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  1. Thats a bummer, I have zero interest in a FFP 1-6x.
  2. Then their website and PDF are lying.
  3. Huge thread on SH about them. I'm waiting for someone to buy an SFP 223 RD and report back on dot brightness. I'm hoping its pretty much a 6x version of a Steiner P4XI. All the reviews on the higher mag scopes are very positive so far.
  4. Seems to me that paper and long steel mandate a slug, clays and steel are birdshot targets. Distant spinners and such should be shot with whatever heavy load thats allowed, be it Prairie Storm, buckshot, turkey loads. I don't get requiring buckshot in the WSB though. I've only been to one match requiring buckshot, and it wasn't because it was needed or a clever stage where buckshot would give you an advantage. It was just a stage designer that ran out of creativity and substituted buckshot just because he could. Half the shooters didn't have any, and the other half, like myself, have been carrying the same box around for the last 4 years wondering why its still in the range bag. Maybe I just don't get the buckshot thing because I'm relatively new to the sport.
  5. Buckshot still happens in 3 gun? Why?
  6. I can't remember where or who, but I recently heard someone say this exact GB/HG combo doesn't work.
  7. I wouldn't go as far as to use the word worthless. I have at least 3 barrels in both 1:8 and 1:7 and haven't had to do any development specific to the twist rate.
  8. Not here. Over 12k rounds over the last couple years and all I've managed to do was install it kinda upside down when I was in a hurry and have it fall out.
  9. I've burnt out two barrels on my 3 gun rifle and getting close to the third. The first one was cleaned thoroughly on a regular basis, the last two have never seen a real cleaning in over 20k rounds combined, just a oily patch once per winter if I get bored. There has been no discernible difference in accuracy behavior between the different cleaning methods.
  10. Hope you never need to use a sling. I've had far less stabby looking handles take skin off my back.
  11. This was the main selling point of the 1301 for me. It starts at 13"
  12. You guys are so much more structured over there. Here we just make it up as we go and every MD has a different match style.
  13. My internet skills must suck, I can't find it.
  14. No useful info to offer, but how did you manage to get an intermediate gas ARP barrel?
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