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  1. Try working with 5 inch parts. I don't recall ever seeing a 6 inch slide on an open gun.
  2. One thing really can't stand. Random prizes being given out at the start of the match. I remember one match many years ago where one guy on my squad was DQ another just quit (it was too hot for him). Both them had received great prizes even though they never finished the match. That's just not right or even fair. Many of us that finished, even finishing well, received nothing. People shouldn't be rewarded for being DQ'd. Prizes should and NEED to be given out based on placement and performance. Not everyone should get a prize or a parcipitation trophy. Winners should be rew
  3. Most of my mags have ISMI springs with 1 or 2 coils cut off. All depends on what your gun likes and how you have things set up
  4. Forget physical, when was the last time you shot 50 yard standards? That really separates the men from the boys, no offense.
  5. Reloading allows you to tailor your ammo for your given firearms. Recoil, feel, accuracy and cost savings.
  6. Thank you to all my fellow veteran brothers and sisters!
  7. I believe Julie Golob did it back in the late 90's or early 2000. I could be wrong.
  8. That is because his hand was covering the ejection port. If one obstructs the function of the ejection process, the round can slip off the extractor and the primer can be impinged by the ejector. Rearward movement of the slide in a forceful manor can cause a kaboom if cupping the ejection port. Having said that, racking the slide and catching the round is virtually impossible to set off a round. If it were, hunters all over the world would have done this. Bolt guns, lever guns, pump guns, even full auto. Clearing the chamber does not cause a kaboom. Only guns this does not ap
  9. Stepped cases should be banned by SAAMI. Why would you make a product that they KNOW somebody will reload only to have a possible catastrophic failor? Makes no sense. They have too know that people are bashing their product.
  10. The upside-down thing is what I do, even with my race holsters.
  11. Is this app for "smart" TV's only or a computer app?
  12. You can always use a few different reloading manuals. A couple older books, Hell, I was there. By Elmer Keith Any of P.O. Ackley's books.
  13. If setting up for CO, one thing I recommend is removing the front sight post. You don't have a front sight post on an open gun. So why would you need it for carry optics? Just my opinion.
  14. Nothing wrong with it. It's just as good as any of the other cheap stuff. For that price, you almost can't reload it much cheaper. Go for it.
  15. 9 pound recoil spring on an open gun with a slide racker is way more easy for younger shooters with less hand and arm strength to manipulate. Just another 2 cents.
  16. I was in the same boat a few years ago. I placed a want add here in the classified adds. Got him a custom STI open in 9 major with a slide racker and 2 big sticks for $2200. I figured he could run minor for a while then switch to major. Gun ran awesome, but turns out, it had less felt recoil with major loads. KC was pretty young when started, just teach him the correct ways of gun handling and go for it.
  17. Welcome, lot's of USPSA matches in central Texas. Where in Texas are you?
  18. Any magazine that runs 100% in your given gun. I run STI gen 1 and 2, and SV. Some set up to lock the slide and others for Max capacity. All with Dawson base pads. In the end, as long as they run, that's all that matters. This is a lot like Ford vs. Chevy vs. Dodge. It's all what you prefer. IMHO.
  19. Stop using pistol primers. I use small rifle primers in just about everything. .380, 9 major and minor, 40, and 38 super. Keeps me from having to buy two different kinds of primers. For 9 major I would never use pistol primers. Too much primer flow.
  20. +1 for the gray guns trigger.
  21. Gun B may also need to have the comp reamed out. Bullets may be touching the comp just enough to destabilize them.
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