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  1. Can anyone suggest an affordable rifle scope that will adjust down clearly to 50ft ? A dot reticle would be preferred. Looking to keep the purchase under 400 dollars. Thanks !
  2. Nowhere did I say or suggest that people have a "problem" drawing a 5 inch pistol from concealment. I am curious as to what people feel most comfortable using.
  3. The minute you have to ask whether you'd enjoy the experience or not is the minute you should realize you no longer enjoy what you have to go through to participate in the activity.
  4. Seeing that we draw from concealment and from "other than standing" positions regularly, what do you think is the ideal barrel length pistol for SSP/ESP/CDP Divisions ?
  5. I have a rifle combo that isn't "traditional" from the perspective that parts are hard to find. Does anyone know of a manufacturer that offers a trigger show, regardless of width, that converts a curved trigger blade to a straight blade ? Thank you.
  6. I probably should have clarified what it's being used for. No "run and gun." Some long range precision (PRS type stuff) and to hunt.
  7. If you were going to run a .223/5.56 in excess of 250yds what barrel length and manufacturer would you recommend ? Would you install a muzzle brake/compensator on the barrel as well or just eliminate it ? Thank you .
  8. I had a slot but had to drop out. Scheduling conflict w/work. Seems me and this match are not meant to be.
  9. I have a like new Supernova all set up if interested.
  10. Last time was Summer of 2014 (Firecracker Tournament). My work schedule has changed and I have weekends off so I hope to get back out there in 2016.
  11. Merry Christmas to you too Rob and Golf will be played as well...
  12. Never EVER did say it was the "saving grace of IPSC" but I will say it's one of a few options (Production is another) where capacity limitations can be overcome when competing in Area and National Championships. There were more than enough facts provided here to make an argument for keeping the division. No need to censor/erase your posts either..... It's a difference of opinion.
  13. "What out of State matches did you shoot this past season in L10 where you had the CHOICE to shoot Limited" was your question. My answer was and is ZERO. I could have entered in Open or Limited Divisions with my L10 gear BUT what I've learned shooting IPSC matches off and on for 29 years is that magazine capacity matters. Running in Limited Division with 11 or more rounds less than your competition isn't a CHOICE for someone with ambitions of placing well and/or winning. You've yet to address a single issue I've posted as valid reasons to keep the division whether they illustrate legal, financial, or membership retention concerns. Like I stated numerous times, If I can be shown that L10 is somehow harming the organization, L10 should be left alone. I've yet to be shown such. I believe the real reason behind the push to eliminate the division concerns itself with false perceptions of the division and those who shoot it. L10 is where sandbaggers hide, where people cherry pick trophies and a cheap national championship title. REAL shooters shoot Limited posers shoot L10. Shooters are willing to break the law to avoid the stigma sans the "rivet" remedy. If that's what people think and be 100% clear when I say I don't know if you think this way or not, then so be it. Shoot Limited and pass the L10 people by but stop advocating taking something away unless there is a concrete reason to do so that can be explained and proven. We will agree to disagree on the subject and the trolling efforts are painfully obvious.
  14. The answer to that is simple....zero. I do not possess standard capacity magazines for ANY of my pistols since the passage of NY Safe because they are ILLEGAL to possess. The only way I could have kept them would be to "block" them to accept 10 rounds only and they could not be rendered "readily convertible" back to standard configuration. In order to compete nationally...I would have to either: 1. Block the mags in such a fashion as to be able to unblock them when I left the State via a rivet. 2. Carry a cordless drill, rivet gun, and a box of rivets with me to the match. 3. Borrow or buy mags out of State. 4. Either leave the standard capacity magazines in the State where I bought them or sneak them back into NY thereby committing a crime. With L10 Division NONE OF THE ABOVE IS NECESSARY. Thanks for asking the question that supports my position on the subject. As for my competing out of State in Limited Division, I haven't since 1994. I've supported L10 since the day of its inception.
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