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  1. I have a 10 inch Wiland that I picked up at Sportsman's Warehouse. I added a comp and buffer system Brekke along with some other goodies and it works great, but I too had to lengthen the throat. I also have a shory Wiland and tube that I turned into a low PF carbine for Steel Challenge. Throat is short on that barrel too, but it works fine with 105 and 95 grain bullets.
  2. Yeah, 2001. See what I mean about getting old? The other day I called the Alzheimer's Hot Line, but I forgot why I called.
  3. I just checked my date joined, May 2, 2021. I am getting old.
  4. A little follow-up on my friends MBX Pro. He has tried every conceivable combination of parts trying to get the carbine to short stroke. He has also tried a half a dozen different bullets with various types of powders. Bottom line, no way the carbine will short stroke without jams from hell every few rounds. Long stroke, no problem. Short stroke isn't in the cards with this carbine.
  5. A friend of mine got an MBX Pro just a couple of days ago. I met him at the range today to help him break it in before he short strokes the carbine. We shot about 950 rounds through the thing in the last two days. The loads were 147 grain Zero and 124 grain Montana Gold. I like the MBX a lot. Most importantly, zero malfunctions for the first 950 rounds with no cleaning. Splits in the mid teens consistently put the bullets about 1.5 inches apart at 12 yards.
  6. As a former GM, I would rather be a paper GM than a sandbagger. On a more serious note, when I was shooting a lot, I was always very good at stand and deliver courses of fire. I have never been particularly athletic, and my movement skills have always been poor. When it became apparent to me that GM in every division was within my reach, I practiced draws, transitions, and reloads because I was good at those elements of shooting. The stuff that really counts got pushed to the side. In my quest for ego gratification, I mutated into a total dick and ruined the sport for myself. To answer the OP, either make a big push to GM (you know how), or just shoot the classifiers like any other stage and when it happens, it happens. You have the skill set, now it's just time for a decision. Not much help am I?
  7. Yeah, what M&M said above. I shot a bunch in open division. I pretty much quit shooting a few years back and I sold my open blasters. I know some shooters have a disdain of carry optics and/or pcc, but those divisions are a godsend for us baby boomers with failing vision and arthritis. Optics without the violence of an open blaster brought me back into the game. Don't be in a hurry to buy a bunch of additional gear. Shoot, learn, and think on it for a while.
  8. Thordsen adapter and Odin works Zulu 2 Adjustable Stock. Shortened the tube to make up for the length of the adapter. Isler hand guard up front.
  9. Last Tuesday it was -15 degrees. Today it is pushing 45 and it is supposed to be between 50-55 for the entire coming week. Love it.
  10. Shot this one yesterday with my open blaster. Had 38 points in 3.14 seconds. Not bad considering the turning draw was half of the total time. OK, I confess I hosed it and got lucky.
  11. Well at least he got one thing right.
  12. Shot this one today with a Glock 17. The turning draw sucked at 2 seconds but the trigger time was good. The run was 3.56 down 2.
  13. Most of the members in our club shot this well above their normal scores. In fact, some of the guys will have it flagged and tossed as way too high. Grandbagger special? What would you propose?
  14. I just looked up the score on my Open run from last month. I came in at 98% nationally. Hmmmm...I haven't shot an M class score in almost two years and I was recently moved from M class to A class. I wonder if the HHF for this classifier might not be a little too low?
  15. I do the stats for our club and from what I can tell, shooters can expect to do very well on this classifier if they don't get flustered and tank it bad. The HHF seems to be reasonable. Some of us shoot skinny guns better than we shoot fat guns. I hadn't shot a skinny gun in a couple of years and I really wanted to know if I still have "it" what ever "it" is. After the match I borrowed my old single stack, did a dozen dry draws, shot the classifier because it was still up, and six rounds later I was looking at a clean score in 3.0 flat. So, much for the notion that shooting skills are highly perishable.
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