-Tac but it costs twice as much with a BOSS hanger. In fairness, it is double walled, a lot stiffer and will probably outlast my gun and me for that matter. I need another holster for a sig I am trying out and think I will go GX.
  5. A few guys in my club use them. The advantage seems to be able to crank your belt load down to shoot the stage and then loosen it when you aren’t shooting. Am to try one from red hill and see if I like it. time will tell if it is better. Hard to see it being twice as good as a traditional belt that costs half as much. FWIW some guys here are posting how to DIY mod an existing belt using a $20 snowboard buckle and a few screws.
  6. Installed my timney in my gen 3 last night. Ghost 3.5 # connector and the red spring. Breaks at 2.75#. Take up is unfamiliar but not bad and break is clean. Reset feels odd. Can decide if it is good, bad or neutral. Maybe a little mushy. I doubt I will notice shooting at speed. On balance, I would say it is one of the better feeling glock platform triggers I have used, including some gun smith jobs and high end aftermarkets that were 2-3x the price. Install was fairly simple using their fold out instructions although I probably should have looked up a video. the trigger comes with two springs. One is for stock connectors (silver) and the other is for aftermarket (red). That was not specified in my instructions. looking forward to shooting it in some practice and then a match this weekend. Assuming all goes well, I will likely put these in all my gamer glocks.
  7. I bought a DR920 thinking I would break it in and turn it into a carry optics rig and an MR920 for a carry gun. Out of the box, I liked the fit and feel. Grip felt good. Decent sights. Decent trigger. Direct optics mount with no need to change sights or buy plates. It was like I found someone that took a stock glock and did what I normally do to all my Glocks for about $200-300 less. How could things go wrong? Well…The trigger on the DR stopped resetting intermittently about 300 rounds in during a match. I sent it back to them and they said the trigger bar was defective and put a new trigger group in it. They also determined the fire pin hole was drilled far enough out of spec that they gave me a new slide. It has been fine for 100 rounds since but I won’t use it in a match until I regain my confidence in it. the MR across a couple hundred rounds has been fine other than the thread protector shooting loose and it seems to have some stock glock parts instead of the proprietary shadow systems stuff (slide release for sure, who knows what else). I read some really positives reviews before buying. After my troubles I dug a little deeper. Seems like trigger issues are common complaints and there was an issue with mag releases not retaining mags that many encountered. Cosmetic, but I would also note their slide and barrel finishes are not very durable at all and especially compared to glock. Overall, their CS response was on point and they turned my gun around in 3 weeks with good communication, and the guns seem to be shooting fine now. Reading various sites, my best guess is that they had some growing pains and a few batches of bad parts resulting in some bad guns. The problem now is I have two fairly expensive glock clones that I don’t trust enough to shoot at a match much less to carry. So do I burn a couple thousands rounds through each of them to restore my confidence or just go back to shooting my glocks. Although I like the way they feel and they are performing well after the repair, I can’t say I would recommend them at this point. That may change if I can get through a few cases of ammo with each and not have anymore problems, but TBH I am not sure I want to make that investment in them.
  8. Ordered one up for my gen 3 17. What is the consensus on a connector to pair it with? I have a ghost 3.5 in there now or the stock trigger.
  9. Plus one for the extended OEM. I still run them on a pair of gen 3 production guns and they are great and never gave me a problem.
  10. what was the butchers bill for the trigger work and barrel? I am crossing over to an x5 legion after a long glock affiliation and trying to get a sense of custom work options. Thx.
  11. Looking for input on mag builds for carry optics to go with a 320 x5 legion i am making into a new carry optics gun. I have 3x factory 17 rounders and 3x 21 rounders. what is your preference for mag set ups? seems like the big question is to go with 21 round body with a plus 1-2 or 17 body with a plus 4-5? Reading a few other posts, I note a many folks are going 21 with TTI base pads and grams springs followers but it seems not everyone can get to 23 rounds with that mix. I also saw this offering from stoeger: https://benstoegerproshop.com/sig-sauer-p320-23-round-magazine-kit/
  12. Not to hijack, but will they fit an MOS slide with the right plate? I have been thinking about a Romeo for my Glock 17 MoS.
  13. I am a big fan of these type of sights with trijicon and a bright background ring. I like the Ameriglo operators and trijicon HDs with a big orange background. They run about $65. Install can be DIY but you need a small wrench for the front sight. on the point above about triggers and other modifications is somewhat over blown IMO. Massad Ayoob and many gun writers have made good hay out of the concept for a long time. I remember reading about the ‘82 Alvarez case 30 years ago and others that gave credence to that theory. Most of those cases weren’t about shoots that people considered “legit”. Like Alvarez they were about charging shooters with unintentionally firing a modified gun due to modifications. The reality is that if you use your guns in self defense your going to most likely face both criminal and civil litigation. The plaintiff or prosecution is going to try and make you look like a trigger happy Rambo. These days, I think your social media posts, your born to kill tattoo and your “trespassers will be shot, survivors will be shot again” yard sign are more likely to get you in trouble than gun mods. I don’t carry a hair trigger gun for other reasons but the whole “leave the trigger stock” so you don’t get in trouble is a bit overblown IMO.
  14. Fairly certain you need 40/10mm mags. 1911store.com carries them, I think.
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