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  1. I have had one for quite some time but never used it... looks like I should just sell it and move on. Thanks for the input
  2. Is anyone using a PARA LDA 16 .40 for USPSA Production?
  3. The Predator Tactical is ready right out of the box! http://www.predatortactical.com/store/c2/3GUN_SHOTGUNS.html Great shotgun!!
  4. Let me begin with..."I am computer illiterate" I have this past seasons matches on one of the club nooks. How do I get them submitted to USPSA to pay our fees and get the classifiers submitted.
  5. I have 4 nooks that are version 1.0.12. How do I update them? There seems to be no way to access the app store with them?
  6. Three + years of being a grandfather now and love it more each day
  7. Purchased an Undersized die but did not work but... I figured it out. Its the plunger die for the swage station that is stretching the case. I removed it and its all fixed! Called Dillon to let them know and although the guy ha d not heard this before he said just turn it in a frill and take off what is needed. Simple and done! That was driving me crazy
  8. While visiting AZ this year I had the pleasure of shooting Thursday night Practice with the Cactus Crew at the Ben Avery Range. Terry and Co. welcome new shooters and visitors with open arms and run a great match! Very smooth and I had a lot of fun. My annual vacation to AZ will now always take the Cactus shooting Schedule into consideration to determine which firearm(s) to bring along!
  9. I have shot well over 30K of West Coast/X-treem, never a problem and they have always been great to deal with.
  10. Thanks Dan, I will give it a try, if I mess up the hand guard will just have to replace it with a firebird I guess
  11. The reason I am taking it off is that the bolt will not go into battery (think a blown primer is jammed in the bolt) I cannot take it apart. Tried from rear, took off everything including recoil spring tube, NO Go. Looks like only way is to remove barrel but ... hand guard is stopping me.
  12. I have an older Bushmaster (before they were sold) that has a round aluminum hand guard. How the hell do I get it off? Should twist off, Correct? I tried a strap wrench but nothing moved.
  13. Die is correct and sizing as far as it can. Also, am using brand new Starline Brass. I am perplexed because I have a batch of ammo I loaded a year ago from the same batch of brass, bullets and sizing die which did not have any issue. The crimp is normal, and all bullets tight. Only difference is that I loaded those on my 650 and these on my 1050.
  14. I am using a 1050 which I just switched over to to super comp. previously I was loading this same load with the same sizing die in my 650. I switched over to make my life easier since rhe 1050 was set for.223 so figured swap toolheads and not have to switch anything else other that case feed parts
  15. I am having issues with bulletsbeing too loose in the case. I am not belling casemouth at all. Using MG 115 CMJ .355 dia over 8.8 n350. Load is compressed so when seating myguess is that on more loose fitting cases the bullet is creeping out before being crimped. My COL Us all over the place amd I am having to use a very heavy crimp
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