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  1. I wonder if the XDM tooling finally paid for itself and thats why the price dropped so much.
  2. As an MD that made a decision to cancel I'll add that there's a lot more to the decision than meets the eye. Negative press for the range, possible liabilities down the road as the China flu spreads, shelter in place orders in my state (IL) that everyone ignores but its harder to bend the rules in groups of 50+ even though its outdoors, and a big one for me is reduced attendance vs. the range rental fee putting the match in the red financially. There's a lot to think about as a match administrator, and even though as a shooter I wouldn't hesitate to shoot a match right now, I have no desire to jump into a net of red tape so others can shoot.
  3. All the Shot videos say late March, but I'm not holding my breath.
  4. Anyone got an ETA on these backordered PDI's? My Calvin Elite broke down again and I'm getting the itch to try something new.
  5. I have a love/hate relationship with my 24c. Like you say, dryfiring it I can't stand it. It feels mushy and heavy. But then I shoot it and just like Max said, this trigger wants to shoot fast pairs with no effort on my part.
  6. Since my last post in this thread I bought a PST Gen 2 and now that I have more time behind it I can say it is the best sub $700 LPVO I've been behind. It has some faults, and its definitely not a Razor but its very good and is probably where the dollar to performance ratio starts leveling off and more money gets you diminishing returns.
  7. He's probably talking about milling the receiver face square and wrapping the barrel extension in shim stock for the tightest fit possible. It's not a bad idea and won't hurt anything but 99 in 100 shooters won't be able to tell the difference unless his particular barrel or upper is horribly out of spec. The weird thing is that the gunsmith wants to fit everything for accuracy but recommends a piston system. Pistons are not synonymous with accuracy.
  8. I would imagine its a great HD gun but its in kind of a weird spot in competition land. The barrel ports put it in open division, which is the very last place you'll typically see a pump gun.
  9. For competition or just shooting?
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