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  1. I added one a number of years ago. It has been great. The only downside to me was it limited what cartridges you could reload. Mine became a pistol cartridge reloaded only. I reload rifle cartridges on a single stay press. The other thing I would think about is we're is your shooting/ reloading heading? Would a 550 with a case feeder be enough down the road. Brad
  2. I have a Para Pro Custom in 9mm. When the shortage of mags came about I got a different mag release from canyon creek and have been using STI mags with no problem at all. I'm not sure he is still making them. I heard he was, but I couldn't swear to it.
  3. Another +1 for Tripp. I have 5 eight rounders and 5 ten rounders no problems with any of them.
  4. Hello, I have a STI Gen 1 9mm mag with the spacer 140 length. The problem is the bottom of the follower catches on the mag body when it is empty and you are trying to load it. The follower needs to be just a touch longer. I have seen where this has happened before but didn't see an answer. So is there another follower that will work or has anyone glued a dab of epoxy on the bottom to make the follower a touch longer depth wise or was there something else to try? This is an all original mag no other parts installed in it. Thanks Brad
  5. Thanks for the input. Does give me some things to think about. Brad
  6. vibrating with dawn and lemi shine and a little water. It does a good cleaning and polishing.
  7. I saw a video using ceramic polishing media for cleaning brass. So I thought I would try it. The guy in the video said to use 3/16x3/8 media for 9mm. So I bought some. Its dia. is .182 which is just a little less that 3/16. If I clean 400-500 cases about 50 will have two pieces wedged inside. So can someone tell me were they are getting a true 3/16 so this won't happen. I do like the way it cleans the cases and the tumbler run for about 20 min. and it done. Thanks Brad
  8. I have been experimenting with this for a while. I'm right eye dominate and shoot with my right hand. Right now I use the right eye to focus on the sights and the left eye to see the target. It doesn't work to bad as long as your shooting at plates or a plate rack or something with a little size. But if I try precision shot or try to focus on a little object it gets lost because because I'm using to much of the right eye trying to line up more precise. There is a Eye Doctor in San Francisco that seem to be pretty good about figuring this out for people. But that's a long ways from NJ. I haven't seen him I just read about him in a shooting sport magazine. I was trying different contacts then had some shooting glasses made up. It works ok but not perfect. Brad
  9. Sarco list Para Grip Brads
  10. The one I have wouldn't be easy to change back and forth. I have had it for a while and would guess Dillon hasn't change them. Brad
  11. I put a case feeder on my 550 and I have been really happy with it. Haven't had any problems at all. The only thing is now it is pretty much a pistol cartridge reloading machine other and a couple rifle cartridges. Brad
  12. I bought a Para Pro custom a couple of years ago in a 9mm. I did change out the mag release for one from Canyon Creek so I could use STI mags since at that time there was a shortage of mags for that pistol. Has been a great pistol no issues. Question for ramnj. Did you have any trouble changing out the trigger and what kind is it? Thanks Brad
  13. Just saw Ruger SR1911 Doug Koenig 9MM pistol in a add. Looks really nice the msrp price is up there but it will be interesting to see what the final price will be. Nice looking pistol though. Brad
  14. Hello, Looking for a optomtrist for shooting glasses in southern idaho. Would like to find someone who is familar with pistol shooting. Please let me know. Thanks Brad
  15. I don't want to hijack this thread. Does anybody know the brand of the grips. Thanks Brad
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