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  1. dlightning

    Glock 22 Budget Limited Build

    Did you do any grip reduction? Who did the stippling?
  2. dlightning

    What Holster for Glock 35 USPSA Limited?

    Red Hill Tactical with a Boss. I took a class where the instructor measure our draw. I and one other student were fastest to first shoot. We both were using similar close holster, his was a Bladetech. We went up against several open guys and gals and limited guys with race holster. He wanted to prove a point. Holster was not as important as training and practice.
  3. dlightning

    Most Stable Carbon Fiber Handguard?

    Pictures please.
  4. dlightning

    Shadow2 Tune Up WOW!!

    Mine out of the box was 11 to almost 12 lb DA. But with the first 500 it drop pretty significantly. Now with no add in parts but with several thousand rounds and very light polish it is at 7. Cant wait to cajunize it. Saving for it.
  5. dlightning

    New Magwell from Titan Rocket......

    Can you post a pic from the bottom. I am interested in that exact magwell.
  6. dlightning

    Shadow2 Tune Up WOW!!

    Did the parts come with instructions?
  7. dlightning

    Shadow2 Tune Up WOW!!

    Did you take pictures of the whole process? Been saving up for such a Tune up. I have pretty much everything except the short reach kit and floating trigger pin. I manage to with shooting and some polishing to get it to 3.5# SA and 7#DA.
  8. dlightning

    Most Stable Carbon Fiber Handguard?

    I have handle a couple and I like the Taccom the most because of the solidness of the tube without feeling cheap heavy and flimsy. It is a good balance. It’s lightweight underlies structural integrity.
  9. dlightning

    QC10 value budget build suggestions

    I have a c-more. I would get the 510c if I could do it over.
  10. dlightning

    QC10 value budget build suggestions

    Was on sale, maybe still going on.
  11. dlightning

    40S&W PCC....are you nuts!!!!

    Make it and they (we) will buy it. Reloading for it will not be the issue. Why not a 16”barrel or why 8? Is magazine capacity the only major issue?
  12. I am using the Extreme bolt along with their buffer system. I did not use the new wave spring. I removed the little plastic end cap on the spring and can't tell the difference. The only advantage is bolt lock back. Once it is broken in, the system overall is very smooth. My trigger is the Hiperfire 24c (yellow springs). I added the Odin work mag release and the Radian Weapon 45 degree safety. Brian Miller magwell. I think I am going to try the short stroke conversion next.
  13. I have a QC10 receiver set and the 14.5” barrel. Everything else is Taccom. I love it. But my reference is AR 15 from JP, Seekins and BCM. Fit and build is as good as the rest. If not a notch above.