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  1. Hey guys, I've been away from action pistol for a while but have recently moved up to Missoula and would like to start shooting a little more. I joined Deer Creek and am just looking for some shooting buds. I used to shoot some informal limited matches and have recently started shooting more precision rifle stuff. Other than action pistol, I shoot almost everything suppressed. Feel free to shoot me a PM if you're interested in doing some shooting or letting a new guy tag along! Thanks! Brian
  2. Awesome!! Thanks for the link. That brand looks like it has great reviews. I found this one on amazon for a few bucks more but I can get free shipping. I think we have a winner! http://www.amazon.com/Edsal-MR482472BLB-Shelving-Capacity-Height/dp/B00BD5O11A/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1399153739&sr=8-4&keywords=edsal+shelving
  3. I'm curious how you guys store all of your bullets. I've got ~50K of different shapes and sizes and I've got to get them more organized than just laying on the garage floor.... I'd love something like this minus the wheels: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Ultra-Heavy-Duty-Garage-Metal-Storage-File-Rolling-Cabinet-Stainless-Steel-Doors-/261035249199 However, I'm almost positive that that cabinet would crumble with that much weight in/on it. I've thought about buying one and then riggin up some sort of angle iron reenforcement. I see a couple websites sell true heavy duty cabinets that will hold >1000lbs but they are pushing $1,000. Does anyone have any advise or things that have worked well for you? Ideally this would be a <$300 project. Thanks!
  4. ^ I like that Idea and think that's what I'll do! It wouldn't be hard to either weld another holder or just rig up a little 1" block.
  5. Thanks for all the help guys! Just a bit more justification here.... - I'd love to do the angle iron and stakes. I'm not sure if any of you guys are familiar with eastern NM but there's no such thing as driving a stake into the ground! I was hoping if went with the 2" metal, it would be heavy enough to hold up.... -As for the 1x2 in place of the 2x2, do you know if they hold up as well? I'd be all for saving some $ and using them if they'll hold up.
  6. Hey guys, I scratched this out (I'm obviously an artist) today and am going to make a couple up. Do you see any reason they wouldn't work or anything you've seen done to improve them? I realize that they'll be a little larger than some but I live in the freakin dust bowl and need them to be a little heavier. The top image is a top view and the bottom image is a side view. I'm thinking it'll be made form 2" square tubing and I'll use the 2x2 furring to staple to target to.
  7. Very nice! I love with Winny action myself. Just had a 338-06 built off a 64!
  8. I figured I'd share my project with you guys. First off, BIG thanks to bigdawg for the idea. I made a couple of small changes: -The stand: I figured it would be different and get up up off the floor/bench that it would be taking up space on. -Adjustable motor mount: I built the motor onto a plate that can slide into and out of the frame so that I can adjust belt tension. -Rollers: I had some old conveyor belt rollers around so I but one on each end just to "block it off". My garage floor is slanted a little so it rides whichever end is downhill. I was going to stencil the the whole thing with the black but wasn't real happy with the drum so I figured I'd leave the rest red to match my Hornady gear. Here she is: And more more in action:
  9. That was was my factory Glock barrel looked like after my tests with WST. I bought a Lone Wolff barrel to see if it's any better but I haven't had a chance to try it out yet....
  10. blopez50

    glock 26

    ^ hum.... I carry a gen 4 g27 AIWB (Dale Fricke) and have never felt the texture on my skin.. I prefer the gen 4 over the gen 3 in all sizes but especially the little guys. I get a much better grip on them. Whichever way you go, check out the GAP floorplates. They don't add any size (unlike the extensions) but help me get out of the holster a whole lot quicker!
  11. I would just screw your sizer die down a bit before you went buying any new dies. I had the same problem when I set up my press for 9mm. A quick turn of the sizing die and I have thousands of trouble free rounds downrange. I know many people talk about the U-die and other dies like it. I'm sure they work great. I just haven't seen a need for them. I load all my ammo with regular ol Hornady dies and haven't had a problem yet.. even with the dreaded GLOCK BRASS!!!!!
  12. Fair enough! Different strokes....
  13. Have you shot the TTI trigger? I bought the kit and I was pretty disappointed honestly. I think my polished stock connector with the zev spring kit feels better and was $40 cheaper.
  14. That was the Dawson video that I mentioned in my original post. Any idea of how/where I need to file the follower? I marked all the edges with a metallic marker and then messes with the mag a bit hoping that it would scuff up the marker and show me where I need to file. Didn't work.... Thanks, Brian
  15. Just another thing to consider.... If it were me, I wouldn't sell the g35 even I were going to switch over to a 2011. I've sold guns in the past because I thought "there's NO way in hell that I'm ever going to use this again". As it turns out, I've missed some of those. You never know what wild hair you'll get in a year.
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