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  1. I never tried .357 but if you want I have a few hundred I don’t use if you want them on me we can work something out so I can make space
  2. I run .356 BBI 160grn 9mm just have them custom size ships same day most cases
  3. Hmm I wonder how new both PCC and CO were created oh and the rules changed and updated oh yeah. People got together within the organization and requested it. Because im sure I will be the only one in USPSA that would do it yep All about me so selfish. To think ? the world has never changed
  4. It’s a valid question. You can have a light in open and that’s pointless your not using that for CC or home defense
  5. I think we should make lights legal in CO if they gun still makes weight. My CO gun is my carry gun in legal states and my home defense gun like many others why can’t we keep the lights?
  6. I am trying to figure out how to purchase your revo for my 11 year old who loves revo's.  I will get back to you tomorrow.  


    Keith Tyler

  7. Chrono Results for future users Glock 17 10ft from chronograph Brass: Winchester Primer: Winchester SP Bullet: BBI 147Grn Powder: W231 3.4grn COAL: 1.135 Shot 1: 897 Shot 2: 894 Shot 3: 908 Shot 4: 905 Shot 5: 910 Hi 910 Lo 894 Average 902 Es 16 SD 6 Power Factor: 132.594
  8. I used all mine up it worked good during the powder shortage.
  9. You can ship using UPS but you have to go to a shipping center hub not a little UPS store.
  10. I was just more concerned with chrono results so I could load closer to PF. One day I could test accuracy but I don’t have a home range yet
  11. I have yet to see federal small pistol primers in large numbers
  12. I trim about 500rnds for my 9mm 929 gives me more consistent lengths and chronograph results but then again I never loose my brass.
  13. Were are they in stock at shoot me a PM
  14. Okay I’m going to try something close to my revolver load 3.4grn at 1.135 and see how they do
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