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  1. Czhase

    40th aniversary CZ

    With those tribal tattoos it would be worth a fortune in 2002.
  2. None of this makes sense, everything you described is not possible. Send the gun to CZ gunsmith and let them do it.
  3. Please feel free to PM me directly when you have a Czechmate that you want to trade for a 75b. Im always here to help.
  4. My TS still has the factory trigger & hammer, the pull is 1.75 lbs.
  5. 2.5 lbs sounds a little heavy even for a TS with factory parts. There might have been something wrong with the factory trigger that was causing it to bind somewhere.
  6. You could also have oil in the gaps between the sight and the dovetail that would leach out during the baking process that could cause imperfections in the finish.
  7. I did my TS, you don't need to mask anything but I would remove both sights.
  8. Watch the video and you will be fine.
  9. Jon may be correct that there some issues with the draw. I didn't notice any, but I only used it for two matches and switched to the bladetech. Almost all of my competitive shooting has been in production and the bladetech felt closer to my production setup.
  10. 014 fits my TS just fine, no modifications.
  11. Czhase

    cz czechmate holster

    CZ USA has some.
  12. Keith, If yours is a 2012 it won't have the short reset disconector, everything else should be the same as the 2014/2015 models.
  13. My frame measures 2.138" front strap to back strap. Let me know if there are any othe measurement you are looking for? You should be fine if you wanted to recess the skateboard tape so that it is even with the rest of the frame. There isn't much difference between the depth of the valleys in my checkering and the thickness of skateboard tape. Thanks, Chase
  14. The only real thin spot on the frame is at the very bottom of the front strap, because of the magwell bevel. Removing the factory checkering and adding skateboard tape would provide just as much grip as the checkering. I wanted to do the checkering because I had never seen a CZ with a checkered front strap and wanted to see if it was possible.
  15. Did they say what it cost?
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