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  1. I have found round nose bullets to be substantially more reliable in my Czechmate than JHPs. Even after tuning my mags I would get occasional nose dives from the first couple rounds in my big sticks. I also use the OEM followers because they seem to keep the stack aligned better as it crosses the border between the mag body and extension. I found I got 29 rounds in my 170s either way just with a little extra play, and I could squeeze 24 in with the CZC/Grams followers but it wasn't reloadable so I'd be loading them with 23 either way.
  2. regor

    S2 Hammer Spring

    13# with a reduced power FP spring should light everything off, including stuff like the hard Wolf primers. 11.5# should be 100% with all the soft-medium primers (Federal, Win., Fiocchi), but I had maybe 1/50-1/100 light strikes with factory ammo like S&B.
  3. At the four Majors I shot last year (A1, WA state, and two section championships) all had you go directly to the chrono after shooting the stage adjacent to the chrono, and give them a mag off your belt.
  4. CO is the most subscribed division for the upcoming WA state championship, over 1/3 of the 157 competitors. Division Limited 26 Limited 10 1 Open 32 Production 7 Revolver 3 Single Stack 6 Carry Optics 55 Pcc 27 2019 match had more competitors (215), but fewer CO competitors: Limited - 50 L10 - 4 Open - 36 Production - 19 Revolver - 3 SS - 12 CO -
  5. Put about 500 rounds through it after re-zeroing and adding a nail polish witness mark and checked at the end of the match I shot this weekend and it was still dead on + no signs of a shift in the witness mark. 500 rounds is hardly a thorough test, but I am cautiously optimistic that it will continue to hold.
  6. My latest load is 115gr Everglades FMJs over 8.9gr HS6, loaded to 1.155 which makes 171PF. 8.6gr made 165PF but was too close for comfort for me so I bumped it up.
  7. Agreed, it is ridiculous that an optic with a MSRP of $660 does not have rock solid locking mechanism. In this case, having the elevation be entirely dependent on the tiny bend in a little piece of metal to keep it secure seems the opposite of reliable and repeatable. Vortex has external locks on several of the MRDs and are half the MSRP and 1/3 of the street price, so I have a really hard time believing that adding locks is cost prohibitive.
  8. CZ Custom sells a 1/2x28 threaded barrel for the tactical sport that you could get a compensator for. https://czcustom.com/czc-brl-thrd-9mm-ts.html If you don't want to do any machining work that's pretty much your only option, as far as I am aware. If you can do some machining work then you could look at the following two threads for ideas.
  9. Any video links to the potential classifiers from 2020 nationals?
  10. Took mine apart and took the brass plate off from the rear. I’m pretty sure @Lastcat is correct that the brass plate is what secures the elevation adjustment. With it off the elevation spins with very little effort. The little threaded protrustion in the back center is the elevation adjustment screw. You can see a little nub sticking out of it. That goes through a small hole in the brass plate, and the bend in the plate adds tension to the elevation screw when the plate is screwed down. As far as I can tell that is the only mechanism for keeping the elevation adjustment secure.
  11. Frame mounted on a CZ Czechmate.
  12. My elevation shifted pretty considerably, but windage has been fine. This weekend's match had some tough stages where not knowing your POI at distance was really punishing (misses or no shoots). I thought it was me but rechecked zero mid-match at the advice of squad mates and was glad I did. I originally zeroed at 17 yards. At the match I checked on what was probably a 15 yard target and my impacts were 2.5-3" high. No idea when it originally started to drift but I put the XL on it at the start of July and I'd guess it's seen 2500-3k rounds through it since then. Would love to know
  13. Are the blue bullets smokier than running FMJs or JHPs?
  14. It's definitely doable to shoot 100% in Open shooting static from both the corners with the current HHF, as long as you can move fast. I shot it in 5.77 entering on the center target and finishing on the partial, which would be 95% clean, but unfortunately I dropped a mike on one of the open targets . I did not video it but I don't think I had a particularly quick draw or transitions, so I think a sub 5 second run static is doable.
  15. Cycle times on pistol slides are <0.1 second, probably closer to .05, adding 0.2" to a gun that already has a 2.0" stroke is only going to increase that time by one or two hundredths, so unless you are consistently shooting .10 splits or faster then stroking a slide won't put you close to the mechanical limit of split times. It might feel different, and that might slow you down a little bit while you get used to the change, but long term it should not have any impact.
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