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  1. I am trying to figure out how to purchase your revo for my 11 year old who loves revo's.  I will get back to you tomorrow.  


    Keith Tyler

  2. I'm right handed left eye dominant I just draw when I push out the gun is over my left side and I have never had a problem. My gun while shoot is just to my left side an extra inch or so.
  3. So to answer my own problem LoL. Take station 3 and back it off a few turns lol.
  4. So far my Mr. Bullet feeder has drastically slowed down my reloading process on my 650. Every 10 to 15 pulls it drops the entire magazine of feeded bullets onto my foot and floor. I'm using 160grn 9mm bullets by BBI and they feed perfectly. I just can't seem to understand why they are all dropping on the floor I have it set to feed low the first number 6 I believe. I also only have 2 bearings in the tube tried 4 still same issue. I also have ensure it is not rubbing on the powder funnel. I think it might be to much tension on the spring that feeds the bullets keeps it in the up position ma
  5. So I finally got my 929 the other day and out to the range. I had no issues with RS Clips and Winchester Brass NO STICKING. These are from my trip note weather was 25f so I didn't stay long all shots over chrono at measure 10ft. I had no issues with accuracy at about 9 yards while shooting thru chrono.
  6. Go PACK GO need a clays load I finally got my 929 inbound in 14 days or less
  7. What else do we got for people shooting CLAYS lets see it.
  8. Whats and alternate for N340?
  9. Anyone have any data with 147grn using Vectan Powder in a 929?
  10. Thanks who else lets go fella's
  11. Folks what we got with 147grn bullets? I'm looking to start buying components next month
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