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  1. I agree that #1 is the absolute most simple way to run it, but I think it would be challenged as unsafe since you would have folks running 1.5# trigger race guns holstering with no safety on. That can absolutely be done safely, but it's opening the door wide open for a ND when someone catches the trigger on something. I addressed #2 in my initial comment as "safest possible condition". It is simple from the shooter's side, but more complex from an enforcement/rules side. An SP-01, SP-01 converted to SAO, and an SP-01 Tactical all have different safest possible conditions even though they look very similar from the outside. Throw in the 75 Omega series for good measure since it has a convertible decocker/safety just to create additional confusion. The consequence of that change is every RO needs to be much more familiar with all possible configurations of any pistol in order to ensure that the rules are consistently applied.
  2. regor

    Tell me why this is stupid

    Springer Precision makes 140mm basepads https://shop.springerprecision.com/Springer-Precision-CZ75-EZ-140mm-base-pads-Mecgar-17-round-mag-SP0318.htm, not sure if anyone makes 170mm. I haven't seen them. You'll be running a round count deficit either way though since the mags are skinnier. Something to think about: The suppressor ready SP01 is a decocker model which means you're going to have to run it decocked from the start. So the better option might be to get a regular safety SP01 and add a threaded barrel. CGW and CZ Custom both have them for $185 and the regular SP01 MSRP is around $40 lower (not sure how it actually works out at retail), so it's up to you whether you think it's worth a net cost of $150 to not have a heavy DA first shot Another thing I would look into is how well the SP01 will handle 9 Major loads. I've seen people talk about how CZ redesigned the barrel for the Czechmate because the "peanut" was breaking I would assume a SP01 would run into this same issue.
  3. Yes, I agree with that interpretation of the current rules, which is why I said it would be simpler to just get rid of the language related to "selective action" and just lump DAO and DA/SA together. Ready condition for both = hammer down/decocked. That's how it currently is and the new rule doesn't change that. The proposed rule doesn't require striker fired guns to have an external safety or any internal safeties, only that it be engaged if it does have one. The P320 is available in versions without a manual safety and I see plenty of people running them. If a handgun currently passes 5.1.4, that the "trigger mechanism must, at all times, function safely", and 5.1.6 that all handguns must be "serviceable and safe", then it will still pass after these revisions. If it fails 5.1.4 with no manual safety then I don't see how it will pass by just adding one, since at some point the safety will be off and therefore it will not be safe "at all times". Why should a model with a safety by treated to a different set of rules than the same pistol with a manual safety added but otherwise identical internals? It just adds confusion. Changes need to be justified. You can't just say, "the rulebook is already complicated and messy so it's fine to make it even more complicated". What does this rule actually address?
  4. The proposed rules for 2019 include a change ( that defines the safe condition for striker fired pistols as, "chamber loaded, handgun cocked, external safety engaged if present". I saw a discussion about this pop up on reddit.com/r/competitionshooting and thought I'd bring it here since this is a much more active community. What are people's thoughts on this? My thoughts: The rule seems inconsistent in its current form but the proposed change just makes it even more inconsistent. At present it is inconsistent, especially in Production where you could have a striker fired pistol with an ultra light trigger that is legal yet the folks running running DA/SA have to start de-cocked and deal with a heavy first shot. Doesn't seem fair to the folks running DA/SA, but I suppose the perks of the DA/SA is access to more all-steel pistol, so at least you get something in return? The proposed change doesn't fix the above inconsistency since many striker fired pistols have no external safety and creates a further inconsistency within the set of striker fired pistols. This adds additional complexity for ROs to track and opens up a subset of striker fired pistol users to a DQ-able offense that the rest aren't subject to, which seems especially unfair since the new "unsafe" condition is the same as the "safe" condition for striker fired pistols with no safety. It's far from a perfect adjustment, and if it passes it brings up the question of why DA/SA pistols with a safety shouldn't be required to be de-cocked *and* have the safety on to bring all pistols to a consistent standard of "safest possible condition". IMO that's the most consistent ruling short of saying "all pistols must be DA or have a safety", but it suffers the same complexity issues as the above. The simplest thing to do is seems to be removing references to "selective action" firearms from the rule book since they are a subset of DA pistols and add in striker fired pistols, then keep the ready condition consistent for each category. Striker is carried as the current rules. Anything with the ability to function in double action has to start hammer down. It still leaves the inconsistency between DA/SA and striker fired pistols, but and it leaves only 3 different ready conditions to keep track of as opposed to the current 4 and the proposed 5. The pistols I can think of that would be harmed of that would be ones like the Shadow 2, which are designed with production in mind but could be run cocked with safety in Limited minor, but that's already a handicap, so even though some people would still probably complain, it seems like the least reasonable to complain about.
  5. regor

    Tactical Sport Orange technical thread.

    Mine felt really tight fit as well; I was used to being able to press the slide release in with just a my thumb. I'm not sure if the slide stop pins are a tighter fit or if it's just the lack of surface area to push on that makes it feel like a tighter fit. It taps in fine in any case.
  6. regor

    Shoot ALL the Targets Dummy!!!

    I just had a match this past weekend with a shoot house. There was one hidden target that could only be seen from a very specific corner that you would otherwise stay out of to make the transition to the last two targets easier. I walked the stage probably 5 times, carefully counting for reloads (Production), and I don't think I noticed that target a single time. Had I been counting targets I would have noticed I was missing one. The toughest part is that I may well have walked away with a stage win on that stage had I shot that target. Lesson learned, count the targets for long stages or stages with hard cover.
  7. regor

    Tactical Sport Orange technical thread.

    I did the decocker sear cage for the SP-01 Tactical, so I'm not scared of the safety models . I don't see any major reason to disassemble it since purchasing it because I'm not planning on any major parts changes; with the SP-01 I was installing the CGW pro decocker kit so it all had to come apart. I guess the sear cage bit was totally unnecessary in the video then; it's not really a "tuning" item if it comes installed, so I figured it had to be an add-on since it was mentioned. Thanks for clarifying though!
  8. regor

    Tactical Sport Orange technical thread.

    I haven't taken the sear cage out of mine. The video gave me the impression that the springs do not ship with the pistol but they can be added as an improvement, I supposed I am mistaken? When I set mine I followed the instructions that came with my CGW reach reduction kit for my SP-01 Tactical, which includes backing them out a little once you find the edge, I agree the way he did it in the video was aggressive. When I adjusted both my TSO and SP-01 I found that point where it just barely breaks to be a very uncomfortable trigger since you feel the trigger feels like it has stopped but you still have a tiny amount of squeeze left before it actually breaks, which feels very unnatural. A quarter to half turn out fixes that.
  9. So If I'm reading this correctly, that was not a legal target, but if there had been a fault line at the base of the wall it would have been since it would then be impossible to use this approach. What's supposed to happen at a match if there are illegal targets?
  10. regor

    Tactical Sport Orange technical thread.

    I came across this video about trigger tuning that can be done with the TS series pistols. I've done the set screw adjustments for over travel and reset for my TSO .40 (the previous owner never did this, which I was quite surprised by), but I was wondering if anyone has tried out the ejector springs [starts around 15:10] or the sear/trigger bar tuning [18:00] and can comment on what difference it has made. The ejector springs seem simple enough, but the sear/trigger tuning is confusing to me and seems like it would be easy to mess up and brick a part, so I'm not sure I'd risk trying it unless there is a noticeable positive difference
  11. Funny, I just saw a different video day or two ago of a Production GM shooting the same COF without that trick. Thought it looked familiar. https://youtu.be/azWxYzxa8_E?t=33 In the "gaming" clip, is there a rule that required him to activate the pad, or was that just to be cheeky?
  12. Input from a new guy: I have my fourth match upcoming this weekend. I find there is a pretty big difference between the skills needed to perform well on classifiers vs standard stages. Based on overall match finish I am averaging in the 50% range (2/3 matches had at least one Open GM), and in Production my very first match was a 50% finish (with a M class shooter on top), and my other two were both 80%+ (one with an M class shooter). My classifiers tell a totally different story. My three matches were 0%, 35%, and 10% Production. I've basically guaranteed my first classification will be a D unless my next two average over 57.5% Maybe I've just been unlucky with the classifiers I got, but they seem to test completely different aspects of shooting that I have never practiced before and never knew I was supposed to practice. Distance, strong/weak hand only, and engagement of head only targets with no-shoots at medium distance, all under time pressure. My classification is entirely a representation of my marksmanship fundamentals and corner-case shooting skills, whereas my match performance also reflects efficient stage planning, ability to execute said plan, ability to move well. You never shoot strong hand or weak hand only in a non-classifier. If there are distance targets it is rarely the entire course of fire. Same with head only targets, so even if you are not good with those skills, they will probably not tank your match and rarely will they even tank a single stage. You don't need rock-solid fundamentals to do decently in a match as long as you just run efficient stages and having no misses/no-shoots. You do need solid fundamentals plus skills that must be deliberately worked on (like strong hand/weak hand only) to do well in classifiers. It takes a lot of time and conscientious practice to improve those fundamentals, as well as confronting your weakness and working on them, which is not something many people are willing to commit to. It takes very little effort to just show up to your local club match once a month and have fun and it is very easy to brush off poor classifier results by saying "who cares how well I shoot weak hand only at 15 yards".
  13. Ammoseek shows SGAmmo as the cheapest right now, but they charge shipping so it looks like Target Sport USA will be your cheapest bet at 24cpr for a case of 1k.
  14. regor

    .40 Major with Unique?

    Thanks everyone! I'll pick up some .40 projectiles with my next batch of 9mm and get to load development.
  15. Thanks. Sounds like it's just personal preference and not too common. I just carefully load all of mine to 10 then if the stage is a loaded start I add an extra to one mag and put it in my front pocket for load and make ready.