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  1. I'm looking to replace a titanium with a SS but it seems ALL 327 cylinders are performance center parts and S&W won't give me the time of day unless I send them the gun (3 to 4 month wait for a probably questionable result). If I have a cylinder I can drive it over to TK Custom and have it fitted in a week or so.
  2. I am looking for a 327 compatible cylinder (8 shot 357) and have just had zero luck. S&W won't sell them. Everyone I talk to says not available. Is there any source I could try? Thanks.
  3. Replace a red ramp front and add a C&S extreme duty rear. The red ramp has a custom dovetail, so its 2 to 3 hours of machinist time. The rear would also need machining.
  4. Yeah, it would be machined. So far I am seeing $600 to $700 quoted. Not so much worth it to me at this time. For < $400 I might have jumped on it.
  5. Whether for competition or defense, who is the most cost effective source for adding/changing sights on a S&W revolver and doing a good professional job if machining is required front and rear?
  6. So if I want to get a professional trigger job done on a j-frame that will only shoot factory federal ammunition, what's the best I can reasonably expect and maintain good ignition reliability?
  7. Looking recommendations on good revolver technique videos, free or not free. Trigger, grip, etc. Mostly "generic" skills that translate across all activities. What are some high-bang-for-your-buck options?Thanks.
  8. Can you do anything to the Dawson's to prevent rusting?
  9. Ok, thanks. Talon grips or the like appear to be ok though, yes?
  10. Glock knuckle sucks. Can I undercut/relieve the trigger guard a bit and still be ok for SSP? Seems not as it is an "Externally visible modification" but I wanted to check.
  11. I've read from a few people that the minus connector in the gen 5 glocks makes them feel "mushy". I haven't tried myself so I am curious your thoughts. Since you are running it, can you give me an idea of the overall feel? Thanks.
  12. I noticed Johnny sells this connector as a separate part on his site: Has anyone tried just the connector alone? It's not expensive so I will probably buy one just to see, but I figured I would ask if there are opinions on it as a stand-alone addition on a gen 5.
  13. Just soliciting comments from those with experience about the degree to which the lighter titanium cylinders impact how much a revolver's action can be tuned/improved.
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