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  1. My buddy asked me to help him find a 20 gauge and that’s what I’m trying to do. I’m not going to tell him how best to teach his wife and 12 year old daughter.
  2. Hey all. Im trying to help my friend get a 20 gauge shotgun to introduce his wife and young daughter to shooting. He wants to start by teaching them to shoot easy clay targets. He’s had problems with a Remmy 1100 LT20 that won’t feed target loads. Naturally for his wife and girl to have fun and stay interested, he needs to get a shotgun that works when you want it to with the light target loads needed for this purpose. When he first asked me i thought of the Stoeger 3020 Compact. Can you all give me your thoughts on this shotgun? Would you choose thi
  3. Hey all. I have 2 questions if like to get some info on. I have a Benell I M1 Super90 with a 21" vent rub barrel and a + 4 Nordic mag extension on it. I've only out about 200 rounds thru it since turning it into a Home Defense of 3-gun type shotgun. I haven't shot more cause none of the ranges here in the Houston area will allow me to shoot it unless I shoot ONLY SLUGS. No practice ammo shooting sessions here so I'm pretty much screwed on the shooting until I find a friendly range. The only complaint I have is that the recoil can be really painful at times even wit
  4. I'd like to see more PICS of the CZ's you all have set up and are using. I might like to get one for HD use. Thanks Nalajr
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