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  1. The Unica checkering is tame at best. They are slightly rougher than the EGD extreme grips, not as grippy as the Henning grips and no where near the texture of the LOK bogie or checkered pattern grips. In my opinion the checkering was inconsistent and there were too many smooth areas on the grips for my preference. Hope this helps!
  2. @B21 If you are interested, I have 2 pairs of custom thickness LOK grips that are molded after the thickness of the Tanfoglio Stock 2 factory wood grips. One set is new never installed and one set is lightly used; one set is fully checkered pattern and one is bogies pattern.
  3. So are you saying the shadow 2 slide stops are proving to be more durable?
  4. @Truckin_Thumper Its no prob man - honest mistake. I ordered the SP-01 slide stop also so now I have both to experiment with for giggles who knows, I may like the shadow 2 one better and decide to fit it like @je85 mentioned.
  5. Well… looks like I blew it. Just got the shipping notification from CGW also. FML.
  6. @Truckin_Thumper Which one did you actually get to fit in your Tanfo? was it the slide stop off the SP-01 or off of a Shadow 2? @Sliv2 is correct in that the SP-01 and Shadow 2 use different slide stops according to the CGW website.
  7. Well now you guys have me worried... This is the one I ordered: https://cajungunworks.com/product/08004-p-01-slide-stop/
  8. Really? that's great news! thank you very much for taking the time to indulge me, i really appreciate it. ...Its kind of complicated. My left thumb has no dexterity from an old injury and the thick robust slide stop on the Tanfo stock 2 really gives me problems and inconsistency's with my grip. Ive tried dremeling it down to match the flat specs of the CZ slide stops but then they are weakened and very fragile and prone to breaking easily (in my experience). I recently heard that the CZ shadow 2 slide stops are more durable and they definitely have that flat low profile shape I'm looking for so I have been really wanting to know if it would work in the stock 2
  9. Im trying to see if anyone that has both guns can try and swap the slide stop levers. Or how much, if any fitting may need to be done to get a shadow 2 slide stop on a stock 2.
  10. I meant as in, right now, both guns available in front of you to help answer a question.
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