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  1. Mine fit 25 with the OEM follower and Springer’s long spring that comes with the 170mm extensions. I can almost squeeze in a 26th but it won’t slide all the way to the rear so I can’t insert the mag. It might be possible with the CZC/Grams follower. I hand cycled two full mags through it and it didn’t have any issues. My load is 1.155” with Gallant 180gr projectiles. As mentioned before, I did make some minor modifications to the back corners of the base pad to remove a bit of a ledge in the corner that could cause a snag if the follower was pushed that far over. I’m not sure if how much that really helps, but you can see that pretty well on my blue 140s.
  2. That looks to me like a CZ 75 Shadowline, not a CZ SP01 Shadow (“Shadow 1”). Without inspecting it in person I would not even be confident in that. What makes the shadow type pistols different from the other 75b pistols is the lack of a firing pin block. The lack of a roll pin in the slide between the extractor and rear sight suggests to me that this slide does not have a FB block. https://www.shootersconnectionstore.com/CZ-75-Shadow-Line-SA-DA-9mm-P3969.aspx CZC still sells the SP01 Shadow and they pop of on the classifieds here fairly often https://czcustom.com/new-firearms/cz-pistols-factory/cz-75-sp01-shadow-9mm-91154-black-cz-custom-exclusive.html
  3. I can swap one over form a 9mm magazine tonight or tomorrow and see if it hand cycles. Springer told me that they no longer sell the grams guts for their TSO/CM extensions because people were getting feeding issues, though I found that with both the 140mm and 170mm extensions using grams/CZC followers didn't actually add any extra rounds (23 and 29 respectively), just made insertion slightly easier at the cost of slightly less reliable feeding. Are you sure they weren't actually talking about those? The issue I see with the 170 extensions with the 9mm mags are nose dives, which are primarily due to the stack getting messed up as rounds pass below the ribs in the magazine. I've been running JHPs which like to snag on the corner of the feed ramp if they nose dive. The .40 mags don't have the ribs, but perhaps the mag/extension transition has a similar impact. I beveled the inside edges of the bottom of my mag bodies and opened up the back corners of the extensions as well, which made the transition feel much smoother while loading the mags. Most .40 projectiles are flat point, which would cause a similar snag on the feed ramp if they nose dive.
  4. Is it even a meaningful number to add per round? I wet tumble without pins, so my cost is a couple gallons of tap water, a squirt of dish soap, a dash of Lemishine, and the electricity to run it all; pennies per batch of ~1500 9mm cases. Costs would need to be at least an order of magnitude higher, if not two, to even show up in the first decimal of the final cpr.
  5. My cost for my 9mm minor loads is ~9.5cpr. The big thing is just planning ahead and watching for sales on primers/powder to get the costs down, although the biggest cost will always be the projectile. I shoot Gallant 125gr projectiles, $241/3600 and a 10% discount if you "subscribe", 6 cents per. Last batch of powder I bought $143 for 8lbs, and my load for the 125s is 4.2gr, which works out to ~1 cent per. Last batch of primers I bought was a 12k box of Fiocchi and was $296 shipped on sale, so ~2.5 cents per. I do get "free" brass from going to the range I am a member of and picking up brass in the action bays (which any member can do). If I didn't have that available there is one seller local(ish) to me who sells 5k for $120 shipped (2.5 cents per) online [https://sagesreloadingsupply.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=59_70&product_id=335], so my price would still be ~12 cents per.
  6. You're going to need a blast shield for the Holosun with the popple holes so close to the glass.
  7. regor

    New straight CZC trigger?

    Turns out, after a very long time trying to fit the disconnector as I was instructed to do, the actual issue was that the sear was not being lifted enough to allow the hammer to drop in SA. The solution was to take a dremel to the back of the trigger where it impacts the frame (which can be done with the trigger in, so no need to take the gun all the way back down). I really like the flat trigger. With the curved trigger it felt like my finger was slipping down into the curve, which always made me feel like I was pulling down a little bit, but with the flat trigger I can keep a super high grip and the pull feels like t is come straight through.
  8. regor

    Production legal?

    Feel free to tell NROI that they are wrong about their multiple rulings on the legality of installing an Accu-bushing in another CZ. You'll be told the same thing I and many others have been told: it's legal.
  9. What mag pouches are folks running scorpions/AKVs using? Looking for something that I can cant, ideally.
  10. regor

    New straight CZC trigger?

    The one that comes with the Pro-Package Decocker (75210), which I am 99% sure is 1485-T2 Disconnector. The area to remove material from is where the red line is, where the disco connects with the trigger bar. If it doesn't reset in DA, then the front face of the "wing" where the blue line is needs to be filed back (which I don't have to do, at least for my SP-01T, we'll see what the P-01 has in store for me).
  11. regor

    Production legal?

    You are correct that the installation requires milling, but since the Accu-bushing is on a Production legal gun (Accushadow) you can legally install it (which requires milling). That does clash with the "no milling" rule, but one of the two has to be ignored in this case, either you can use aftermarket bushings and any parts from another production legal gun, or you can't. Since the part in question is a bushing, which is explicitly called out, NROI says installing the Accu-bushing on another pistol is legal. 2000 Accushadow 2s have not been sold yet AFAIK, which is why it is not on the Production list.
  12. regor

    TS to CM

    @kneelingatlas has some aluminum ones he had made along with aluminum guide rods. He may have some left.
  13. regor

    Production legal?

    D4.21.6 says [Emphasis mine] : "Sights, firing pins, firing pin retainers, pins, extractors, magazine releases, slide stops, thumb safeties, triggers, hammers, bushings, and ejectors MAY be replaced with OFM or aftermarket parts. Exchange of OFM parts between different models of Production approved guns is allowed." Multiple people, myself included, have confirmed with NROI that this rule makes it legal to install the Accu-bushing on any other pistol that will accept it.
  14. regor

    New straight CZC trigger?

    Popped on in my SP-01 Tactial last night and found that it needs some minor fitting of the disco, but Stuart at CZC has been very helpful in explaining what needs to be done. Mine will reset in DA but not in S, so I just need to remove a little bit of material from the CGW disco.
  15. regor

    TS to CM

    I contacted CGW about it and they said they would take it on but I would need to send in a CM barrel, comp, and guide rod. I have every part but the reverse plug, which CZ USA has not had in stock for at least a month now.
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