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  1. regor

    Racker ?

    Ah, and I suppose that’s done so that you can keep plenty of metal up near the breech for strength purposes?
  2. regor

    Racker ?

    Yes, I personally have the Shooter’s Connection sidewinder on mine (it fits the dovetail) to give me a bit more clearance from the optic and on the draw, but even a slight bend on the factory one gets rid of that issue. I’m specifically wondering about why 2011 rackers are all so far forward in light of the thumbnail issues.
  3. regor

    Racker ?

    This may seem like a dumb question, is there a reason why slide rackers on 2011 Open guns almost always farther forward on the slide than rackers on Tanfo/CZ Open guns? The Tanfo/CZs use the rear sight dove tail, but the 2011s always seem to be closer to the ejection port than they are to the rear of the slide. The whole thumbnail issue is because the racker is in front of the thumb, whereas on the Czechmate, for example, it is right above the thumb, so if it hits it will do so as the slide is coming forward. It also gives you less clearance with the optic. It seems like all these super tall, swept back racker designs are addressing a design issue that is simply solved by moving the dovetail back an inch. The only answer I can come up with is that it puts your hand an inch closer to the grip so when you go to require your grip it's a tiny bit faster, but so many of the rackers that address the issue are swept back that this doesn't seem to hold water.
  4. Do you even need to shoot Major power factor then?
  5. Are you planning on competing with this? USPSA/IPSC require 112gr/120gr minimum projectile weight respectively for Major loads.
  6. I'm not sure the TS is actually larger, I think the wood grips that it comes with are just thicker than the TSO's thin aluminum grips. If you get the TSO you can just switch to a pair of palm swells if you feel you need them.
  7. regor

    CZ TSO holster

    The “CZ-TS-Orange” one fits the thin trigger guard the best, though it’s not as snug as the other thick trigger guard in the Czechmate one. If you only have pistols with the thin style then definitely get the TSO insert.
  8. HSS, from Manson. Didn’t get it TiCN coated.
  9. Thanks! I figured shooting jacketed bullets would knock down any sharp edges left, just wanted to make sure!
  10. I got a throating reamer to extend the leade on two CZ Czechmate barrels. Do I need to do any sort of polishing/lapping after reaming or is it good to go as is?
  11. regor

    CZ TSO holster

    FYI, for the DAA inserts, the TSO insert will only fit that thinner trigger guard, but the Czechmate insert will fit both, it just isn’t a tight fit and has some side to side and a bit of fore-aft play. The CM one locks up really tightly, the TSO insert fits the thin trigger guard decently well but it’s not as solid as the CM, and the CM insert with thin guard is the sloppiest of the three combos. I’m debating getting rid of my TSO insert and just keeping the CM one so I don’t have to swap back and forth depending on if I’m shooting my TSO or CM (or get to a match with my CM and find out I forgot to swap and it won’t fit my holster. The wobble isn’t too bad, it almost feels like it self centers when I’m drawing, kind of lick the reloading dies in a Forster Coax. I’m going to spend some time dry firing with it and shoot a match with it to see if it actually impacts my draw much.
  12. If it cocks the hammer all the way, yes, but the question here is about half cock.
  13. What setup are you using to get 22? If I trimmed my CZC springs by half a coil I could cram 21 in my mags, but I don't see where you'd get the extra round.
  14. Special Condition #1 in the Appendix D for Prod/CO states: And there is no definition in the appendix that defines cocked as "not down", so I see this as being the same as manually decocking a safety model DA/SA to half cocked and holstering; it would be inconsistent for the situation in discussion to be a DQ and not a bump to open.
  15. I stopped using pins for tumbling pistols cases too and it makes the process substantially nicer since I don't have to shake out the pins or worry about dropping them down the sink when rinsing the cases. As long as the outside is clean the press is going to run fine. I typically do 15 minutes tumbling with just water to get the bulk of the dirt/dust off, fill it back up with clean water, dish soap, and Lemishine and tumble for 1.5 hours before a final rinse. For drying I use a Hornady case dryer that I got for free, but all those case dryers are just glorified food dehydrators for 2-3x the price, so just pick up the cheapest dehydrator on Amazon (although that Frankford one does look very nice). Mine fits an entire Frankford tumbler's worth of brass and everything is dry in 2 hours.
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