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  1. The issue is that as the rounds transition over the mag/extensions transition the stack gets messed up and the top round doesn't get the pressure under the nose that it needs to keep it properly oriented, so it dips when the slide picks it up. I'm not sure if that will fix your .40 issues since they .40 mags don't have the ribs, which is the real source of the issue for the 9mm mags. You can check out his forum post about tuning. https://czfirearms.us/index.php?topic=98021.msg758958#msg758958. There's a similar thread on here,
  2. Have you tried tuning the mag bodies yet (pinching in at the double/single stack transition)? Also are you running flat nosed/JHP bullets? After tuning my mags and switching to round nose my 170s have been completely reliable as long as they are kept clean. Replaced the springs once at about the 1 year mark (140 springs have been fine w/o replacement)
  3. What kind of velocity variations have folks seen when switching to different brands of the same primer type? I just finished re-doing my 9 Major load since I finished all my Everglades bullets and am switching to Montana Gold. I also decided to switch primers since I have 6k Winchester spp vs 1500 Fiocchi and don't want to have to re-do the load in a couple months. First test was much too fast, so I lowered the load and out of curiosity loaded up some with Fiocchi primers and some with Winchester. My friend had his chrono at the range as well so I shot over both of them and they
  4. I've been shooting a Czechmate in Open for the last 1+ year. My take on it is that the CM won't hold you back from achieving any of your goals. I went from B class to M class over the course of 2020 and I do not feel that I was handicapped by shooting a CM at any point. You can buy two of them for the price many folks are paying for their big name custom 2011s. If you already have CZs then you also have the benefit of being able to share some small parts in the case of breakages. They should run 100% out of the box with everything they send, although the mags do need to be tuned once you start
  5. The windage tension can also be adjusted via a tiny set screw accessible when the base plate is removed. Tensioning the elevation requires bending a piece of metal. Adding some nail polish or toque sealant is definitely best practice with these optics.
  6. We fairly routinely see M class CO folks beating A class Open folks (shooting major PF) at our local matches, so it's possible to be "competitive" at the local level if you're good enough, but the inherent disadvantage of minor scoring in a major PF division is going to knock you down a class unless your clubs routinely host extremely technical matches where major scoring is less of an advantage. You'd be better off getting a proper CO gun for 1/3 of the price and spend the rest on training ammo.
  7. regor


    How has CZ still not addressed the horribly fit magwells? This is ridiculous.
  8. regor

    Optics Zero

    A would suggest going between 15-20 yards so you don't have to think too much about hold over/under. Close zero minimizes need to hold over for close targets, but requires more holdover for far targets. Roughly speaking for practical pistol ranges your POI shift will be (target distance - zero distance)*bore offset/zero distance. So if your offset is 1" and you zero at 10 yards, you'll be 1" low at point blank, on at 10 yards, 1" high at 20 yards, 2" high at 30 yards, etc.. Drop starts to come into play around 50 yards, but that's rare in any pistol match. A 15 yard z
  9. Agreed, a simple addition for a definition of "holstered" to the glossary would help clear this up. It's still baffling that so many people are getting it wrong though. This is a safety rule to prevent the gun from firing due to a snag while putting it into the holster, which seems obvious to me. Flipping the safety on once it's already holstered does nothing to limit this.
  10. Yep, based on the variety of firearms and bore offsets I have seen them on I definitely believe it. 510c is only 100 MOA.
  11. My Czechmate came with a C-More slide ride, and I milled the OEM mount to take the 510c and actually had to shim the front to bring it up a bit since it was angled too far down and even when maxing out elevation I couldn't get the 17 yard zero I was looking for. I just went to Harbor Freight and bought a cheap set of feeler gauges and cannibalized the size I needed to shim with. Yours is mounted a fair bit higher, so who knows if it will play nicely, but I know of two other local shooters running different 2011 mounts who both had to shim their 510cs to get the zero they wanted. IIRC both had
  12. Interesting. I hope you have enough elevation adjustment with the C-More to zero it!
  13. Is that first photo pre-assembly or is the comp actually angled downwards?
  14. Be prepared to trim the screws to the correct length as well. They should not sit proud of the inside of the frame or they could impact the slide under recoil
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