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  1. Greetings Gang! When sig announced the pro-cut slide, I got really excited. X5's out this way go for North or 1600 bucks sometimes. At any rate, is it me? Or did the Pro-Cut slides disappear like a fart in the wind? KG
  2. Just to confirm, what oal do you load to specifically? Thanks, Kg
  3. I just found sig 1911 40sw mags on sale for 20 each. Is this a good way to go? I took out my max m to shoot once, and it seemed to work fine w/ my ammo that have an oal of 1.18. I read that tripp recommends 10mm mags... Is it a good idea to stick to 10mm mags? Thanks, KG
  4. Hey Gang! I picked up a max m 1911 40sw not to long ago with the hopes of shooting uspsa single stack. I understand that the best mags available are the tripp cobra mags, but they are kinda pricey. Does anyone have experience with another manufacturer? FWIW I load my 40sw to 1.18oal. Thanks, KG
  5. I figured it out! I have a nitro fin thumb rest fitted for my ts... and it turns out the nub at the end of the thumb rest slightly pushes against the follower when the mag is empty. I'm going to grind off some of it to make sure the mags drop free. Thanks guys! kg
  6. Confirmed. I load my x011 guns in 40sw to 1.18. KG
  7. Greetings gang, Aren't you guys with the steel grips worried about having too much weight? This subject was lightly touched upon a few pages back... I also know this is pretty subjective. Are there any magwells that correct a crap mag insert that isn't made of steel or brass? Thanks, KG
  8. Hey jc, Could you kindly expand on the parts list you used? I'd like to go series 70 too. Thanks bro! kg
  9. Sig Max Michele 1911. I have one. It's awesome. kg
  10. I have pretty hardcore adhd... iirc I posted that on like a friday night... But as long as I'm here, I do have to say that Lisette and Shay are super cool people to talk to. They really took their time to speak to me about what was on my mind about my new to me lead slinger. I'm really lucky to have been able to acquire one of his works. It's awesome. kg
  11. They want a lot of cheese for that gun. It's practically Infinity money (or damn close to it) from last I heard... kg
  12. Greetings Gang! 2 of my 6 TS 40sw mags with czc extended base pads aren't dropping free. I didn't have this problem until recently. The mags drop free with the spring and follower removed, so I replaced them but it didn't fix the issue, so I put the old spring and follower back in. When I did that I notice the follower was sitting farther forward than my other mags, so i pushed it back a bit and it dropped free. I now suspect that my 2 mags are out of shape, or at minimum I need to correct the feed lips. Anyone know what the correct feed lip measurements are? Thanks! Kg
  13. Shay does offer tungsten sleeved, lightened and stroked though! I'm kind of surprised that this trend hasn't really taken off here in states. In the Philippines, every gunsmith does it sans stroking. Honestly, it is the flattest and softest shooting 2011 I've ever had the pleasure of shooting. The yellow 2011 in the pic is made by Metrillo, and the top one is made by I want to say Edward Rivera. I could be wrong. Probably am. When I move out of California, I'm absolutely going to have Shay build me a gun that I'll still probably still suck shooting with. lol. #DontJudgeMe #ItsMyDream #SpendingMoreMoneyMakesMeABetterShooter -kg
  14. Hey Dan, So my now backup 2011 (formerly only) has had a pt evo grip on it now for the last 2.5 years. I shot it with the sh*tty sti plastic grip on it previously the first 6 months I had it, but I'll be honest with you. I sucked shooting it. Like bad. Real bad. I honestly probably couldn't shoot it worth a damn because I was a new shooter at the time (for uspsa limited). So I got a tactical sport and shot it much better (bear with me, I'm getting to my point). After shooting that for the a year I revisited my 2011 and decided to put a metal grip on it. I shot it much better, but even then I"m still currently a C class shooter. I decided to pick up that Akai 2011 as the price was right and couldn't buy one new seeing that I live in Los Angeles. I don't feel that it's a fair comparison to compare the two in their current state. The steel grip soaks up an AMAZING, EXORBITANT, UNBELIEVABLE amount of recoil. Yes it's the same platform, but I guess it's like comparing beer. Guiness vs. Heffenweisen. From what my first experiences with shooting each gun in it's original state, I want to say the akai is a bit softer. But I don't want to mislead anyone. I'm planning on sending it in to Shay within the year to install a pt evo grip on it. I hope this helps. -kg
  15. Hey! So, here's some (relatively) unsolicited but pragmatic advice. Shoot the gun first! It may not need any of the upgrades you're willing to spend money on. Spend the money on ammo, matches, and practice instead. You made a solid investment in that SPS. Your buddies are going to feel silly for giving you a hard time over their remarks about the brand. The match win is dictated by the shooter, not the gear. If I remember right, Shane Coley won a regional match with a stock glock 17 or something. Good luck man! And again, congrats on your new lead slinger. -kg Edit: The tool-less guide rod is probably your only sensible upgrade as it makes field stripping super easy. I'd give you mine if you were local as I have an extra one. So come to Los Angeles to shoot a match and it's yours!
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