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  1. I run titegroup in my 45 for USPSA/IDPA.
  2. Plunk test works fine for me. If they plunk, rotate freely and fall out, you're good to go. If I'm loading for something "important" I'll case gauge, too. I second the suggestion of thinking about a single powder - I run TG for my 45 and 9mm loads. Or just get separate powderfeeds for each caliber.
  3. Isn't this literally what IDPA is supposed to be about?
  4. I've been using Proshot Zero Friction this year. Works well so far!
  5. By "heat", do you mean competition? There's plenty in production. Less in single stack.
  6. Thanks for the quick replies! We're behind the iron curtain here - "preban" mags are pretty expensive which is one reason I was thinking L10 would be a step towards something new without breaking the bank. At the local match I frequent, there are normally about as many L10 shooters as Single Stack so I don't think I'd be alone in competition. This is actually a really interesting thought. I should look into this more. Thanks for the suggestion! Carry Optics is extremely interesting to me but presents some issues because of Massachusetts. As I said above, behind the iron curtain in the PRM "standard" capacity mags are $$$. 20+ year old glock mags are around twice the price of a new MagPul 17 rounder.Since CO isn't capped at 10 rounders anymore, I'd be at a pretty big disadvantage. I should look into borrowing a rig from someone and shooting it at a couple matches this winter. Ironically, finding "legal" mags for 2011 style guns is easier. Dunno why.
  7. Every time an open gun goes up for sale on one of the other forms the guys at my club frequent I keep getting text messages with links to it. For some reason, I always read them in Towlie's voice some South Park. "Hey, kid! Wanna buy an open gun?"
  8. I bought mine this time last year after getting a new job. I was loading on a Lee Single Stage and, after some teething issues, I'm thrilled with mine. What add-ons did you get? I don't think I could go back to living without the case feeder & roller handle. (Also, holy necro thread!)
  9. I've been shooting USPSA for a couple years now with a break in the middle of the 2017 season to help my wife after our daughter was born. I'm getting better in my divisions bit by bit (my most recent match not withstanding) and am on the verge of crawling out of D into C. I shoot production and single stack. I've been recently enamored with the idea of switching to L10 for Major PF but having a couple extra bullets to help space out my reloads. Specifically, behind the Iron Curtain in Massachusetts, I was thinking about grabbing an M&P45 as they're inexpensive, easy to find and with a few modifications quality guns. The magazines are cheap and I already reload for .45ACP. At the same time, I'm wondering if it's better to just save for another year or two and keep shooting what I already have and take the plunge on a true Limited gun from Atlas or one of the other higher end shops. There's obviously extra cost there aside from the gun (New dies, bullets, powder, etc) but I'm wondering if that's the better course in the long run.
  10. What are you struggling with? Accuracy? Reloads? Speed? Stage planning?
  11. Safety > Accuracy. We see lots of new shooters who shoot 10" groups and quickly bring it down once the bug bites. We'd rather have 10 new shooters who are safe and tape than 20 who don't tape and run the ragged edge of safety to shoot a slightly better group or a couple seconds faster.
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