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  1. I can't believe I've never seen that before, I'm definitely going to pick one up.
  2. Was thinking of waiting and getting the 750 but looks like they have everything I wanted to add on there and I save $150 + shipping over ordering from Dillon plus another $50 on the case feeder with a plate. Thanks for sharing this deal, it's exactly what I was hoping would pop up now that the 750 is out!
  3. I had a chance to handle one of these at TriggrCon a few weekends ago and it felt great. I don't think the SA is as light as a CGW/CZC kit, but I would say it's the smoothest DA pull I've felt on a CZ, which is what they are going for and they did a great job with it. They wouldn't/couldn't tell me what weight hammer spring they had in the pistol, so it's possible they just popped an 8.5# spring in there. I wouldn't replace an existing CGW/CZC kit with it, but if I had a gun with a stock trigger I would definitely consider this kit.
  4. If your bays are wide enough, why not just put the starting/shooting box on one side and the barrel on the opposite side. Shooter has to exit the starting box, run to the barrel, then run back to the box to engage any targets. Make them technical targets to even the playing field. We had a local stage that had a start position, run ~15 yards to a barrel, then ~20 yards to start box, making about 10 yards of forward gain, then engage a close open paper and a 35 yard plate rack, followed by another ~30 yard run to another box with another open target and a ~15 yard plate rack. There was a lot of moaning about it, but the people who were moaning were primarily the people who lacked the fundamentals to make the long shots, not the folks who lacked athleticism. The folks who had both were greatly reward, as they should be. I understand there are some shooters who physically can not perform such physical feats, but the vast majority of shooters have the capacity to be athletic, whether they choose to or not is up to them, and there scores will be affected accordingly. If you don't want to have to run, go shoot Steel Challenge.
  5. Not too surprising to see a big margin for Prod in Area 8; both NJ and Maryland have 10 round mag restrictions. Area 7 is also fairly heavily shifted towards Prod, again not too surprising because NY, CT, MA, and VT all have capacity restrictions. Top three Prod:CO ratios are Area 5, Area 8, and Area 7 (1.98, 1.44, and 1.36:1 respectively); I'm more curious what's going on in Area 5!
  6. Hi y'all, I've decided I'm giving up on my SP-01 Tactical's suppressor height sights; I got a custom height Dawson front sight that is a massive improvement over the factory sights, but I still don't love them in comparison to my P-01 or TSO and have a much harder time getting proper vertical alignment with the super tall front post. I really like the adjustable rear on my TSO. I know there are more concerns of breakage with adjustable sights, but it seems worth the trade off to me. What is the best adjustable sight set for the SP-01 platform? Thanks!
  7. regor

    P-01 Load data

    Myy match loads, which are about 132 PF in my SP-01, are just under 125 PF out of my P-01. I wouldn't bother starting at a lower weight than your existing 130 PF load for your SP-01. You're shortening the barrel over 1.5", it's not going to go faster. I'd go with 4.1-4.4 and would expected 4.3 to be in the low 130s.
  8. I would also strongly advise reading both the TSA and your specific airline's regulations on firearms. Some airlines have rules that are more strict than TSA's and often the baggage check employees do not know their own rules, so it is good practice to come with them already pulled up on your phone or with printed copies if that is not an option. Allow plenty of extra time for this process. Generally you won't have issues, but Chicago is not known to be the most gun friendly city so if you are flying out of ORD, don't assume it will be a breeze. Just make sure you're in compliance and have the rules on hand.
  9. You don't need to take the sear cage or anything else out to change the mag catch, you just take the screw out, move the magazine release spring, and then can slide the stop out and flip it or put a different one in. Also, IMO if you are shooting a CZ in competition you should know how to full take it down because the trigger return spring is a relatively common breakage item and it would be silly to pay a gunsmith to install a $7 part. It's really not the complicated, especially for the safety models. All you need to completely take down the 75 series are 3/32" and 1/16" punches and a slave pin for the sear cage.
  10. Don't over inflate Troys recent reply and cause additional confusion. He said the GoGun take down lever or similar replacement takedown lever/slide stop that has an integrated thumb rest is legal because those parts are allowed to be replaced with aftermarket parts (though a strict reading of the rules says take down levers aren't allowed to be replaced with after market; nitro fins would still be allowed). You can't just go along and bolt a thumb rest to your frame.
  11. This is the spirit of Production but isn't feasibly without putting a MSRP cap on Production legal guns like PRS does with their Production division. Without that it's ludicrous to tell someone you can't spend $500 on a CZ SP-01 and put in $50 in CZC/CGW parts to lighten the trigger but you can pay $1200 and buy the Shadow 2 with similar parts already in it. That does not "[keep] the playing field level", it makes it even more skewed.
  12. Yes, many firearms cannot have the safety applied if the hammer is not cocked.
  13. regor

    gun size

    I have this same issue with my CZ SP-01 Tactical suppressor ready model. It is on the production list but because of the higher suppressor height sights it does not fit the box with the OEM 18 round magazines. It fits with 17 rounders.
  14. Yes, sorry, that is correct and I corrected my comment. No reason the ruling could not be applied to a slide stop as well though, especially with something like a CZ where the slide stop is pretty far forward on the frame.
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