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  1. Welcome, it's a good group! What class are you shooting, where are you shooting.... do you enjoy long walks on the beach. Oh wait...wrong forum for that.
  2. I watched this waiting for something about shooting... This is an hour of Ben grinding an axe and three other guys sitting there mostly quiet and looking VERY uncomfortable. I think Ben is a great shooter and I'd like to take a class from him but the politics of USPSA? I could care less.... Hopefully the podcast gets back to shooting.
  3. It has, and I've gotten notifications of new posts, but when I go the the thread, the new post does show!
  4. There fixed it for you! Sadly I'm not making that up. I'll stop before I get "moderated". $60 would be MORE THAN "fair" right now. I paid $53 at the store this week when I LUCKED into some.
  5. Said "On the shelf" Done, Thank you.
  6. I'm in line at RMR. They sent out an email yesterday saying they might not make the 8 week est. It goes on to detail what they are doing to catch up. I thought that was great. It went on to detail all the new stuff they bought with the money from the orders they haven't filled, truthfully I have mixed emotions about that.... Doesn't help the open guys but...Right after I got that, I ordered 1K from Precision. I've seen 124 FMJ's at .14 but by the time I pay for primers, powder and cases - It's a push against the cost of factory.... But this too shall pass.
  7. I read a book on "Practical Shooting" a long time ago that I think covered this completely, I'll see if I can remember the quote : "Why worry about something as trivial as equipment" - In context I took it as shoot whatever you feel will make you perform at YOUR best, why would you do anything else? ( @Brian EnosHopefully I got it right )
  8. Stock Main Spring for me as well. Load and test in YOUR gun. A match is not the place to find out they don't work. You're thinking "Thanks Captain Obvious" - If you shoot matches very long you'll see someone do something just as silly!
  9. Comp-Tac would work... but there's a bunch of the 2011 holsters that would likely work. https://www.shootersconnectionstore.com/2011-C367.aspx I have Blade-Teck for my Freedom Gunworks 2011 Limited Gun - Very similar to your Atlas Athena.- works great. I bought a Comp-Tac for my X5. If I was buying another I'd go Comp-Tac just because they build some duty gear I used for years and had good service from them.
  10. Got to play with the MPX yesterday! Pulled an EOTECH off a Duty rifle and put it on the MPX, a little overkill but it will work for now! I have a USPSA match Sunday so it was mostly pistol practice but... I sighted in the MPX at 25 yards and then ran the "stage" i had set up to practice on. Man it's like CHEATING with the rifle! Put about 150 rounds through the MPX without a hiccup! Times with the rifle were as good as the pistol right way! I'm afraid to let my Family shoot it, I might not get it back! Two more mags will be here Friday. Thanks again
  11. Lots of good comments...taking it all in. Of course some of it will depend on what i can find in stock!
  12. When I was looking Scheels had them but they said they were "in store only". They wouldn't ship to my local store... But worth checking if you have one local.
  13. Chutist

    Para Magwells

    I have one as well, EGW built. I finally sort of retired it when I couldn't find mags. Still the most accurate gun in my safe. . Mine has the weld on magwell so I'm no help... IF you can find them, the Grams base pad and follower WORKED GREAT.
  14. Damm you guys are faster than my wife to tell me I'm WRONG. It's okay, I'm used to it. @zzt If I have the right company... https://pc-ammo.com/ They say "in store only at this time". Precision is a couple of hours from me... I'll reach out and see if they will let me do a local pick up. I figured there had to be somebody making Bullets in TEXAS! Thank you!
  15. Sorry, got lost in the acronyms.
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