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  1. I generally prefer the snappier feel of lighter bullets in my 9mm semi autos vs heavier 147s, but haven't tested any in my 929. Would love to hear what anyone running 115-125gr 9mm in their 929 is using.
  2. Agree that doubling is the way to go. Much better to play safe with hearing. Only time I shoot Open with just foamies is the occasional time where I forget to put my muffs on before heading the the start position. FWIW, I did get my hearing tested after shooting Open for over a year and had no perceptible hearing damage according to the doctor. Will probably continue to get it checked every other year or so to stay safe. Just like lead exposure from this sport, better to stay ahead of it than deal with the issues down the line.
  3. Have you tried going for some top rated (e.g. 33NRR) disposable foam earplugs? I have not found any in-ear ear pro that outperforms the Howard Light Max ear plugs and have converted some folks over to them from custom plugs. I run a Czechmate, so no popples, but it's still comfortable to shoot with just those in, though I prefer to double up to knock the edge off the concussion.
  4. I chased the threads on one of my barrels to fit @kneelingatlas's aluminum comp and chased the threads on my backup gun's barrel to close the gap on the factory comp. You may end up with a loose fit if you go a little too far, but the recoil rod keeps the comp indexed so I'm not sure that really matters too much.
  5. Yep, those are springer extensions and they should be able to sell you extra ones. New ones come with several because they are easy to loose and get battered over time. Not the best attachment mechanism IMO but they are the only place offering 170 extensions for the 20 rounds mags. Mine have lived up to close to 15k rounds now, I just swap them if the set screw is noticeable damaged and the actual threaded holes seem fine. Once you get it sorted out I suggest you add some loctite when you screw the new ones in because they can vibrate themselves out. You might have to lightly file the back left corner of the mag where it touches the set screw or you won't be able to back out the screws enough for it to properly retain the extension. From the looks of it that is what was wrong with these set screws - owner couldn't back them out enough so just left them screwed in all the way and it got mangled.
  6. I was going to say it was likely the thumbrest pushing your support hand in a way that caused the safety or slide stop to interfere. If you want the thumb rest back then just switch to one of the flush pins instead of the slide stop.
  7. SP-01 and S2 grips are interchangeable.
  8. Hopefully they are actually 170 and 140s, unlike the CM which both require $35-50 extensions to get them out to the correct lengths.
  9. CZC isn't "pushing" the C-More Slide Ride, that's just what comes with the Czechmate from the factory. They may update it in the future with a more modern option but for now you cannot buy a new Czechmate without the slide ride. FWIW, the slide-ride has the most crisp dot of any red dot I have tried. It will not hold you back on the Czechmate. The only real drawbacks of it are that it eats batteries and has a greater bore offset. It is heavier than a MRDS but that's a preference thing. If you really don't like it you can just sell it and get the CZC multi optic mount and use a MRDS. Both of my Czechmates have Romeo3 XLs on them now because I prefer the lighter swing weight but I still have a slide ride around as a backup.
  10. I think the grip tape ones (shown on the Czechmate photos on CZ's website) are the old style and the new ones all come with the full aluminum ones, so you might have trouble finding them. I have two CMs from 2018/2019 and have seen several newer ones locally and all of them have had the aluminum grips.
  11. Big space gun aesthetics! Awesome work.
  12. I use a 5/64 SAE bit and it works fine. That's 1.98mm, so maybe that just happens to be close enough to work without stripping, but I've never had an issue with it on two Czechmates and a TSO.
  13. No, you take the racker off and then remove the slide. It's just held in the rear sight dovetail with a set screw.
  14. I see maybe .2-.3 heavier charge (HS6) if I let the press sit for a while between loading sessions. AA#7 is a really fine grain powder so I don't think you would see more than that. I throw one charge and dump it back into the hopper before starting out of an abundance of caution. I also run this aftermarket powder baffle to help keep things more consistent and have found that it tightened up my throw weights. https://smile.amazon.com/Prairie-Dog-6-101-Perfect-Powder/dp/B00HYYNWFA/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=perfect+powder+baffle&qid=1620325871&sr=8-1 This is the second time recently that I've heard of someone having a kaboom with a BUL gun, the other being TheHumbleMarksman. Sample size of 2 is way to small to draw any conclusions, but it does make me start to wonder if there is a design flaw going on, especially with so many folks here suggesting this could be an OOB detonation.
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