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  1. TonytheTiger

    Shadow 2- 50 Yard Accuracy

    .5" groups at 50? Thats a bit hard to believe...
  2. TonytheTiger

    Rifle Reloads

    Its important to be able to get the mag seated consistently and reasonably fast but obsessing over it and putting in hours to shave a tenth on a reload here or there won't pay many dividends in a match unless you actually have 3GN classifiers. I can count on one hand (with fingers to spare) the number of rifle mag changes I've done in the last 30 matches.
  3. TonytheTiger

    ARCA Rail options for Tikka T3x Tac A1

    Seekins has a cool looking new system out now. It's proprietary and encompasses all the rails/plates/doodads but I think it's still backwards compatible with RRS/Arca stuff. I think that Area 419 has a similar system too.
  4. TonytheTiger

    .223 69-77 gr ammo suggestions factory/hand load

    That makes more sense. I also zero with my heavies and make note of the offset with 55gr blaster ammo, but it's never been more than 1" vertical offset at 50yd with negligible horizontal. For the size and range of the targets I use the 55's for it isn't worth worrying about.
  5. TonytheTiger

    .223 69-77 gr ammo suggestions factory/hand load

    If you can reload heavies for cheaper than 55gr factory ammo, imagine how cheap you can reload 55's for. As far as 55's going 4" high at 100yds, is this with a verified solid 50yd zero? Because if it is you are either defying physics or you have a 5+ inch sight height over bore.
  6. TonytheTiger

    .223 69-77 gr ammo suggestions factory/hand load

    Why the desire for a heavy bullet hoser load?
  7. TonytheTiger

    Dissident Arms NNS-14

    Damn, you're not wrong.
  8. TonytheTiger

    When would you want a 1x optic?

    Thats a fine question, I don't have enough time behind one to answer it though. I just listed the first benefits I've noticed when I've looked through them.
  9. TonytheTiger

    Let's talk muzzle brakes... Again

    You try the CK brake on a different rifle? Just curious, mine hasn't bothered me any. The only brake I've noticed that had that effect on me was the Miculek.
  10. TonytheTiger

    When would you want a 1x optic?

    Better glass, finer etched reticle, works without batteries, usable BDC hashes, doesn't cause people with eye problems as much grief.
  11. TonytheTiger

    12.5 in barrel mid upper

    You'll have about 2.7" of dwell time. A rifle gas 16" has about 3.2" and thats closer to the edge than most people will go as it is.
  12. TonytheTiger

    12.5 in barrel mid upper

    Never seen an upper but barrels are out there. You planning on running suppressed full time?
  13. -36 this morning. Wind chill puts it around -50 or so.
  14. But they never even got the 930JM to work, and they've had years to try.