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  1. My buddy asked me to help him find a 20 gauge and that’s what I’m trying to do. I’m not going to tell him how best to teach his wife and 12 year old daughter.
  2. Hey all. Im trying to help my friend get a 20 gauge shotgun to introduce his wife and young daughter to shooting. He wants to start by teaching them to shoot easy clay targets. He’s had problems with a Remmy 1100 LT20 that won’t feed target loads. Naturally for his wife and girl to have fun and stay interested, he needs to get a shotgun that works when you want it to with the light target loads needed for this purpose. When he first asked me i thought of the Stoeger 3020 Compact. Can you all give me your thoughts on this shotgun? Would you choose this one if you needed an affordable 20 gauge to teach your daughter with? Is there something else I should tell him about? What about the Tri-Star shotguns? Franchi? Are there any that are better choices than the Stoeger 3020? thank you for your help. BD
  3. Hey all. I have 2 questions if like to get some info on. I have a Benell I M1 Super90 with a 21" vent rub barrel and a + 4 Nordic mag extension on it. I've only out about 200 rounds thru it since turning it into a Home Defense of 3-gun type shotgun. I haven't shot more cause none of the ranges here in the Houston area will allow me to shoot it unless I shoot ONLY SLUGS. No practice ammo shooting sessions here so I'm pretty much screwed on the shooting until I find a friendly range. The only complaint I have is that the recoil can be really painful at times even with the 100 round practice ammo boxes. I have heard the Limbsaver fitted butt pads work well. Have any of you tried one of these pads? I'd like to get some recommendations on what the best solution for me to make this shotgun somewhat enjoyable to shoot would be please Lastly, I know many really like the Stoeger M3000 shotguns for 3-gun and home defense type duty. I've never handled one. How do you think they compare or match up to my M1 Super 90 as I have it now? Which would you rather have and why? Since Stoeger is owned by Benelli I am guessing it has the inertia operating system in them like the Benelli autos do. Is it the same system or are there differences? Thank you for your time and any help or advice you care to give me. Have a good weekend everyone. BD
  4. I had a 24" M1S90 that sat unused in my closet for 10 years. I traded my brother-in-law for it. I wanted a Home Defense shotgun and thought that maybe I'd try the 3-gun stuff now that I lived in an area that has frequent matches. I posted my 24" for trade on here waiting for a 21" and it took over a year to finally get one and I couldn't be happier with it. I have a +4 Nordic tube on it and I have the barrel clamp that they sell too thinking that I might add the light attachment or sling fixture at some point. When I got it together I went and got a 100 round box of the Wally World Winchester 8-shot target stuff. I couldn't find a range that would let me shoot it here and a fellow member here was unbelievably generous and invited me to his home to shoot all 100 rounds there. That was the first time it had been shot in all those years and I didn't have a single problem or even anything that hinted at a problem. I don't know much about the tactics and strategy of 3-Gun games, but I would guess that if that was your goal, you'd prolly be better off with a 24" barrel. My +4 mag tube is about 3/4" shorter than the end of my barrel. I also don't think I would need to use the barrel clamp either. I have wondered whether attaching and using a side saddle, a good one, would effect the inertia system though. If you take one of the 6 or 8 round units, that seems like quite a bit of extra weight hanging off the side of the receiver and I don't know whether that would hamper the operation of the inertia spring and thus impacting reliability. It's a shame that Benelli prices their barrels at the point where it makes it not very economical to have both options so you could match whatever you needed for the day. For the price of a single 24 or 26 inch barrel, you could buy a good used, or new Stoeger M3000, or pretty close to it anyway. Good luck in your choice.
  5. Hey all, I was talking with a few other shotgun lovers the other night and the topic came up about wanting a new semi. One wanted to switch to a semi for Home Defense and the other just wanted a reliable semi kind of an all purpose shotgun he could use for home, clay target fun and also some 3-gun when he finds a match close to him. I mentioned that I owned a Benelli M1 and gave it my recommendation but some had concerns about the price. I then started talking about the STOEGER M3000 and the M3K. I don't know anything about them other than what I've read on here and the Stoeger site. I know they have the Inertia system licensed from Benelli, whom I think owns them. Isn't the Stoeger Inertia system in a different area than the Benelli? Would you all mind giving some info on how the Stoeger semis that have caught on so much with you 3-gunners, are different than the Benelli M1 and M2 shotguns that many other 3-gunners swear by and have used for many years? For those that have compared them, do the Stoeger semis run just as well as the Benelli guns even with the low cost, light weight practice and target bulk packs in Wal-Mart and other sporting goods stores? Any other info you care to add would be appreciated. Thanks for your help.
  6. Hey all, I have an M1S90 with a 21" barrel and a +4 Nordic tube. I have it set up this way cause I wanted a Home Defense shotgun. I would like to try the 3-gun stuff, I've never done it before and only now, in the last couple of years, have I lived in an area that has regular matches. I'm in the Houston, Tx area. Anyway, I didn't like the stock charging handle so I went with one of the Nordic BIG Handle. Well I think it's a bit too big for my tastes. It sticks out too far. I'd like to get one that is not as "out there" as this one is. I don't know what all is out there though. I like the one from Briley's and it can be had in different colors and finishes, expensive though. I thought I'd ask and see what you all are using and have liked when you ran a Benelli. There is something I'd like to ask you all about though, with regards to what will fit my M1 bolt. There is that "ledge" or "shelf" on the shaft that goes into the bolt. If you look on the surface of the bolt there is a "dished" out area that looks as though this shelf part fits into it. It does recess into it a bit, but I don't think it serves any purpose for strength or rigidity or anything like that. When you look at other bolt handles some also have this "shelf" section and some just have a straight shaft. The factory part has the "shelf" part too, but it doesn't extend out as far as this one does. I am wondering if you all know whether the ones that have just the plain straight shaft will work just as well. Have you tried one? I'd also like to get some suggestions on what others to check out, if you don't mind passing on what you've experienced. Thank you for your time and any help you can give.
  7. I looked up the Limbsaver Airtech and it is certainly on my "TO GET" list now. I'm glad that it is made to replace the factory pad, which stinks. I'm not familiar with any other factory replacement pads. I'll have to look for a sorbethane pad and see how that looks. I guess Brownells and Midway would be the best places to start? Thanks all for the help.
  8. Hey all. I I have an M1 with a 21" VR barrel. I added a +4 Nordic mag tube to it. That's all I've done so far. My shotgun came with the 24" barrel and I wanted the 21. I eventually found someone to trade on here. I'm very happy with how it turned out. Since the 21" barrel came off of a new M2, it wouldn't fit my forearm without some Dremel work. The barrel mounting ring was in a different spot than the M1 was. The only problem is really like to get rid of is felt recoil. I know the new M2 has the fancy recoil absorbing stock and some had the stock that allowed the addition of a Mercury recoil reducer. I am wondering if either of these M2 stocks that help deal with recoil will fit my M1 without mods. I think these are the only options available to me on the M1, correct? On another subject, the Stoeger 3000 that everyone loves, also has this problem with felt recoil, correct? They have the version of the inertia system, but I don't think they have the stock that takes up a bit of the recoil. Does the 3000 or M3K handle recoil better than my M1?? Thanks all.
  9. AWESOME!! Thanks guys.... Have a good one. Nalajr
  10. Hey all, I have a quick question I am hoping you all can help me with. I have an M1 that is marked HK...just FYI. It came with a 26" field barrel and I wanted a 21" so I could use it for home defense. I ended up finding a partner to trade barrels with. His barrel came off of a brand new M2. His barrel had no problems fitting and working in my M1 except that the way the barrel mounted to the mag tube on the M1 and M2 are slightly different. The barrel "ring" is off just a tad from what my M1 was. To get my forend to fit, I had to get out the DREMEL and start removing material from the inside of the forend. I ended up getting it to fit and it looks no different than what it did before I started. The only thing is that now it is very slightly loose. I also like the feel and looks of the M2 forend much more than mine. I am wondering if I got an M2 forend whether it would fit right up to my M1 with the M2 barrel I have on it now. Does anyone know for sure, or at least pretty sure? I don't want to go thru the trouble of getting one, finding out that it won't work and either have to start grinding on it or returning it and just living with mine. Anyone have any answers for me on this? Thanks for the time. Nalajr
  11. Hey all, I have a Benelli M1S90 that has a 21 inch field barrel and I added a +4 Nordic mag tube to make it into a Home Defense shotgun. I would also like to try the 3-Gun shooting at some point in the future when I get my AR done. What I need now is a new Bolt Handle. I never much liked the factory bolt handle and luckily there are several options available. I am partial to the oversize ROUND handles like the one from Nordic and a couple others. There is one that I really like though and my memory fails me as to who makes it. It's a round titanium handle that comes in bright and dull and is available in either 1/2 or 3/4 inch diameter. It really looks great, but it's $60, which is just too much for my tastes right now. Anyway, I thought I'd ask and see what you all like and use before I buy one. Maybe someone will mention one that I have never seen before or someplace that has them on sale. What's your favorite? Thanks all Nalajr
  12. Yeah I'm full of it. I posted this just out of spite. FUNCTION CHECK a shotgun is a whole lot different than coming in with 100 rounds of Practice ammo and shooting. Is it not? I'm sure there's not a range in this state that wouldn't let someone FUNCTION CHECK a shotgun. Thunder Gun Range outside of Conroe....just the last one I talked to....and EMPHATIC NO. You want the name of the manager to talk to? You can also VISIT Hot Wells, those are but 2 of the numerous that I have called AND VISITED. I could care less what you believe. I know what I'VE BEEN TOLD, FACE TO FACE and over the phone and email over the last 2 weeks. You can THINK that "function checking" a shotgun is the same thing as shooting a 100 round box of "practice shells" is the same thing, if you do believe that, there's really no point in me trying to talk to you any longer anyway. Nalajr
  13. Every range I have vistied or contacted is an OUTDOOR range. I've emailed, called or visited at least 10 ranges and hear back from about 8. They are not just in Houston, but in Conroe, and other small towns around Houston. These are not Country Club type ranges with Wine and Cheese bars. I can't afford that stuff so there wouldn't be any need for me to even check on such a place. ImpactZone is PRIVATE. Cannot go there as a member of the public. They make that pretty darn clear to you. Unless it is on the day of a match. Showing up on a 3 gun match day doesn't sound like a lot of fun to try and shoot my just modded Benelli for the first time in 10 years in front of 75 guys and gals waiting to shoot. As far as making friends or trying to get onto some rural property, don't think that's going to work either. I've been trying for 2 years to get to hog hunt or find someone to give me some pointers or advice and that hasn't worked out as well as the finding a place to shoot my Benelli has...if that gives you any idea of how easy that has been. In 2 years everything I thought Texas was has been shattered before my eyes. It's NOT a hunters paradise...unless you are LOADED with cash to spend 2 grand + per year on a lease....and it is certainly NOT a gun lovers paradise. This Benelli thing in the corner is nothing more than a 9 pound Paper Weight at this point. American Shooters Center is the one in George Bush Park....right? I've already checking into that place. I called them. The person on the phone said no loading more than 2 rounds at a time and when on the shotgun range, someone will be with you at all times to make sure you oberve the rules. I tell ya I am about to the point where I load up about 200 rounds and my Benelli and drive west until I hit no where'sville and then stop and shoot till I don't want to shoot any more. The way I see it that's about the only chance I'll have at getting to shoot this shotgun. I swear this feels like some kind of retarded dream I am in. But its not. I never thought I would ever say this again, but how I long for West Virginia. Thanks all for the suggestions. Nalajr
  14. Hey all, Before I moved here to Texas I thought it was a Sprotsman's and gun owners dream. That's one of the reasons I always wanted to live here. Boy was I ever wrong about this stuff. I swear to you, I have never seen things like I have seen in the last couple weeks here....anywhere. If I didn't know any better I would swear I was in Connecticut or Massachusetts, some really UNFRIENDLY state to guns. Here's the problem. I have had a Benelli M1in my closet for 10 years. It's had maybe 25 rounds through it. I decided to fix it up for HD use with the hopes that at some point soon I would try this 3-Gun thing. I put a +4 tube on itfrom Nordic, new sights and follower. I planned on a few other things later on. Naturally after I got it set up I wanted to "break" it in. It hasn't been fired in such a long time and I wanted to make sure everything was working together without any problems before I loaded it and put it in my corner to rely on it for protection. I thought it would be nothing to go to my closest range and run through a box of 100. I drive out to the range that I have had so many people tell me about. They tell me it is the most awesome range around here. I was excited about it. It's called HOT WELLS. I went there, they have pistol ranges, rifle ranges, both at varying distances. Nice benches, great facilities and help. They also have the shotgun area that has skeet and trap facilities. I explain to the guy running the place that I have a Home Defense shotgun that I want to break in. I want to know where I can go to shoot it on the range and how much. What he tells me next I simply could not believe I would ever hear on a range....in TEXAS. He tells me I can't shoot it on the pistol range, OK. Then he says no to the rifle range, OK. Then he explains that he will NOT allow me to shoot this shotgun on the shotgun range and when I ask why, he said they SCARE the other shotgun shooters. HUH? WTH? SCARE people at the GUN RANGE? I thought it was some kind of a joke. Sadly, it wasn't. I ask what if I come there the first thing in the morning on their least busy day and I went to the farthest part away from anyone else.....AND if anyone else came onto the shotgun range, I would pack up and leave. NOPE....not a chance. He then tells me that my ONLY chance to shoot my shotgun at that range is to pay $85 for a Home Defense Class that is 2X per month. I ask will I be able to shoot all 100 rounds or so and he says NO. You'll have to shoot the way the instructor tells you to, no deviations from the program, but if you don't get to shoot enough in that class, you can pay $35 and repeat it and then pay the fee again and repeat it as much as you want. That was his solution. I left shaking my head. I thought this was some kind of a joke. I started calling and visiting other ranges in the area and asking them if I could bring my Benelli to shoot at their range. Some of them told me flat out NO and some told me that I would be welcome to shoot at their range anytime I wanted if I removed the mag tube, put in a 2 shot limiter and agreed that I would load no more than 2 rounds at a time and never shoot more than that. I am up to 8 or 9 ranges now that have refused to allow me to shoot this shotgun. If someone would've told me this before I put this shotgun together I would've laughed in their face. I would've said...this is TEXAS, not Connecticut. So, here I sit with a souped up Home Defense shotgun that I can't shoot. No range in the area will allow me to shoot it. It SCARES too many people. You think I'm joking about that, I'm not. I've been told that more than once. SCARY GUNS = BAD. As a last resort I thought that surely someone here would be able to help me find a place to shoot my shotgun. I don't know what else to do? I've sent emails, called and visited more ranges than I ever thought I would have to. Now I have a list of ranges that I will NEVER..EVER walk into again. I just want a place that will let me test my shotgun. That's all. I can't do it though. Can you all help? Do you have any suggestions at all for me? At this point, I would gladly PAY a private land owner that is gun friendly to allow me to come to his place and shoot my shotgun. That's how bad it is down here. I don't know what the other people that have these shotguns do. I know they are NOT shooting them at the most well known and popular ranges in Houston, I've checked with almost all of them. Any ideas? Thanks for the time and help. Nalajr P.S. I apologize for the long post but I wanted you all to know what I have been through trying to do nothing more than find a range to shoot my shotgun at.
  15. Hey all, I have always been on the fence about pistol grips on shotguns. I can absolutely see where they would be a big help, especially if you have to move things with your free hand like doors, help family members to get safe and protected and so forth. On the other hand, I like the standard stock awfully well. I thought I'd ask and see how many of you have your Home Defense shotgun, preferably a Benelli M1 or M2, set up with a Pistol grip? Mine has a 21 inch VR barrel and a +4 Nordic Tube. I think it would feel pretty good and balance fine. I just don't know how I would like it and as everything with Benelli, I don't want to spend $150 on a rear stock to find out I hate it an then have to sell it. What do you all think? Also, how much would a pistol grip stock go for in USED condition for the M1 or M2? Thanks for your time. nalajr
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