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  1. The one I have wouldn't be easy to change back and forth. I have had it for a while and would guess Dillon hasn't change them. Brad
  2. I put a case feeder on my 550 and I have been really happy with it. Haven't had any problems at all. The only thing is now it is pretty much a pistol cartridge reloading machine other and a couple rifle cartridges. Brad
  3. I bought a Para Pro custom a couple of years ago in a 9mm. I did change out the mag release for one from Canyon Creek so I could use STI mags since at that time there was a shortage of mags for that pistol. Has been a great pistol no issues. Question for ramnj. Did you have any trouble changing out the trigger and what kind is it? Thanks Brad
  4. Just saw Ruger SR1911 Doug Koenig 9MM pistol in a add. Looks really nice the msrp price is up there but it will be interesting to see what the final price will be. Nice looking pistol though. Brad
  5. Hello, Looking for a optomtrist for shooting glasses in southern idaho. Would like to find someone who is familar with pistol shooting. Please let me know. Thanks Brad
  6. I don't want to hijack this thread. Does anybody know the brand of the grips. Thanks Brad
  7. I guess I might need to get the chronograph out and increase the load a little. I see in a earlier thread that one person went up to 4.6. Brad
  8. Was wondering if anyone else was having issues like this. 45ACP Federal cases, 200gr xtreme RN plated bullet, 4.0 gr clays powder and Federal match primer. When shooting this load I'm getting what I think is unburnt powder in the face. I'm going to try some different combinations of primers and powder. This is what I would consider the new Clays powder. I got this after the fire and you couldn't find any of the Clays powder anywhere.Shooting in a Springfield 1911. Thanks Brad
  9. I bought a 550 and used it for both pistols and rifle. Then I wanted to speed up the pistol reloading. I should have got a 650 at this point. But I didn't and added a case feeder. It took a little bit but it works very well now. Added just about everything I could to make it smoother and and run more efficient. Its set it up for 9mm, 38/357 and 45. So now I would still like to move up to a 650 but I have to much into the 550 set up so this is were I will stay. I have watch you tube clips of 650 with bullet feeder and the auto drive systems installed and that looks really cool but do I really need it "no" but that still doesn't deter me from wanting it. So the moral of the story is watch how you progress and determine what your ultimate goal will be. Brad
  10. Well its going to be interesting to see what happens now with Remington declaring bankruptcy if what I read is true. What will happen to Para/Remington pistols and Marlin and the rest of it? Brad
  11. Yes I have this set up on a single stage press and as it has been said it work great some call it the bulge buster using the 9x18 makarov die. Brad
  12. I have a Para Pro Custom in 9mm. When the lack of mags issue came up I bought a mag release from Canyon Creek and STI mags from Dawson Precision and have not have any problems what so ever. This is one of the most fun guns to shoot. I have really enjoyed it. Brad
  13. I just received a light kit for a 550. It works really well and as its been said really nice folk. Brad
  14. I have a 550 with a case feeder. When you add the case feeder to the 550 that pretty much makes it a pistol cartridge loader other that 223. Without the case feeder you can do some rifle cartridges on it. I bought the 550 over 15yr ago and learned a lot using that machine as is. Then added the case feeder and it does take a little while to get the bugs worked out, learned even more. I have thought about upgrading to a 650 with a case feeder but I don't shoot that much. There have been some circumstances that it was nice that it didn't advance on its own. So as usual its a personal choice. If I were loading for more that myself I would have probably moved to a 650. Loading for just myself and shooting 600-800 a month the 550 with the case feeder works for me. Brad
  15. I have a set of Etymotic plugs. They work well except for a pistol with a comp or a rifle with a muzzle brake. I was shooting in a rifle match I was between a 7mm with a muzzle brake on one side and a 6.5 creedmoor with a brake on the other side, that was to much. With a standard rifle or pistol they have worked fine.
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