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  1. I thought I was picking up on sarcasm, my bad. Agreed on stationary shooting being boring.
  2. I tried telling my wife that regarding my spending on gun stuff. No dice.
  3. I'll look for some vids, that sounds like a good time. UML is popping up in my area and I'm warming up to it, but to be honest the stage designs are pretty similar to pre-UML. Not that thats a bad thing.
  4. Speaking of no shoots, I can't help but wonder if the MD at Sundays match had seen all my whining in this thread. I haven't seen a no shoot at his match in quite a while but they were present Sunday, in just enough quantity to mix it up without killing the fun. Also had aerial clays and more pistol shooting than usual. It was a pretty well balanced match and the presence of the death star didn't hurt at all.
  5. Well I do actually shoot a lot faster when I'm not really aiming, so you might be on to something...
  6. Agreed. A match I shot Sunday had a death star, but it was a 40ish round all shotgun stage, so the star itself wasn't a drag on reset (it was one of the first targets and got reset while the shooter moved forward) and it didn't make or break the stage.
  7. Although I know you're being facetious I still agree with you. Though a stage consisting of 3 plate racks falls squarely in the ultra lazy design category.
  8. I like how at 15:20 he sent a third round into the ground as he was lowering the rifle. Didn't even phase him.
  9. I had to google it as I've never seen one in the wild. That definitely cuts out reset concerns but goes to the far end of the stupid target realm. If I'm ever running around tearing up a 3 gun stage and suddenly have to stop and shoot a Steel Challenge stage 3.5 times I'll be pissed. There are other shooting sports for those that want to stand still and empty a magazine.
  10. You're mostly right. At least thats where I was when I started this thread. But the more I thought about it the more I realized I actually dislike the targets to some extent. Shooting them isn't necessarily terrible, but the reset always is.
  11. I really wanted a Sig P238, but for something that might disappear forever in an evidence locker forever should I ever need to use it, I decided against a more expensive gun that I might actually become attached to.
  12. CZ Tac Sport for fun, Ruger LCP2 for everyday. No similarities but the Rugers only controls are the trigger so I can't mess it up.
  13. I've been wondering the same thing for months but couldn't find the info anywhere. 3-4lbs is pretty disappointing for the cost.
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