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  1. The relevant rule you are looking for is Appendix D4 21.3 Aftermarket slides and barrels So any SP-01 slide should be fine. I assume you want to keep the original slide for use with a suppressor, but if you don't care about having suppressor height sights made you could just buy a replacement set of sights or have a custom set made by Dawson Precision. Their price for custom height sights is list price + $20 for each sight, so a front/rear set would be list price + $40, which if you wanted the competition sights with fiber optic front would come out to $118.95 + tax and shipping. You are not going to find a replacement slide for that price. FWIW, I have been competing with the same exact model for the last 6 months and also am not a fan of the sights. I ordered a custom front sight of the same height as factory from Dawson. I was told to give them ~3 weeks to get it made. I don't know what your timetable is on this, but I will post the end results of that in the CZ form once I receive it.
  2. Do you mean the 26 round mags like this? http://gregcotellc.com/cart/cz-factory-mecgar-magazines-c-173/cz-75b-cz-75bd-cz-85-or-cz-75-sp01-9mm-26-rd-magazine-11109-p-1401.html I don't know for sure, but I would be surprised if they were under 140mm. Max capacity for pretty much any 140mm 9mm mag is 23-24 with special followers (like Grams or CZ Custom), so if there was that much extra room I would think base plate manufacturers would be taking advantage of it. You might want to consider moving to production or getting something that can make major power factor in Limited since shooting 9mm minor in Limited is a pretty large handicap. But, if you are set on shooting Limited Minor your best bet is to get MecGar 17 round mags and add base plates designed to take that out to 140mm. Grab A Gun has the best price I have found on the mags. Extensions will be your choice, there are a bunch of options (Springer Precision, CZ Custom, TTI, Henning, etc.) Mags: https://grabagun.com/mec-gar-usa-inc-cz7517afc-mag-cz75b-9m-17r-afc.html
  3. regor

    Best magazines?

    I believe Grab A Gun has the cheapest prices on the MecGar 17rd mags at $21.39 each vs $24.95 each for BS and GC. Shipping fees may effect which is cheapest based on quantity ordered. They were also cheapest for TS/TSO mags from what I found. https://grabagun.com/mec-gar-usa-inc-cz7517afc-mag-cz75b-9m-17r-afc.html
  4. regor

    CZ FO Sights

    Does anyone know what the correct size Dawson sight would be for a suppressor ready SP-01?
  5. Check the classified here, TSOs pop up every now and then. I scooped up a lightly used one for $1500 with an extra ~$300 in add-ons. You can find brand new ones online for <$1600 regularly.
  6. regor

    CZ Shadow 2

    So you're fine with people being able to buy a $1200+ pistol designed to fit into the Production rules from the factory instead of buying a $500 pistol and putting in a $150 trigger and swapping some springs? Disallowing modifications only makes sense if it is paired with a price cap for Production gear (like PRS does in their Production division with a max MSRP for the rifle and optic), otherwise companies will just release models that are tuned from the factory and designed for Production (like the Shadow 2 and Q5 SF) for 2-3x the cost of the base model and the division turns into "who has the most money".
  7. One thing that a local Carry Optics M shooter told me in my first match (which had a similar stage, but with an unloaded start, pistol on one barrel, all mags on the other) was to lay out your mags in a V pattern with the base plates of the mags just touching kind of like \ / with the bottom of the V pointed towards the direction you are going to be approaching the table/barrel from. You'll have to experiment with it to find what angle is comfortable to grab with you and your mags. That shape makes it easy to grab both and maintain separation between the two (you'll split the two mags with your index finger and have your thumb and middle finger on the outsides). Then stash the first one and reload with the second one and continue shooting.
  8. Glad it went well and you had a safe and fun time! It looked good for a first match. I think you hit the nail on the head with moving more quickly between arrays (and make sure you get your reloads in while moving instead of standing still). Taking video like this and analyzing your performance will help you spot things to work on and accelerate your improvement, so keep it up. One tip I had from watching your video is to keep your pistol up high when you are doing your reloads. On both the reloads in the video you dropped it down to around your stomach, which meant you had to take your eyes away from the target to perform the reload, then bring the pistol back up, reacquire the target, and engage. I think almost everyone starting out does it because most are used to shooting stationary in a stall at a range and pick up their spare mags from a bench/table in front of them at waist height. It wasn't until my 3rd or 4th match (and lots of dry fire reloads) that I started to break that habit myself. It will take a good amount of practice to train that habit out but it will give you a pretty substantial speed boost once you get it down.
  9. Not check the weather forecast and pack clothes/equipment for the best and worst scenarios for the day.
  10. I will load up the rest of the sample pack at 4.8gr and test them out the next time I go to the range. I will follow up here when I do. Your load was also substantially shorter. 1.12 vs 1.165, even shorter than the listed 1.13, which is bound to make a difference. Here's the data I'm looking at, from Lyman Cast Bullet Handbook, 4th Edition (2017). The load above this is a 175gr projectile at 1.125" with a starting load of 4.8gr Unique and a velocity of 911 (164 PF), perhaps that's the load you are referring to? A heavier pill over an identical charge is going to result in a higher PF (e.g. my highest tested 147gr 9mm load was 3.5 gr Unique and 142PF, versus my lowest 124 gr load which was 3.8gr and 129 PF, both loaded to 1.11"). My results seem to match this data; though that doesn't explain why this data is so different than what other people are saying and what other manuals say.
  11. Were you using 180 gr projectiles? Lyman has 5.0-6.3 for their 150s. My Hornady book doesn't have Unique in it but for all the crossover powders Lyman has higher min and max loads, and as I said, so I would be surprised if any other manual had higher loads, especially loads that listed their min as Lyman's max...
  12. I got a sample pack of these 180s with my last order of 124gr 9mm projectiles. I'm going to load up the rest to verify the results but 170 PF with 4.8 gr doesn't seem odd to me. The Lyman book said 4.6 gr min = 926 fps out of a 4" barrel, 5.2 max = 998 fps. That's 72 fps over .6 grains; extrapolated linearly that's 12 fps/gr, which would put the predict velocity for the 4.8gr load at 950 (171 PF), compared to my observed 945 fps (170 PF). Lyman uses a shorter barrel, but I seated mine substantially longer than the 1.13" from the load book and am using coated bullets with more bearing surface than the cast bullets with lube grooves from the manual, so I wouldn't be surprised if those factors pretty much offset the difference. W.r.t. the oal, I am aware that CZs tend to have shorter throats but with these projectiles 1.165 plunk tests fine, I was able to seat out to 1.17 and still plunk test, but I wanted to have a little wiggle room for seating depth because I'm using mixed brass, and I wanted to make sure there was plenty of room in the mag (rounds started getting tripped up around 1.175-1.18 in the mag for me). If I see any feeding issues I'll shorten them up a little, but at this point I see no need to.
  13. Thought I'd post an update after getting a chance to do load dev on this. Working from the Lyman Cast Bullet Handbook, and using 180gr RNFP projectiles, min load is 4.6gr seated at 1.13" and should be 926fps (166PF) out of a 4" barrel. I have generally found the Lyman loads to be hotter than they list, and the TSO has a 5.2" barrel, but I am seating longer so I decided to start at 4.8 and work down, and that worked out well because my highest load was the only one that had a comfortable margin for Major. Pistol: CZ Tactical Sport Orange Barrel Length: 5.2" Projectile: Missouri Bullet Company 180gr IDP #5 Grooveless (RNFP) Powder: Alliant Unique Primer: Winchester SPP OAL: 1.165" (max that will reliably plunk for me when using mixed brass. Mag length for the TSO with this profile is around 1.18) Charge weight | Velocity | Power Factor 4.8 945 170.1 4.7 930 167.4 4.6 891 160.4 _________________________________ Something weird going on here. I'm not sure if this was a scale issue when loading or a chrono issue. The 4.5 group had an atrocious SD and spread (30 and 90 fps respectively), the other two had fliers up around 165 PF that brought their averages up. Not too concerned about this anyways since all of them are still way below Major. 4.5 878 158.0 4.4 883 158.9 4.3 880 158.4 _________________________________ 4.2 854 153.7 Probably closer to 152 true average, but again had a flier way up at 162 that pulled the average since I was only loading 7 rounds at each weight. The other 6 were all within 151-154 PF Hopefully that helps someone else figure out where to start out for their loads.
  14. Lighter recoil spring + practice (I throw in 2-4 reps to my dry fire practice, with dummy rounds to keep your racking honest). The larger part of the force is overcoming the initial force of the main spring to push the hammer back (you'll notice how much easier it is to rack when the hammer is already back) so you could also lighten that, though you'll need to make sure it still reliably lights off your primers of choice and it will also effect how the slide recoils so if you have already tuned the recoil spring you may need to redo that after replacing the main spring.
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