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  1. Don't forget to try VV N-350. I love it!
  2. I use Q-Tips and distilled water on my camera lenses.
  3. Awesome! I'm going to try some of those new wood grips soon!
  4. If I could afford a new blaster with steel grips I would buy one. While steel grips were more than 50% of the survey, polymer still came in a rock solid at 37%. But, I have deep, empty pockets...
  5. USPSA Equipment survey indicates most use the STI grip vs. a steel grip. I think you already have something to work with. If it were me I would turn it into a very cool gun for a couple of grand. Less if the slide can be salvaged.
  6. They do shoot soft in my Baster
  7. I run N 350 in my Caspian with 115GR bullets. Love it!
  8. 115 N 350 and 115 GRN JHP's work in my gun. XTP's for Major Matches. Shoot soft!
  9. The good old days. One Division. You had to figure out how to win with the gun you owned.
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