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  1. Chutist

    Lack of P320’s

    I've seen them pop up in stock but they go fast. I just bought a P320 Scorpion AXG. Grey Guns released 3. I bought it the MINUTE I saw the email. Lucky I was on my computer when it came in, they were sold within minutes. I got the 3rd of the 3
  2. I get it if you already have the gun and want to add the optic... But otherwise I can't see passing on a factory setup. Liked the 17 MOS so much I bought a 34 MOS yesterday! The MOS plates work well and if I decided to sell it, MOS has better resale value than a non-factory cut slide!
  3. All true.... And I like the new boxes better too.
  4. I have 5 or 6 hundred though my new MPX and just (like I just washed my hands and sat down...) finished cleaning it for the first time. Hit it with some gun scrubber, cleaned the bore and and wiped down the bolt assembly. Sort of interesting the way the spring assembly cam's into the bolt group. Lubed it all down with one of the Sig "Ketchup packets" of oil. I was surprised how easy it was to deal with and how smooth the bolt worked after a good clean and lube! It was "cleaning day" did my AR, Sig 365, Sig P320 CO gun and the MPX. The one packet of oil was enough for all! So
  5. Good idea! I need something for my 15yo to drive.... If I sold off my primers and factory 9mm ammo, I could get her something nice! LOL!!!
  6. Hey for that price, I've got a set I'll sell! LOL!!!
  7. I would have thought about the Alpha 3 for a back up gun but from their site: If you can't get it.... Price doesn't matter. Just like 9mm ammo!
  8. Adjustable sights on a compact carry gun? Mine (P365 Nitron) shoots head shots at 10 yards and "Minute of Felon" at any handgun range... I'd try some other ammo.
  9. I'm running Sig RomeoMax 3MOA on Springer plates. Liked it well enough that I'm building a backup just like it. For this moment in time - I think the RomeoMax on a Springer Plate is the "best" setup for the Sig X5 Legion. But as "The Dude" would say.... That's just my opinion.
  10. That's where I got mine. Probably paid too much, but I was a Glock LE Armorer for 25 years...Had to defend my life with one...So I have a bit of a soft spot for them.
  11. and that's why I got out of Kalifornia...
  12. Ordered a case a month ago. Somebody sent me a link for a case, I would credit them but I've slept since then and don't remember. LOL! It's the same place zzt posted: https://www.kingshooters.com/bullets-pc-bullets-not-ammunition-/80-9mm-3014
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