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  1. Thank you to all. I'll give a go. It is going out of a 14.5" pin and welded so I'll measure the velocity to see. Thanks again
  2. Hey everyone, I need some help. How can I tell the difference between CCI small pistol primer and CCI small rifle primer? I was getting ready to reload some 9mm for PCC. (3.1 gr Alliant Sport Pistol, 124 gr Gallant, CCI small pistol primer). I found one of six primer reloading tube full of primer. I believe it should be from the last reloading session which was months ago of 223 using small rifle primers. But I want to be sure. Any suggestions? I've tried visually comparing but can't tell any difference.
  3. The matches will definitely be going pass the 200 yards. There is one other match that goes out to 500 yards. I'll take a look at the Kahles and Trijicon. Thanks for the suggestion
  4. Hey everyone. I am looking at a couple of scopes for a tac rifle match. It has ranges from close quarter and out to 200 yards on 6 inch plates. I ran a red dot (Vortex Spitfire 1x). Time out of the 200 yard stage. So I am looking for a low power variable optic. My choices so far are: 1. Swarovski 1-6 BRT (used around $1600) 2. Leupold Mark 6 1-6 (new around $1800) 3. Nightforce NX8 (new $1700) or the ATACR 1-8 (new $2700) 4. Vortex Razor GEN 2 E (1200) 5. Any Other? I would like to keep it relatively light for maneuverability on the close stuff, but want to reach out to 300-400. Vortex and ATACR (price is hight) is heavy so leaning away from them. But can't denied the lower cost of the Vortex. I also like the eye relief of the Vortex. I have not handle the Leupold. I like the Swarovski for the weight and clarity. My eyes are getting old. I am 47 and 160 lbs. Thus weight is somewhat of a concern. Rifle is a mostly JP. I've switch out the handguard to BCM for weight concerns. Rifle is sitting just under 7 pounds with the Spitfire. I would like to stay under $2000. What are the opinions and why. Also some other options.
  5. Would running a batch of loaded ammo with Acme bullets in a vibrator and corn cob get rid of the lube well enough. Would this hurt the coating on the Acme projectile?
  6. This isn't good, I just installed the wave spring. But the new Derlin spacer is not available for purchase on Taccom's site. Glad I haven't been to a match yet this year.
  7. Reloads our factory ammo? I just put the short stroke in.
  8. Great suggestion, did not think of the lube. I lube up the case and load and shoot. Other than gaging, I don’t bother removing the lube which is a home brew. I’ll try that.
  9. I have the same receiver set with a QC10 14.5” barrel pin with a Taccom comp. I like and it has been reliable. Trigger is the Hiperfire. Pretty much everything inside is Taccom.
  10. I use 124 Acme with 3.3 gr of Sport Pistol. 137 PF. I’m gonna try it with the new short stroke upgrade from Taccom. Speed was 1100 ish out of a 14.5 inch QC10 barrel and receiver set.
  11. Would be interesting to see a comparison between the Taccom short stroke and the Blitzkrieg. The reason I went the Taccom route was price and what I read about reliability.
  12. Absolutely right with the thumb rest. I don’t know if any close holster that can accommodate that feature.
  13. Did you do any grip reduction? Who did the stippling?
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