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  1. Hello my name is Bob M I'm a dysfunctional veteran and a retired RN and I'm getting back into shooting after 40 years and as with everything I get involved with I want to be the best that I can be. I've taken a couple of classes at one of the ranges close to me to learn the fundamentals and safety. I was shooting a canik tp9 SC also have the TP9SFX full size pistol. I got a call last week I forgot about a raffle I joined about 2 months ago. Well I won a Gucci Glock 19 it's all tricked out called a MR920 from the war poet and shadow systems. It's a very accurate and beautiful hand
  2. Hello my name is Bob M. I live in San Antonio, TX I'm just getting back into shooting after 30 years I do plan on building me a AR soon. Last time I shot a rifle it was the old M16A1 back in the mid to late 1980, I was active duty in the US Army for 10 years I went in as a combat medic did that for 3 years. Then I was sent to school ( I asked to go) to earn my LPN also called LVN license finished getting my 4 year degree in nursing after I was put out medical discharge I carried the old colt 45 for 18 months back in Korea from 1987 to 88 during the Olympics in 1987. I own 2 Canik's t
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