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  1. Steiner P4Xi excellent scope and the reticle is very similar to your Swarovski. It is only 1-4 though.
  2. Sorry that you don’t like the appearance, how do they feel for you? I would think that the grips effectiveness would be more important than how it looks, my grips have always looked like crap within a few weeks due to dead skin, ProGrip, dirt, and getting dinged up so appearance hasn’t been the top of my priorities. The grips are fully machined, as a former machinist myself doing the contours and texture that was done is not an easy process. To make it completely perfect with no machining marks would be cost prohibitive to the customer due to the increased amount of machine time for finishing passes. I am sure that Nathan would allow you to return them if you don’t like them. I personally love the look, but I don’t care personally about a perfect finish.
  3. compared to the original Scales
  4. I don't have any of the old Scales that are still original, I only have one set that I silicon carbided so they are a bit thicker than normal, but I will get that done tomorrow when I can.
  5. Disclaimer: I don't work for SSI, or am sponsored by them, just want to help out a small business in getting the word out about these as they are new and these are the first two sold after they went live on the website and I personally think they are amazing. New grips from Shooting Sports Innovations for the CZ. These are the Scales 4.0 modular. Aluminum with the option to add weight modules to the inside of the grips to add some weight if you want. Brass and tungsten inserts are available. Here is the weight breakdown from the SSI website. SSI made some serious improvements just in the shape and texture of these grips over the previous Scales and Scales 2.0. They are slightly thicker at 1.41" across and the taper at the top is not as aggressive as the previous models which result in the grips filling your hands more. I don't have sasquatch hands, but somewhat longer fingers. I ran Scales for a long time, and I loved the shape but were a bit too thin up top and wanted more texture so last season I switched to LOK palm swells that were oversized by .040" on each side. The one thing I didn't like about those was the coke bottle shape that left a gap on the bottom of my support hand. These are straight all the way down which allows more of my support hand to be on the gun and the taper is much less severe and the new texture is excellent. Smooth where I want it and aggressive where I need it. Comparison of my previous oversized LOKs to the Scale 4.0 The weight inserts, I used a small amount of marine silicon to "glue" the weight in, once dry they are still easy to remove if needed and acetone will clean up the silicon. I have one brass insert and one tungsten insert on each of the guns, and they both weigh almost 52oz with an empty magazine and Springer base pad. I know some people will comment on the price of the inserts, but brass and tungsten is hard on tooling and with the setup costs for the small runs that are done it adds up. You don't need to run the inserts if you don't want the added weight. Both sets fit the guns very well with no shifting or movement when screwed in place. I did have to relieve under the magazine release slightly to ensure that I could depress the magazine release fully, and talking to Nathan he said some guns may need it and others may not. The magazine release could also be relieved instead of the grip itself, it was a very minor amount. The blue and black anodized versions will be coming out in the next week or so, and when I get my blue ones for my match gun I will probably relieve the mag release if it is an issue. I know that grips are a personal fit, and for me they really knocked it out of the park.
  6. Factory firing pin and spring, 11.5 lb mainspring. CCI primers with a 1050 so they are seated properly. The factory springs I just replace at the end of the season but probably is not necessary. I found the extended firing pin and light spring was more of a headache than necessary as I had to replace the spring a couple times a year as it was so weak that it wouldn't hold the firing pin stop in place. All three guns are setup the same.
  7. Same as most of the guys I shoot with. Match gun gets cleaned before Nats so a few club matches and 6-7 majors, then a full clean. But if the extractor channel looks really funky between a few matches I will pull the extractor and clean it out, but leave the rest of the gun dirty. I tend to lube well. Practice guns, when something breaks or it stops working so usually every 10-15k. Generally will just spray down with Hoppes Elite, hit it with an electric toothbrush and then blast everything out with carb cleaner and reoil. Sometime in the winter I will break them down, give it a good cleaning and replace the major wear parts and slap it back together.
  8. I still haven't turned off my Holosun 507 or replaced the battery since I mounted it, 7 months ago. With the right dot, the battery life is crazy long.
  9. The Edge is just blued and not that thick. It will wear quickly and rust fairly quickly. Keep it oiled.
  10. Missing the CZ 452 and 455. The P10F has had a silicon carbide job done since this was taken.
  11. Put some grease on the hammer strut. Your hammer spring is what is causing it.
  12. Bought one and threw a Holosun 507c on it. The thing is crazy easy to shoot, tracks well. Shot it side by side with my buddies 320 Legion and Deltapoint Pro, the CZ tracked better for me and was more accurate. I have polished the internals and put an HBI trigger in it, but left the factory firing pin spring so the pull is still 5+ pounds but decent. I really dig it.
  13. Compete with Shadow 2 Work gun Sig P320 Carry gun depending on attire and concealment needs Keltec P32 Sig P365 Glock 45 CZ P-07 All in JM Custom Wing Claw 2.0’s except for the Keltec with pocket carry
  14. Since the rule update to 4 oz over it is not a problem. All three of my Shadow 2s are under 50oz.
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