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  1. Match books are useful for identifying potential skills you need to brush up on before a match; unloaded starts, non-standard start positions/draws, etc., but I've never found them to be adequate for actual stage planning purposes. There's pretty much always something that needs to be changed about a stage plan based on what is actually on the ground.
  2. I took the cover off mine. It's still like >4oz vs 1.5 for the XL
  3. If you're willing to spend the extra money, I would look at the Romeo3 XL. I went with the 510c originally for cost reasons and while I loved the huge window, it adds a lot of weight towards the front. The XL's window is almost identical, just rounded at the corners, and it weights about 1/3 what the 510c does.
  4. Anyone received anything from Gallant recently? I had a subscription that I got billed for in December and I'm not into week 15 of their "10-12 week delay". Saw a few pages back folks saying they were still waiting on Gallant orders from 6 months back, so I'm not optimistic, just wondering if I should ask for a refund. Very frustrating that they kept existing subscriptions and didn't (A) plan ahead and make sure they could fulfill the ones they had committed to, or (B) notify customers with subscriptions that their planned order dates would be treated as if they were any other customer placing
  5. regor

    S&W 929

    I'm looking for a holster myself. Decided to splurge and try out the DAA moon holders and was leaning towards a second Alpha X since I have one for Open, but it seems they have stopped making/are redesigning the N-Frame insert because it says pre-order in the drop down. I always forget how expensive it gets to setup a new belt For those running the servers, how much of a handicap would they be on a mags on table start stage? Will it bind up if you don't have the spacers in between each moon?
  6. Pardon if this is a really stupid question, but I just bought my first 929 to start dabbling in revolver and it came with a bunch of Revolver Supply moon clips with the octagonal center hole. Do these work fine with the TKC loading tool's round mandrel or do I need to get a different loading tool to work with them? I've searched here and google but haven't found an answer to this question.
  7. Break cleaner really does an amazing job. I used it for the first time when I recently took down my Czechmate and needed to degrease the optic mount holes and decided to spray down the whole pistol; it did a far better job than 15+ minutes of scraping and wiping has ever done. The mag release screw looked brand new! Does anyone know if it has an impact on thread lockers like Loctite and Rocksett? Wondering if it's okay to use it on my Czechmates while leaving the optic mounts on or if that's a recipe for it coming loose the next match...
  8. Post the thread link if you find it. I just bought my first revo and am looking for ideas.
  9. Sounds like they are trying to save some money by not paying the match fee owed to USPSA. Sooner or later they'll lose their affiliation if the continue to do it.
  10. Does that feed reliably? Do you need to modify the feed lip spread at all? I think I tried this with my TSO .40 mags loaded with 9mm in my Czechmate and it didn't work.
  11. The other alternative is to remove a little bit of material off the rear of the trigger where it impacts the frame. I had this same issue when I installed the CZC flat face trigger.
  12. Which Ghost model fits the N frames? They don't list it for any of the ones I looked at.
  13. You should ask your match director if it is okay or just show up and shoot with it. The Wolf bullets have a steel jacket that is then plated with copper, so it does have steel jacket and is technically not allowed, but you can find someone shooting it at just about every local match I've ever shot. Just leave it at home for L2/L3 matches.
  14. Your 8.4gr load is in line with what I get out of my Czechmates (5.2" barrels, no popples) with MG 115gr FMJs. 8.4gr @ 1.155" with Winchester primers was 1475fps, 169.6PF. Fiocchi primers were about 40fps slower (used them with my old 115gr Everglades load, which was 8.9gr, 171PF). In general I'd tell people to start at 8.0gr for 115gr bullets with HS6 and work their way up. I've had as low as 8.1 be above power factor with HS6 and different primer/bullet combos.
  15. I've always used D-lead wipes after range sessions. Have not been consistent about wearing gloves while reloading and handling brass until my last test in December. I also got some d-lead soap to keep by the garage sink, plus cleaning spray to wipe down the bench and shampoo for after matches. Doctor wants me to get another draw this month to get it checked again, so I'll be curious what it is (it had been stable at 7 for a year prior).
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