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  1. This is the spirit of Production but isn't feasibly without putting a MSRP cap on Production legal guns like PRS does with their Production division. Without that it's ludicrous to tell someone you can't spend $500 on a CZ SP-01 and put in $50 in CZC/CGW parts to lighten the trigger but you can pay $1200 and buy the Shadow 2 with similar parts already in it. That does not "[keep] the playing field level", it makes it even more skewed.
  2. Yes, many firearms cannot have the safety applied if the hammer is not cocked.
  3. regor

    gun size

    I have this same issue with my CZ SP-01 Tactical suppressor ready model. It is on the production list but because of the higher suppressor height sights it does not fit the box with the OEM 18 round magazines. It fits with 17 rounders.
  4. Yes, sorry, that is correct and I corrected my comment. No reason the ruling could not be applied to a slide stop as well though, especially with something like a CZ where the slide stop is pretty far forward on the frame.
  5. Because replacement take down levers are allowed (OEM or aftermarket) and the thumb rest in question is not the typical kind that bolts to the frame. It *is* a take down lever, but it has an integrated thumb rest, so it counts as an aftermarket take down lever. It’s a loophole, but one that Troy is happy to allow, and that I frankly doubt will get heavily utilized.
  6. This happens to me with the CZ followers. One or two of the ones I have comes up high enough in the feed lips that the breach face will get stuck on it if I run the mag empty (generally doesn't happen in live fire, but does happen if I manually cycle it). But it sounds like OP is having that issue regardless of running dry or not, so I don't think that is the issue.
  7. Until someone makes a rear sight with a slide racker built in, then by the same logic that allows the Nitro Fin it would be legal
  8. CZC does it for $350. https://czcustom.com/custom-work/accu-bushing-customer.html
  9. regor

    New CM case contents?

    That's been the standard for the Parrot model for some time. You're paying a premium for the fancy colors and getting less in return.
  10. What are the issues in question?
  11. Anodize those orange and I will buy one so fast.
  12. As promised. 28" barrel with MOA +8 mag extension. Barely fits in my safe but it swings pretty well. I'm much more used to shooting 30-32" O/Us, so I don't find it bad at all.
  13. My guess would be that you aren't removing the flare and that is causing the issue.
  14. @Swiley383 You will be fine loading minor loads to that OAL, but are you sure it's the projectile depth that is causing them to not plunk? My load with the older profile was 1.13 and I have had no issues loading to that length with the new profile. This is in a CZ, which generally require shorter loads. I would double check your crimp die to make sure it has not backed out.
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