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  1. Get in contact with your congressman/woman and request they contact the ATF on your behalf to inquire on the status and why it is taking so long. 2 years is an unacceptably long time. The average wait time for Form 4s is under a year. https://www.nfatracker.com/nfa-transfer-time-tracking/ They'll ask you to fill out a form for a Congressional Inquiry. Many people have had luck getting their NFA items out of FBI purgatory this way, typically receiving approval within 1-2 weeks of their congressman receiving their information. It does require you to sign a privacy release, so if you are uncomfortable with that then you are stuck waiting. Below is an example of such a form that I found in this reddit thread about someone going through this process. https://gohmert.house.gov/uploadedfiles/privacy_release_form_for_casework.pdf Reddit thread:
  2. Thanks. Angle 3 does look weird and like it forces you into a lower grip since it sits below the screws. I'll probably pick up one of the angle 2s to try out.
  3. What *thumb rest [generic]*/thumb rest is that? It looks much more comfortable than the OEM one.
  4. CZC makes a 9mm one. I believe it is 1/2x28 thread, though they do not specify. https://czcustom.com/czc-brl-thrd-9mm-ts.html
  5. Just got them today and got 24+1 with a very easy reload and can almost fit in the 25th. I think once the springs wear in a little I will be able to get the 25th in, but I will probably trim a coil or two off anyways since 13 coils is overkill anyways. They measure to almost exactly 150mm with these on. Looks extremely goofy in my P-01 but worth the meme and should let me get through just about any stage with only needing to draw from the sidecar mag holder. Thankfully Double Alpha doesn't make a P-01 insert or I'd have no choice but to buy one of these https://www.umtactical.com/store/p3/UM3_Sight_Mount.html and run it with a dot from my Alpha-X rig. Edit: Actually just broke out the calipers and found out that it's just the upper part of the frame on the P-01 that is thicker than the SP-01 frame so the SP-01 insert should fit the P-01. Ooops.
  6. They have the long base pads back in stock, so I think I'll pick some up. Which "guts" were you referring to for the 25+1? The 13 coil spring + CZC follower? I'm assuming the standard 10 coil spring will not be sufficient, but does the 13 need to be cut down at all?
  7. Units are µg/dL, also written as mcg/dL, which is micro-grams per deciliter.
  8. BSPS has them in stock. https://benstoegerproshop.com/cz-czechmate-tac-sport-20-rd-magazine-in-9mm/
  9. Response from troy (in blue) @ATLDave @Poppa Bear. TL;DR: the black portion is hard cover, hardcover is impenetrable, score edge to edge. The only difference from my conclusion was that Troy says covering a target with another partial target is the same as painting the underlying ( instead of covering it (, but the result is still the same. I would still paint the underlying target or use a no-shoot just to make sure this rule is applied consistently at a match.
  10. I sent an email asking for clarification, we will see what Troy says.
  11. What division do you want to shoot in USPSA? The CR Speed holster will not be legal in USPSA Production, which is where the shadow 2 fits most naturally. I will second the RHT holster as well. I have one for my Production rig with the retention adjustment knobs and a drop offset (got this later but definitely worth getting it up front). The adjustment knobs are awesome because they let you loosen up for a smoother draw or crank down if you need to run with your pistol holstered. It's a $5 upgrade and well worth it.
  12. The black portion of the target is NOT a target as defined by the rule book, it is hard cover. Hard cover does not have a non-scoring border (even though there happens to be one present when you paint over a standard cardboard target). The confusion of this situation is exactly why says "When possible, hard cover should not be simulated but constructed using impenetrable materials". All hard cover should be treated equally when scoring, so if you replaced the black portion of the peekers in your situation with a sheet of plywood, how would you score it? If you and I were both ROing the same match, and we scored that array our respective ways, would that be a fair match? No. This is a corner case that exists because of the wording of the rules and should be fixed. Partial targets should not be used to simulate hard cover on another target (again, I have never seen them used this way, although it sounds like you have). Better solution for your array: Use three open targets and put two no-shoots at the desired angles to create the same effect of the peekers but with higher risk.
  13. Hence why I started my comment with "Production (and low capacity divisions in general)". I went on to address production specifically because the comment I replied to asked, "Why shoot production?" I am not saying that accuracy is not important in Limited/CO/Open/PCC, nor that speed is not important in Production, I was merely pointing out that the weights for each are different and that difference in weight is what appeals to many Production shooters. Open and PCC do not weight reloads as heavily as Production because they are less frequent. In a long course an open shooter will reload once and it will not be a standing reload. A production shooter on the same course might reload 4-5 times depending on the layout, but they are not 4-5 times slower than Open shooters, so the time spent reloading counts for a higher percentage of their total time than it does for an Open shooter. The appeal for Production over the other low cap divisions likely is due to the cost of guns and ammo.
  14. To clarify your question, you are asking about the situation where someone sets up two targets such that a partial target is stapled on top of another target? For example if the left side of the Zebra/Tuxedo below was on top of the open target with the C/D zones overlapping the right side of the open target? I have never seen a target set up in such a way, but by my reading of 4.2.4 and 4.1.4 I think that is a legal target set up because that array would be hard cover as defined by, and says "Whole cardboard targets must not be used solely as hard cover". Clearly the Zebra target is not being used solely as hard cover. In that case, the black portion of the zebra is not target, it is simulated hard cover, and hard cover doesn't have a non-scoring border, so you would use the edge of the black portion, not the perf within the black area. That being said, I think that is an exploitation of the wording and I don't know why you would make the target that way when you could just overlap the zebra with a Half-Zebra (Right) to the same effect. I would change the end of to say "Whole cardboard targets must not be used solely as hard cover and partial targets may not be used to simulate hard cover on another target".
  15. I recently joined the club in my section that is closest to me and helped set up for the last match. I think we had 8-10 people help setting up 6 stages including the MD. We had a good system, one guy from the start was in charge of making the targets for each stage and then grouping them together with a copy of the stage diagram. 3-4 people hauled the materials to the bays, 3-4 more followed and roughed out the stage, then once everything was roughed out in a bay the MD came through and tweaked things with 1-2 helpers to move props while everyone else continued roughing. We did a final pass looking for potential traps/shoot throughs/other issues, then went through and put in stakes and paint marks. That made things very efficient because there was very little standing around; the closer to an assembly line the process can be the better. If there are more than 4 people working in a given bay at any time then you are probably not being as efficient as possible., likewise if you have people doing redundant tasks (like two people covering up unwanted wall ports rather than one). In addition to comping the match fee for people who set up, I think bringing in coffee/doughnuts/pizza for the setup crew could also go a long way to getting people to help out. Could you also green light giving people discounts on their annual dues for club membership (or if your club has a work hours requirement letting match setup hours count for that)?
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