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  1. Photon

    Odd Bullet Up Jam in NFA Based AR9

    Try a plunk test. Mine ran well for a few months and I started having ftf's. I was going to have my barrel reamed but bought a JP, running fine now.
  2. Photon

    New frontier Arms lower

    Front to back about a 1/4" play. I've had a Odin extended for awhile. Mags look ok. Just dropped it off at the shop, should have it back tomorrow.
  3. Photon

    New frontier Arms lower

    Everything worked fine when new. After around 2k rounds started having feeding problems installed ramp and new barrel at about the same time, fixed the fail to feed. Now having trouble with inserting mags ETS & Glock all sizes. They won't lock in without alot of jiggling.
  4. Photon

    New frontier Arms lower

    I started having feeding problems with my NFA lower, went to a taccom feed ramp and JP barrel. Now it feeds ok just can't do speed reloads with any magazines. I can push and pull to seat a mag but I'm about to give up and find another lower unless someone has a decent fix.
  5. I like using the shoe. But I keep losing mine.
  6. Photon

    ultimate PCC option for super seniors

    Looks like $3000 up.
  7. Photon

    Throat Ream 9mm PCC?

    After reading the entire thread I'm not sure about reaming my Kaw Valley barrel. What would be great if some kind, generous, intelligent individual could do a thread with pictures and specific information.
  8. Photon

    Build A Winning PCC.....

    Years ago when i raced motor cycles my bike ran well but the few inches of shock travel i had then wouldnt work very well today.
  9. Photon

    Lets talk MOA’s

    +1 for 6
  10. Photon

    Travel with PCC

    The only trouble I've ever had traveling was with shotguns. I checked my guns and was in waiting area when my name was called to come to check in area. A young lady and a police officer were waiting on me. The very excited lady showed me in regulations the largest gauge allowed was 10 gauge and i was checking in a 20 gauge. I looked at the police officer, he laughed and walked off leaving me to explain.
  11. Photon

    What is my major malfunction?

    Fastest test fix, clean your mag and check for obstruction. Try thumbing you rounds out to check the mag.
  12. Photon

    Barrel Work

    I just put my Kaw Valley 16" Barrel in the shop to have the Taccom ramp installed and holes drilled in the top of my comp. (A friend is doing it, price is good). The rifle has handled all my reloads and factory ammo no problem, but the barrel won't plunk test. Should i have the melonite barrel throated while he has it. Any other improvement suggestions?
  13. Photon

    lighter 24 3g trigger pull

    Sorry I gauged it but don't remember. It was heavy thats why i swapped it.
  14. Photon

    lighter 24 3g trigger pull

    I had a JP trigger with KNS pins in my NFA lower when I installed the 24C. It has a crisp 2lb trigger pull with no creep using the KNS pins. Lucky I guess.
  15. Photon

    lighter 24 3g trigger pull

    I use KNS pins and my 24C is 2lbs and runs great.