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  1. zhuk

    Thin Bogies

    Necropost I know, apologies everyone lol Just trawling threads for info on the thin LOKs and noticed these posts about not being happy with the stock LOK colours. FYI (and anyone else interested) you can completely successfully dye G10 a darker shade using Rit clothing dye, and a split coathanger to hold the grips in suspension in the saucepan.
  2. zhuk

    CZ Trigger

    Hey himurax Absolutely but I was really referring to dryfire for double action trigger pulls...since that is the majority of your trigger time (unfortunately)
  3. zhuk

    CZ Trigger

    Yeah I can't see the point in why you'd want to dry fire in single action, considering isn't practising holding a sight picture through a long DA pull the whole point? Have read many reports of people hating the recurve trigger for that very reason, I guess it depends if you have larger hands and thicker fingers (which I definitely don't)
  4. Exactly, glad that worked for you too. Just because the grips dont necessarily fit perfectly does not mean that they need to be replaced or are at fault, for the issue stated here. As I said, swapping them for new ones is not going to change anything if its the metal frame variation. This is the specific video Blake linked me to explaining the issue, its a Tanfog but illustrates what is happening. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-lCFO0ugOvA
  5. zhuk

    CZ Trigger

    Bladetech bucket, and over 150,000 rounds
  6. zhuk

    CZ Trigger

    I have only ever shot a striker fired gun (M&P), that Shadow pictured is presently at the importers waiting for him to swap the mag release over to lefty configuration and have a couple of things done to it, I have never shot it as yet. So you'll have to forgive me for ignorance in how as to dry fire a hammer pistol...if not DA every time how else would you be expected to do it?
  7. zhuk

    CZ Trigger

    For reach issues you are lucky enough to be able to source a 75 recurve trigger...this makes a huge difference to the reach (a friend has one in his SP01 from about 15 years ago when they were sold here) https://czcustom.com/cz-parts-all/triggers/cz-75-recurve-trigger-05a.html I too have smaller hands and arthritis in my shooting hand which makes even an 11lb hammer spring too painful (thanks to a kickboxing uh, incident years ago!) so can only wish I could buy one from CZ custom...even found and paid for one on ebay until the seller learned that export was against ebay's policies. The roughly 2K a dealer/importer would have to pay for an export licence is something none would undertake, of course....so my only recourse would be to find a kind US resident willing to alllow me to send them the $ for purchase and mail out, unobtrusively. Alas I have no US contacts so that brings me to a dead end on it...unless I can think of another way. A Canadian friend offered to see if he could snag one on a visit south but no go with a non-US credit card. Shooting in a match with only a handful of DA pulls might be fine but any amount of dry firing is out, unless I was to cock it in SA every time, which kinda defeats the purpose really. You can see here my Shadow's trigger at the top, compared to my well worn mate's gun underneath and the significant difference comparing the reach
  8. Use a small fine bastard file to get them to the exact profile you want, that's what I ended up doing. The palm swells I got also didn't quite fit on one side (could feel movement and a clicking sound when squeezed) so contacted them and was advised that with different frame variations this is inevitable...if I was sent another grip it is likely the issue would not change. So added a bit of double sided tape lining the inside edges top & bottom and they are solid now.
  9. I'd hazard a guess it might be OK...but lighter springs (OEM) have always been OK in IPSC rules. I wouldn't see how altering a preexisting spring would be any different however.
  10. Way too long really! Only about five years. . . my mate has about 60K+ in about that time (well that's Master grade for you lol) Only from Jan 1 this year can we install trigger kits with a max 3lbs every shot in IPSC...we are drifting towards USPSA, it seems! Which doesn't please many people (but hey, 99% of Production is CZs here so it was an attempt at vague level playing fielding lol)
  11. zhuk


    Oh I wouldn't say that at all. Even as a D grade shooter my 1.0 is all on paper at 25m...and until I had 2 1/2 years off due to health issues and was still in C grade, pretty much all of them were in the A zone. Mate of mine who is MG has no issue at all with a 3" group with his original and the right ammo.
  12. My stock M&P is just barely on 5lbs now (hoping it doesn't fail at the Nats, tbh!) But that's what you get with 30,000 rnds lol
  13. I've never seen a non black 5" M&P, either v.1 or 2
  14. No worries, cheers Wrecks. Will get the chance to try it out after our Nats in early March...just collating info preemptively now
  15. I found the 11lb hammer spring brought the pull down to an average of 7.5, which is probably fine for most people with hands bigger than mine and minus a compromised wrist lol
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