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  1. Curious to know, how long can I expect a slide mounted optic to last ? What's the best option for a durable optic ? Is it best to purchase a pistol with the slide cut for the optic or will an optic last that's mounted in the slide with a dovetail adaptor ? Thanks for the input.
  2. I wouldn't know....too busy with yours at the moment. That being said, glad we both have a sense of humor.
  3. Sounds like "Doodie" logic. Thanks for that worthless response.
  4. 40 S&W is not an option. I currently don't load for it nor do I want to make the investment to do so. I have 45acp presses and components by the truckload and 9mm is cheap enough to buy bulk factory stuff. Curious to know what one would choose as an all around competition pistol.
  5. Question... If you were to build one single stack pistol to be used across the board at every level of match available for you to attend (i.e. not a pistol special built for a single match like Nationals), would you build a major or minor p.f. pistol and why would you go the route you've chosen. Thank you in advance for your input.
  6. Can anyone suggest an affordable rifle scope that will adjust down clearly to 50ft ? A dot reticle would be preferred. Looking to keep the purchase under 400 dollars. Thanks !
  7. Nowhere did I say or suggest that people have a "problem" drawing a 5 inch pistol from concealment. I am curious as to what people feel most comfortable using.
  8. The minute you have to ask whether you'd enjoy the experience or not is the minute you should realize you no longer enjoy what you have to go through to participate in the activity.
  9. Seeing that we draw from concealment and from "other than standing" positions regularly, what do you think is the ideal barrel length pistol for SSP/ESP/CDP Divisions ?
  10. I have a rifle combo that isn't "traditional" from the perspective that parts are hard to find. Does anyone know of a manufacturer that offers a trigger show, regardless of width, that converts a curved trigger blade to a straight blade ? Thank you.
  11. I probably should have clarified what it's being used for. No "run and gun." Some long range precision (PRS type stuff) and to hunt.
  12. If you were going to run a .223/5.56 in excess of 250yds what barrel length and manufacturer would you recommend ? Would you install a muzzle brake/compensator on the barrel as well or just eliminate it ? Thank you .
  13. I had a slot but had to drop out. Scheduling conflict w/work. Seems me and this match are not meant to be.
  14. I have a like new Supernova all set up if interested.
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