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  1. @kneelingatlas, had those comps made, but they are not a drop in fit for the TSO. They are M14x1 threaded to match the Czechmate barrels. You would need to look at this thread for how to chop the slide and fit the comp, plus with the TSO's long dust cover you would also need to clearance the comp or front portion of the frame rails to give the comp room to cycle. Alternatively, Kneeling mentioned in another thread (link below) that the Lone Wolf Glock comp drops right in with the CZC 1/2x28 threaded barrel (https://czcustom.com/czc-brl-thrd-9mm-ts.html) and should clear the frame on the TSO without modification, so you could check that out as an option.
  2. That's awesome, so it would give a quick option for people wanting to do an Open TSO build, right? How are you securing the comp to the barrel?
  3. regor

    SRO 1 moa?

    I run a 3 moa Romeo3 XL on my primary and a 2 MOA 510c on my backup. I like the finer dots for stages with longer shots on partials/no-shoots, and can bloom it up a little for hoser stages. That being said, I would probably not go down to 1MOA for a pistol optic.
  4. That’s about the gap mine has. It’s noticeable but it shoots just fine. I did find that I can drop in the barrel and comp from my primary CM and it fits flush and functions fine, so I think it’s probably just the threading on my barrel. I could probably chase it with the correct threading die to get that extra ¼ rotation.
  5. I typically put some oil on the rails before matches and then every couple months I’ll take off the upper and wipe out the old grease and gunk and reapply oil/grease. I almost never run patches down the barrel though.
  6. Is it normal to have a bit of a gap between the comp and slide or should they be pretty close to flush? I have two CMs, one sits flush and the other is about ¼ turn from getting to a flush position before the comp won’t screw in any more. I suppose I could chase the threads but I’m nervous that that could lead to the comp and slide touching and one of the cracking.
  7. Looks like they changed the frame, it doesn't have the two rear corner protrusions like the older ones. It still looks like there is still enough of a ledge that I would still blend it in further.
  8. So the magwell no longer needs to be blended? Could you take a picture of that? I'm curious to see what they changed.
  9. regor

    Steel Cased Ammo?

    Tula has always run fine through my SP-01. They do have harder primers, so you will want to test it out for reliability with whatever main spring you use before running it in a match. I found the 11.5# with CGW internals gave my periodic light strikes, but switching to a 13# mainspring resolved the issue. Also to BJB's point, I think the magnetic projectile rule is one that many folks don't even know exists, so there's a high probability your local MD won't care, but it's worth checking with them before taking to a match.
  10. This has not been my experience shooting a TSO, which is what @lfine said they were planning on shooting. I do hear all of the 2011 folks say this, but not the handful of other TSO shooters I know. CZs typically seem to have short but loose chambers so they are fairly forgiving with case size. lfine, if you do go with the TSO, you may want a larger safety and an aftermarket thumb rest if you choose to use one. The OEM ones are awkward for many people depending on hand size. You will also need to blend the magwell and may need to ream the barrel to load longer depending on your projectile choice. They are not as svelte as 2011s but I have found them to be very reliable and easy to maintain and swap parts on. It certainly will not hold you back.
  11. Thank you! That's close enough that it shouldn't be an issue.
  12. I tried with a spare TRS I had around and I could not get it to fit. Maybe the long reach aluminum triggers don’t have enough room either.
  13. I’ll get one and try it out.
  14. Can you explain what’s going on here and maybe get a more closeup shot of the springs. I can’t really tell what’s going on with the second spring. Is that a regular TRS from the DA/SA guns?
  15. regor

    New CZ Open/CM Design

    I had reached out to a certain optic mount manufacturer about making a 510c mount for the Czechmate and they said they were stopping their design efforts because they were told by someone at CZ that a new open gun was in the works. Maybe it's going to be built on the DWX, maybe it'll be it's own beast. I just hope they make dedicated 9mm magazines for it so they don't have the ribs and require tuning to get 170mms to run.
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