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  1. .356 Has better accuracy than .355 in 9mm and long time ago i asked will Schuemann if it is ok to use .356 on 9mm he said he even use .357 on his
  2. I saw some mags from BE member being worked on by TTI with red bases it holds 21 easily with their new followers.................got mine tuned SV/STI holds 21 rnds....service was top notch Thanks Taran and Scott
  3. is that the one i handled last saturday.....love the trigger job on your CZ's
  4. :bow: i have been having problem zeroing my shadow, changed front sights 3x and still can not get it to zero called stuart and told him all about it few days later I got a front sight in the mail from Stuart.....no charge
  5. broken side by side refrigerator works for me i store the primers in the freezer side and bullet heads and powder on the other side....lock, sealed and insulated lols
  6. What is your OAL? i am using BC 147gr tc, i used to have keyhole problem until i load my bullets longer 1135 and that fix my tumbling/key holing problem.
  7. ogiebb I want to see some pics of your 1911 please just curious
  8. nice and clean with a reverse crown...
  9. i have been using moly coated bullets for years now but i think i will be switching to ibejiheads. ibejiheads is much more cleaner when reloading and i dont see smokes and after almost 300rnds today i dont see signs of leading in my barrel it seems like its been cleaned...
  10. adiksaputok

    CZ 75 sp-01

    +1 with mec gar 17 rounds with blue follower
  11. adiksaputok

    CZ Shadow Viper

    John when you are done with yours i want to see it and shoot it for sure i will go to pala.....Viper looks so nice............
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