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  1. I use lucas oil on rails/frame/slide. Good stuff. I had my kimber 1911 service (feed issues, ramp needed to be polished) and he mentioned never use wd40 on anything. He seemed quite admit about it. Have to say once he polished the feed ramp picky 1911 had 0 issues afterwards. WC i had, 0 issue since day once, minus the price.
  2. I’m not 100% famaliar with break cleaner what happens if you use clorinated (i’m aksing just for knowledge not because i used it)
  3. I’ve got EDC x9, cleaning instructions say to use a degreaser on hammer/seer spring. Anyone have a recommended brand/type? Zep/gunmedic seem to be most recommended. Jason
  4. Question: Rings do fit, i put them in grove, work the shell plate manually. It works for about 5 to so rotation but then works its way out the groove. I didn’t use any lube, which i suspect is my issue. Advice would be appreciate, since the metal rings really do suck.] Rings used: 69 mm ID, 74 mm OD, 2.5 mm Width
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