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  1. Try Ben's drill dry AND live, in the same session. I would do this back and forth during my live range sessions. 5 trigger pulls live, 5 dry, 5 live, 5 dry... The best part about that drill is that when done right (the process, not the outcome) you don't have time to freeze on the trigger. You're essentially teaching yourself how to slam/jerk the trigger without screwing up your shot. Concentrate on isolating that trigger finger motion from the rest of your grip. When done correctly, it's an exhausting drill physically for your hands, and mentally for your brain. You can change it
  2. On SP01 Shadows, regardless if they *needed* to or not, the mag springs, recoil spring, trigger return spring, extractor spring, firing pin spring, and slide stop... all got changed once a year. I'd change them during a practice session or two right before nationals each year. It's all cheap insurance and piece of mind. I did zero a stage at nationals one year because of a broken firing pin spring.
  3. Area 2, 2014 or 2015... shooting production. I'm given the make ready, and go through my routine, loading the starting mag I always keep in my pocket. Timer goes off, I start shooting, get to that first reload and there are NO magazines on my belt. As the realization hits, the tension releases, my shoulders drop, I unload, show clear, holster... and you could hear a mouse fart on the range. No one shooting, a whole other squad waiting behind us, it was super quiet... and I hear "that sucks" whispered in the crowd. It was so bad, I couldn't even be mad. I can't rememb
  4. I was RO'ing a during a stage at a match I was not a "local" at, so I didn't really know anyone. WSB was an unloaded gun on barrel in front of shooter, and all mags on barrels throughout the stage. Shooter comes up decked out in techwear racing jersey with his name on it "John Doe" and his sponsor "John Doe Custom Guns". He's shooting what appeared to be a custom built 2011, with all the bells and whistles. After double checking down range was clear (now that I think about it, this was right after that infamous video of someone shooting a stage while someone was downrange brassing up. So th pr
  5. With all due respect to your self proclaimed status as the "worse A shooter in the country", but saying that his micro drill isn't worth doing because it's not done in any competition seems pretty silly when you turn around and suggest he draw with his eyes closed, which is also never done in any competition. FWIW, the "beep" lasts for .30 seconds, and the timer starts recording at the beginning of the beep. At least, that's how all the timers worked that I've ever used.
  6. You take your 1.3 - 1.5 and try to improve on that. Try shooting for 1.2 seconds. Then 1.1, etc... Remember, this is just for that micro drill, not full draw practice. Why is it 1.3 to 1.5, and not consistently 1.4x ? Are you losing time on your reaction to the beep ? Are you wasting time "acquiring" a sight picture before firing ? Are you still getting a grip on the gun ? What happens if you just fire the round as soon as you reach full extension ? Do you see the sights ? Do you pause and focus down on the sight ? Do you need to focus, or are you wasting time with the focal shift
  7. As mentioned before, Ben's drill is perfect for this, and by all means spend some quality time becoming confident in your abilities for that first shot. However, don't become consumed with that ONE shot to the point that the rest of your practice takes a back seat to it. It is ONE shot in a stage, and any unloaded starts mean your first shot isn't DA. A 10-12 stage level 3 match might have a couple of unloaded starts, and you might only have 8-10 double action shots out of 250-300 rounds. Also, I've seen too many malfunctioning DA/SA guns because someone was so worried
  8. I shot SP-01 Shadows for years, but carried H&Ks on duty/off duty. Now I carry a G43 off duty, and a G47 on duty. So I'm gonna be trying out the G47 in some matches with duty type gear.
  9. Like I told you over on LABS, gotta work on your trigger pull. No double taps. Two aimed shots. 15 yds just means you need a little more attention paid to the sights, but no less attention paid to the trigger pull. All kinds of ideas on what's happening between targets 1, 2, 3, and 4... but that doesn't fix the problem. If it's the first two targets you need work on, then work on the first two targets. Make sure your grip is consistent through the shooting process. Crappy grip out of the holster can certainly affect the first target or two, and as the grip s
  10. Switching hands Handgun. Non-issue. Dominant hand, dominant eye. Line up the sights, start shooting. My old instructors did me a huge disservice by making me think that it mattered anything more than that. Switching hands, eyes, crazy talk.
  11. facelessman

    Light strikes

    Had a buddy that was having light strike malfunctions, but way more often. Long story short, the tip of the striker had been worn down from it's normal triangular shape, to a rounded shape. Might be worth comparing it to another known good striker. FWIW
  12. Stage win!!! Cha-Lee, nice to meet you this weekend.
  13. They say that there are those that have had an Internet DQ, and those that haven't YET! Glad I got mine out of the way...
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