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  1. You can either rack the round on the lifter into the chamber then continue loading, fire the gun then continue, or if you really wanted to you could partially pull the bolt back, stick your finger into the ejection port and push the shell all the way into the tube.
  2. The pin getting more weld on top of it is besides the point. If the brake is threaded on most of the way and it still wobbles you've got some garbage threads on it or the barrel. If the brake is snugged up to the barrel shoulder and it still wobbles you've got some next level bubba gunsmith shenanigans going on.
  3. Can't say definitively, and there's probably not many people on here that have used a +2, but I'd be willing to bet it would work fine.
  4. I wish 3 gun wasn't dying. How's that saying go? Wish into one hand and s#!t in the other, see which one fills up first.
  5. The most likely cause is that you're just not getting the last rim to click past the shell latch. A distant second most likely scenario is that you are bumping the release button. If you're doing neither of these things and the gun is doing it automatically something is very wrong with the gun and it needs some work.
  6. Do whatever you want. This is still the United States of America. For at least a little longer anyways.
  7. TonytheTiger

    CZ TS 2

    Website made it sound like it comes with a stop and a pin
  8. Every rimfire is different. Buy a box of all the most expensive ammo you can find. When you find the one your gun likes, buy cases of ammo from the same lot number. When it runs out start over with testing.
  9. TonytheTiger

    CZ TS 2

    The real question is will this beat the DWX to market?
  10. @DD78 you should've shot the shotgun match today. Nothing better at crushing your expectations than cold rain.
  11. I've had the non tactical FNX for years. Had a few issues with wolf ammo, other than it's been solid. What are you using it for?
  12. I've messed with a few different bullets and powders and so far it looks like the easy button is Sierra 107's and CFE.
  13. So every time there's an accident something must be done to litigate accidents out of existence? Guns will be gone by next week. Every trade I've ever been employed in would've been shut down a century ago.
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