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  1. regor

    TS vs TSO

    The metal trigger is an interesting change. Is the front textured at all? Do you have a polymer one to compare to? If so, is it a better trigger pull with the metal trigger?
  2. regor

    TS vs TSO

    The TSO is also pre-drilled and comes with a thumb rest. The newest ones coming out of the factory seem to come with an extended left side safety and paddle mag release as well.
  3. I run Springer Precision base pads and CZC springs/followers. That combo lets me squeeze in 21+1 to start and then 20 rounds in the rest for reloads.
  4. Since you bought it used I’d bet that it has the CZC extended safety, especially since it has their magwell as well.
  5. regor

    CZ TSO Sight Tracker

    Yes, but OP wants one on a TSO (.40, presumably). You could have one custom made or use the already available parts. No one sells a pre-cut TSO slide that accepts the factor comp/sight tracked.
  6. Does anyone know if there is a published footprint/diagram/spec for the Holosun 510c? I can't find one anywhere. A .svg file would be even better as the end goal of this is to use an OtherMill to mill out an aluminum mount to accept the 510c for my Czechmate.
  7. Does anyone know if Everglades is planning to do a BF sale (or if they did one last year)?
  8. regor

    CZ TSO Sight Tracker

    Quite the definition of "pretty easily" . But, if you have the tools and chops to do it, you'd just follow Kneeling Atlas's Tactical Sport to Czechmate conversion guide + get the barrel threaded and replace the comp with the sight tracker.
  9. The only “must do” item IMO is to blend in the frame with the magwell. The big ledge they leave from the factory is obnoxious and makes the magwell much less forgiving on reloads.
  10. regor

    Czechmate Recipes

    Here are my results from testing with HS6 and Precision Deltas. I had to ream my barrels quite a bit to accept a these long load with PD JHPs. I liked the 115s better and ended up shortening to ~1.155 to get them to feed reliably, but haven't chronographed that load yet.
  11. That's my concern. I imagine a custom build will not be cheap, even with all the extra lightening and serrations added, and I really don't want to shell out $$$ for an ineffective comp.
  12. Has anyone shot one of those that can report on whether or not it is an effective comp design and durable? Not used to seeing 2 port comps on 9 Major. There are a few examples in this thread with 2 vertical ports but they all seem to add in side ports at the end as well, and the openings are quite a bit larger.
  13. What would be my best bet for getting a 9mm Open upper to go with my TSO? I have a Czechmate that I am shooting in Open now but do not have a backup. I really like that I can buy a .40 TSO upper and use my Czechmate as a backup when I'm shooting Limited, and ideally would like to be able to do the same for Open. I don't have the skills or access to machinery to do that kind of a build myself. I've found the F4F Open upper, posts from August 2018, but that doesn't seem to be available. Does anyone else sell/make custom ones? My alternative is to sell my TSO frame, keep the .40 upper, and then buy a second Czechmate, but that's a $2k+ proposition depending on how much I could sell the TSO frame w/o mags for. Seems like getting an upper would be cheaper and less work considering I've already blended, polished, and made some parts swaps in my TSO frame.
  14. Last update: I finally got these working flawlessly. After tuning the bodies by pinching in the single stack transition they still had periodic nose dives when loaded above 26. I shortened my load to 1.15-1.155 and swapped back to the OEM follower. They still fit 29 rounds and they started running perfectly. Ran them in a local match this weekend with no issue. Toying with them was frustrating but I am really happy with them now that I have them up and running. Unrelated to the feeding issues, but I did have to file a little material off on the mag bodies where the retaining screw is. That needs to be screwed up about twice as high as in my photo above in order to keep the extension secure. I learned that the hard way two weeks ago when I had a base pad pop off one of my 140s in the middle of a stage and dump 20 + rounds into the dirt.
  15. Does the hole pattern interfere with the two CMore screw placements>
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