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  1. TonytheTiger

    scale modeling

    More like Bullseye I think, all the time in the world as long as its perfect. I used to build WW2 era planes nonstop as a kid, those were some good times. Now that I'm older and could use a relatively inexpensive hobby that doesn't require explosive position exits and timers I might pick it back up again someday. My kids would dig it too.
  2. TonytheTiger

    Low Mass BCG

    Good to know. I tried a cheap aluminum carrier earlier this year, liked the performance but it died fast. Now I'm trying to tell myself spending more money on one will buy some more life out of it.
  3. TonytheTiger

    Low Mass BCG

    I assume you're using the JP aluminum carriers? What kind of lifespan are you seeing from them?
  4. Surely you guys must be talking about Open division? Never heard of Open class.
  5. TonytheTiger

    Inov-8 mudclaw sizing question

    Next time I order a pair I'll be going a half size above my normal shoe size.
  6. TonytheTiger

    Faxon match, Faxon gunner, Odin, BA

    Barrels in this price range are usually a gamble. The Faxon and BA barrels seem to be split 50/50 between great and truly horrible reviews. Odin is the only one of your choices that has a overwhelmingly positive reputation. Oh and I have a Faxon Gunner, and experience with a couple BA barrels. Solidly OK barrels, not great, not bad.
  7. TonytheTiger

    What Did You Do Today In Reloading?

    Turned a bunch of ammo into brass that needs to be loaded again. Does that count?
  8. TonytheTiger

    which comp for 9mm PCC ?

    I did last night. The feedramp is an ideal place for the case to blow out and ruin a mag...
  9. TonytheTiger

    DMR match scope

    Look at some of the Athlons, like the Ares BTR FFP models. A couple of the 2.5-15x's for sale on Sniperhide right now at very good prices.
  10. TonytheTiger

    Pistol Caliber Carbines

    Just finished my new toy.
  11. TonytheTiger

    Time to upgrade my stock, suggestions?

    Odin Zulu Best stock I've ever had.
  12. I've seen guy's wrap tape around them to build it up a little, but you can't really do much before it interferes with the charging handle.
  13. TonytheTiger

    Least expensive 223 powder

    Dang, I thought my 21gr load of AA2200 was light. You ever chrono that?
  14. TonytheTiger

    Easy AR trigger job

    I've got one mil spec trigger I wanted to clean up for cheap. I got the lighter springs and a grip screw that adjusts most of the pre travel out. With a light polish job it turned out decent. Not competition decent mind you, just truck gun decent. Now I'll just insert a shameless plug for a trigger I'm selling cheap....
  15. TonytheTiger

    Hi-Power in competition?

    Patrick Sweeney has stated in several articles that as much as he loves the guns, heavy competition use will destroy them.