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  1. It was the right call. With my new gucci belt (Atlas ratcheting) and these pouches I've got no wobble and the mags go in smooth. Now if only I wasn't a scrub tier shooter.
  2. Thanks for the suggestions, everyone! Based on the feedback here, I ended up ordering a DAA Racer and a CR Speed and ended up liking the Speed more. I've got five more arriving on Friday with inserts! I'm going to give this a shot, too. Hate the feeling of all that weight on my left side hanging in space.
  3. Long story short: I hate the Blade Tech Single Stack mag pouches I use for USPSA. I have a hard time getting the belt to sit right with them/adhere to my inner belt on my off hand side, so I'm looking for an upgrade. What I have now will move to the IDPA setup/held onto for loaner gear. The idea would be to use one belt and swap inserts and holsters when I switch between Single Stack and Production (Or when I start shooting limited/open/CO well down the road). I see the DAA Racers and the CR Speed Versas available over Stoeger's site and they're about $6 difference for the pouches. I know I'll need the Single Stack inserts to swap between regardless. (ETA: The CR Versas have the "C-BAX" Belt Mounts pre-installed) I was leaning towards the CR Speeds (They come in orange. I love that color) because they're on sale but I'm not tied to it. Do folks have suggestions for one over the other?
  4. Atlas sells one - It's spendy ($100) for just the outer. I've got one on back order.
  5. Thanks for the suggestion! I'll take a look next time I'm shopping
  6. Done. Reminder set in my calendar! LOL
  7. That would be awesome! I'm capable of following the directions but I don't think I could code or build it from scratch myself! Thanks!
  8. Do you have a design for this? I like the idea of counting completed rounds instead of individual pulls.
  9. Concur. Really interesting stages in there, too. Some have inspired some of mine or helped me think better about design.
  10. I don't know about Steel, but there's some starting points here https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/search/?q=USPSA&styp=m&btng=Search&backendclass=entity&hl=en There are a few SC stages in here, too: https://github.com/bagellord/USPSA-Stages
  11. I didn't know this even existed. I'm going to give it a shot! Sketchup breaks my brain sometimes - Had everything lined up how I wanted and went to a new view. Targets, barrels, obsticles at all different heights. Had to start all over.
  12. The red flashy thing from MIB is nothing compared to a blue square of plastic in an RO's hand. World's best mind eraser.
  13. Armanov makes a mechanical one that I've been eyeballing for a while. Seems like a good solid piece. Counts at the end of every stroke. Alternatively, I just use my primer alarm. When it goes off, I've loaded about 90 rounds.
  14. I gave up on keeping my legs dry at matches - If it's cold, I wear something vaguely water repellant (Duluth has some good options) and a merino baselayer to keep warmish. Focus more on keeping my upper body/core warm and dry with a Marmot raincoat, baselayer (Merino) and hand/chest warmers.
  15. Walker's Game Ears Buds or the Razer Slim muffs. Muffs when I'm wearing a ball cap or am bare headed, buds for when I'm wearing a boonie for sun protection.
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