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  1. I had one that was pretty bad and the serial was within 20 of yours, but yours looks way worse. I didn’t care about mine, just kept shooting it, it was replaced under warranty for a different reason. I am sure they would warranty that just call or use the form the website.
  2. zen_grasshopper

    43x holster

    I have the long Wing Claw 2.0 with the overhooks for the 43 and it fits the 43x and the 48 as well. Awesome holster, just need to replace the overhooks with the new discreet carry clips. Excellent holster and way more comfortable than it looks. I have 3 more of the same holster but for; Sig P365, Glock G45 and CZ P-07.
  3. zen_grasshopper

    43x holster

    JM Custom Wing Claw 2.5 is available in quick ship with soft loops for the 43X/48
  4. I definitely prefer the TR45 over the TR22's. The only time I go darker is when the sun is just over the berm in Frostproof. The more light transmission the better in my opinion, but the TR45's still provide some darkening compared to clear or the Prizm low lights. I find the Golf and the TR45 lenses are very comparable with the Golf having a bit less light transmission.
  5. If your Shadow 2's have triggers that you like, then no. I have 3 and one of the guns had a horrible single action, so I put the Race hammer from Cajun in, which fixed that gun. I then put them in the other 2 so they were the same. The only thing the Race hammer does is make the single action better, but some factory triggers are already good to go. The disconnector will reduce the pre-travel after reset, and reduce the reset a bit. Is it needed... no, is it nice to have... yes.
  6. I was more excited to see the Shadow 2 Rami style slide stops listed in the catalog, I hope they become available in the States soon!
  7. I have the .240” high ones with minimal adjustment to the rear sight. I would prefer the .100 or .105 to the .090 it is just a bit too thin.
  8. The lower lug of the barrel, the cutout that the slidestop goes through kind of looks like a peanut.
  9. @MemphisMechanic I bought a reamer and did both my Accu and Shadow, but when I got the 2’s I knew the reamer wouldn’t touch the nitride so I just loaded shorter. No real big deal, the load runs in all my guns and this length should give me plenty of room.
  10. Takes CZ 75 mags. The 17 round Mec-gars are flush fitting, the 19 round ones are the same mag with a plus 2 extension that is plastic and I believe makes the gun not fit the Production box. Part number for the Mec-gars is MGCZ7217AFC.
  11. No issues with any primers, I run CCI. I do have a 1050 which seats the primers nice and deep. Front sight is a .240” rear sight is a couple clicks from bottom. Slide stops are holding up fine, it is worn and had a flat spot. Photo from my Urban Grey framed gun. I run the gun pretty wet, I use Lucas as it was in a prize table bag. I shoot about 600-1000 rounds per practice so I would lube it up and go shoot, but never had to add lube during the session. I place it on the barrel, the lugs, in the peanut, between the and frame each side of the trigger bar. Also on the rails and a drop in the sear cage and the hammer and strut at the back of the hammer. The gun got filthy but stayed wet and ran. Example photo.
  12. Blade-tech, Red Hill Tactical, just get a good holster hanger like the BOSS or the Springer Precision Mec-gar AFC 17rd mags, basepads from Shockbottle, Springer, Henning all good. Cajun Gun Works and CZ Custom make springs and parts for the gun. Try a 13lb or 11.5lb mainspring, and if it pops your primers it will lighten the DA up nicely.
  13. I will say that with the factory Shadow 2 TRS it is less of a concern as it works well. Last year, I only had 2 guns and right before a major my backup gun launched it's bushing out the front. I didn't like going to the match with only the one gun. So when I went to the Shadow 2, I decided that it wouldn't be a problem anymore. Just 91% M class. Getting closer!
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