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  1. Frog lube most likely.
  2. I need to know more about this trigger. Needle bearings and skeletonized.... jeez mine as well put free beer in there. I've always wanted to try the ar gold but none of my friends has ever had one. I went with the geissele SD3G and love it. But this trigger seems very interesting. If they can reduce enough drag it should be the smoothest trigger out there.
  3. V7 makes awesome parts. I have ordered quite a few of there products through vertex ops. Very happy with everything, I even got a boomfab through vertex.
  4. Yep that'll do. Great I just love stippling its so much fun lol (Sarcasm). Looks good Spanky.
  5. Spankymac do you find that the lancer butt pad is a little slippery? I'm used to the Ace with the rubber butt pad. I was thinking about plasti-dipping the lancer.
  6. I would be as well. please offer this, it's a great idea. Not many people have the tools to weld aluminum.
  7. They are not the MXT series they are the older version.
  8. It's like bowling, not everyone uses the same weight ball. Figure out what works for you.
  9. Thanks guys I'm going to the bank and getting the freshest quarter they have. Only the shiniest will do.
  10. Are the weights needed for any reason? The tac com is a piece of derlin so I can't see how it would hurt to gut my jp.
  11. Has anyone taken the guts out of the jp buffer to make it even lighter? It feels like there is some kind of weights in there.
  12. I shoot one with 9mm major and love it. It's very fast and accurate with my kkm barrel. I run the carver mount and cmore but in had to do some filing to the mount plate to get it to eject reliable. I've shot some 2011s and wasn't impressed with my accuracy while shooting them. But I'm probably not used to it.
  13. Thanks for the input guys, now I just need someone to make me a mid barrel comp for a vent rib barrel.
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