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  1. regor

    TSO Magazines

    That sounds to me like the mag body and extension are not well matched. I would do what I suggested before, remove the springs/followers and then put the extension back on and check for any notable gaps/ledges.
  2. I typically only pick up brass after practice sessions when I can scoop up everything and pass it through a case sifter to get out most of the dirt and debris, but the one time I did pick up brass at a match I came away with ~2x as many cases as I shot in the match. I helped reset after every shooter and grabbed 5-10 cases on the way back each time. On stages that didn't use the whole length of the bay I picked up cases while people were making ready/shooting. With 10+ person squads that should easily net you more than you shot on the stage.
  3. regor

    TSO Magazines

    Did you leave the black metal plate in that comes with the 17 round magazines to enable removal of the original basepad? They serve no purpose with the SP extensions and like to get stuck in the extensions at weird angles which could cause issues. I have SP base pads with CZC springs/followers in all my TSO mags. All will hold 21 rounds (non-reloadable) and I have not had any feeding issues with them. I would remove the springs/followers and put the extension back on and run a pick up and down the inside where the mag/extension transitions, feeling for any snags. I recall a post on here at some point in the past where someone had SP extensions that were a little out of spec and lead to a substantial overhand inside the mag. If that's the case with yours SP should make it right. If you are reloading, check the OAL of your load. I found the RNFP coated bullets I was using I would get some dragging if they were loaded past 1.16", but never enough to cause feeding issues.
  4. I think selling access to the forums is a bad idea and will lead to a quick death . In addition to banner ads, why not suggest that anyone who successfully sells something through the classifieds donates 1% or 0.5% of the sale to the forum. That's a fairly modest cost and doesn't disproportionately affect people who only sell the occasional small item. And is a method I have seen used on other free forums/sites that host classifieds.
  5. HS6 leaves plenty of room for 115s. The photo below is a load of 8.4gr with a 115gr FMJ and JHP next to it. It has .2”+ of room to the top, I haven’t found powder spill to be an issue on my 650. I’m also in the boat of load it until you lose it. I pick up everything I get from the bays at my nearest range and do minimal sorting just to pull out steel and any cracked/crushed cases that stick out. I’ve only cracked one or two cases on the press in 15k+ rounds. I keep some spare deprimed/sized cases on the side to swap out to pull any badly dented/crunched cases that make it through to the press. I seen very few stepped cases but it noticeably raises the powder fill in the case, so if you’re watching powder levels they will be easy to catch. Crimped primer pockets mess up some primers, but I find most of the time the primer will seat without much extra force. I don’t bother sorting them out for loading, I sort the rounds with messed up primers to the practice pile when I am chamber checking match ammo but I’ve never actually had ignition issues with slightly crushed primers.
  6. regor

    SAO long reach trigger?

    I tried putting a little spacer on the front of my trigger to test it out in dry fire and it felt much more comfortable and less fatiguing for me, so I went ahead and ordered one for my CM and one for my TSO. Hoping it helps the occasional trigger freeze as well.
  7. I have the Shooter’s Connection one and it just slides in. I’ve never had the set screw back out and don’t use loctite.
  8. regor

    SAO long reach trigger?

    Do you know how far forward that moves the trigger?
  9. regor

    SAO long reach trigger?

    I fiddled with a friend's 2011 recently and liked the further placement of the trigger face that they had and I was hoping to reproduce it in my Czechmate. I found some old threads on SAO long reach triggers but can't find them in stock anywhere. Does anyone know if they are still in production? If not, has anyone tried any home brew solutions? I've thought of maybe trying some epoxy putty, though I don't know what material the OEM trigger is so I can't be certain it will bind.
  10. regor

    "High" safety for TSO/CM?

    $35 isn’t a cost restriction, I was just commenting that a $35 experiment might be worth it. I don’t have any issues with the right side safety, I’m right handed so the only time I use the right side safety is WHO stages. Is this the Shadow 2 safety you are talking about? https://cajungunworks.com/product/50012-safety-set-shadow-2-extended-left-side/
  11. I have had the occasional issue with my TSO and CM where I get a poor support hand position on the draw and end up pushing up on the safety just enough to prevent firing. It would be nice if the ledge on the safety was a little higher/angled slightly upward when the safety is off, more like a 2011 safety. Does anyone make a version that addresses this or have any solutions? This happened to me at a match this weekend (on a fixed time stage!) and one of the other shooters in my squad said he has the same issue and was going to try to weld on some extra material on top of the safety and then file away the bottom to shift the ledge up a few millimeters. I am a pretty crappy welder, but at $35 for a spare safety, I might give this option a try...
  12. Not sure why they didn't label the y-axis, but I think this is what you are talking about?
  13. People spend too much time chasing weight or the next hot thing in Production instead of practicing. A heavy gun isn't going to fix s#!tty fundamentals. These rules largely make ROing at Level 2+ matches easier, which is a good thing. No more weight lookup and quik-mafs needed at the chrono; does it fit in the box and is it under 59oz? Good to go. The slide milling change resolves issues like the CZC Accu-bushing install and allows 9mm Gucci Glocks to compete in Prod where they belong. The only change I find a little odd is dropping the minimum number made to 500, but I can't think of too many guns that make the 500 min and don't hit the 2000 min eventually, so if this change gets new guns onto the Prod list sooner than I am fine with it.
  14. Did you remove the little black insert that comes in the OEM magazines when using the Springer extensions? I can get 21 in all of my mags with Springer extensions, not reloadable, but does allow me to start 21+1 if needed.
  15. They said they are 99% sure they do not but he recommended the Comp-Tac PCC PLM pouch, which has adjustable tilt, which is exactly what I was looking for.
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