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  1. The most noteworthy difference other than the .5mm is that you almost cut your barrel life expectancy in half going from 6.5 to 6 Creedmoor.
  2. The question is almost too vague to answer. Are you talking AR platform or can we include large exotic guns and Barrett semi autos? If you are thinking about the AR are you asking specifically small frame or large frame? Are you just asking what'll get to 1100? Because 223 has done that many times but its not easy. Grendel and Valkyrie variants are easier but its still not ideal no matter what the advertisement in Guns & Ammo told you. What targets are you wanting to hit, because the difference between a full size IPSC silhouette and a 12" square plate can very well be the difference between thinking 1100 yards is relatively easy or never wanting to waste ammo shooting long range dirt again.
  3. I'd like to see a video of the trigger pull technique just for comparison to the button pushing method. I've been using the button for a couple years now and don't feel that its that difficult or slow. Vid for comparison purposes:
  4. So all I need is a $550 BCG and $400 magic headphones and I'll be unstoppable? Why didn't you tell me that a few years ago, I could've saved a lot of money.
  5. With the hammer dropped though? Thats the tricky part of this scenario that I don't see a fast way around.
  6. The Magpul bipod is worth looking at also. The legs deploy quickly and its sturdier than it looks. Its not as versatile as an Atlas but then neither is the Harris and plenty of people do just fine with those.
  7. Nonsense, they were only like $550 and Keith Garcia claimed that instant match wins were mixed in with the special sauce.
  8. If you're going to spend Harris money just get a Harris and be happy that you got a decent American product with a warranty. Those Chinese Atlas knockoffs are not just prone to break, they blatantly infringe on so many patents that I'd feel bad owning one.
  9. Very happy with the BT10 on an RRS BTC Pro mount.
  10. Not sure about road apples but I'm sure I saw him bobbing for pizza and beer later that day..
  11. I don't shoot IPSC but I've seen mandatory weakside rifle and pistol stages a handful of times. I've also shot weakside by choice a few times when its one of those poke your gun around the wall and shoot contact distance paper type shots. But these days it's usually just as easy/fast to shoot those while falling out of the shooting area then hopping back in and moving on, although I can imagine thats not allowed in IPSC.
  12. Plenty of empty starts, but never once with the hammer dropped.
  13. No, but I've never seen such a start condition.
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