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  1. I'll check out the CZ Forum! Thanks! CZ customer service doesn't have anything sadly. I'm starting to wonder if a sphinx compact barrel will fit it... i'm thinking no. kg
  2. Greetings Gang! I hope you're all doing well! Quick question... anyone know where I can buy a new or even used CZ 75 Compact barrel? So far I've checked CZCustom and CZUSA, both of which report that they have been out of stock for a few months now. Thanks, KG
  3. Looks good! I’m curious though... is taking out the pre-travel in the p320 trigger unsafe? Kg
  4. Coated bullets are also easier on the barrel... i've been told longer barrel life. kg
  5. I loved that guys youtube content; but he hasn’t done anything in a while. I don’t suppose you know who makes the springs he sells? Does that even matter nowadays? I know that people love Wolf and Wilson Combat. There’s another manufacturer that’s popular of which the name escapes me. Thanks, kg
  6. *Disregard! Someone posted this exact question a few posts down from this one! Thanks guys! Hey quys, quick question regarding factory vs. aftermarket springs. From a physics standpoint, seeing that the sig springs are cut longer, wouldn’t that mean that when compressed it’ll have more tension than that gov. size springs? I always wanted to ask that but was afraid of sounding like an idiot. I got over it because i gotta find out. KG thanks in advance!
  7. Good Morning Gang, What is up? I hope you're all well!!!! I received an email from GG saying they now have base pads. Give their size, it appears pretty big and would most likely not fit the Uspsa 141.25 gauge. But I could be wrong... Will it fit? TIA, KG
  8. Greetings Gang! I always wanted to refinish the slide on my X5. I didn't like the fde color it had, but didn't really have a choice in the matter living in California (due to the Cali approved handgun roster list) so when the opportunity presents itself, you have to pull the trigger. I know. Bad pun. But I am really happy with how it looks. I was so happy, I did it to both my x5's. I had the refinishing done by ccr in Tennessee and their customer service is awesome. Thanks for letting me share guys! Kg
  9. I don't understand what you mean... do you mean the legion trigger bar? If so, that would be incorrect. It works on any p320 as per the AC product page. He did say that it's a terrible idea to run it with the apex trigger bar though... kg
  10. Greetings Gang, I got quarantine bored and emailed Milos. Long story short, don't do it. KG
  11. Greetings Gang, I hope you're all doing well in these tough times. This question is for anyone who has experience with the Armory Craft trigger running in conjunction with the Apex Trigger bar. Is this a bad idea? I know Milos' website indicates the trigger is intended for use on stock p320s. What say you all? Thanks, KG
  12. HAHAHAHAHAH You guys are savages... lol kg
  13. What about hard chroming their X5 slide and barrel? Anyone done it yet? Kg
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