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  1. Greetings Gang! I always wanted to refinish the slide on my X5. I didn't like the fde color it had, but didn't really have a choice in the matter living in California (due to the Cali approved handgun roster list) so when the opportunity presents itself, you have to pull the trigger. I know. Bad pun. But I am really happy with how it looks. I was so happy, I did it to both my x5's. I had the refinishing done by ccr in Tennessee and their customer service is awesome. Thanks for letting me share guys! Kg
  2. I don't understand what you mean... do you mean the legion trigger bar? If so, that would be incorrect. It works on any p320 as per the AC product page. He did say that it's a terrible idea to run it with the apex trigger bar though... kg
  3. Greetings Gang, I got quarantine bored and emailed Milos. Long story short, don't do it. KG
  4. Greetings Gang, I hope you're all doing well in these tough times. This question is for anyone who has experience with the Armory Craft trigger running in conjunction with the Apex Trigger bar. Is this a bad idea? I know Milos' website indicates the trigger is intended for use on stock p320s. What say you all? Thanks, KG
  5. HAHAHAHAHAH You guys are savages... lol kg
  6. What about hard chroming their X5 slide and barrel? Anyone done it yet? Kg
  7. Greetings gang! So I love me some hard chroming. Like a lot, primarily because It's easy to clean. I'm thinking about having tech plate in Anaheim CA do it as they do incredible work. I'm kind of surprised that nobody else has done this which makes me think THAT it isn't a good idea for whatever reason. What do you guys think? One last question... The OEM recoil spring is much longer in comparison to the springs in my 5" 2011. I've read here that a lot of people use a 12# spring but didn't specify if it was a spring from Sig or a spring from Grams. For the purposes of shooting carry optics and making minor pf, which spring do you guys use? Thanks, Kg
  8. The 320 x5 doesn't come in 40sw. You could get a x-change kit for it though in 40sw. They don't make a barrel that fits the x5 in 40. I don't think you'll be able to find an aftermarket barrel that fits the x5 slide in 40 though... it's common to go from 40 to 9, but not so much the other way around. kg
  9. Cool! Thanks man! Out of curiosity... What seems to be the preferred recoil spring weight with these at minor power factor? Anyone know? Kg
  10. Greetings Gang, Does anyone know what the oem guide rods are made of in both the x5 and x5 legion? I just picked up a 320 x5 and a x5 legion for my son and I. I'm thinking about changing them out to add a little more weight up front for carry optics. Also, what recoil spring do you guys recommend for a 135 gr poly projectile running about 130pf? I'm under the impression that it seems the stock springs are a bit longer than the standard 1911 springs... To confirm that, SpringPrecision.com sells springs that are marketed as "extra long". What do you guys think? TIA, KG I'm sure that this question has been asked, but I swear I did try using the search function.
  11. What up gang! I got the p320 back from Sig, and put the fcu into the X5 grip and put the slide in it. it works! it gets hung up though before going fully into battery. I've heard that this will go away once it wears in. If I rack the slide, it goes into battery without issue. I expect it to be fine. We'll see though. thanks for the input fellas! kg
  12. Cool! Thanks for the heads up gang! I'm sending it in for the upgrade! Kg
  13. What about if I send it in for the recall safety upgrade? Will it fit then? KG Thanks again guys... I appreciate the input!
  14. Greetings Gang, I have a p320 that has not been sent to sig for the voluntary safety upgrade. I purchased a x5 grip for it and currently use the original 4.7 inch 9mm slide and barrel with it of which works flawlessly. Is it possible to fit a x5 slide or x5 legion slide onto it? Thanks! KG
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