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  1. My 16" rlgs ultra low mass components rifle ejects around 2 o'clock, and adjusting the gas block puts it into no lock back mode, just like yours. The 15" intermediate with low mass parts is much more agreeable, 3:30 ejection, feels like lower carrier speed, but damn if it just wont stack doubles like the other rifle even if it feels more tame. I think the titanium carriers and plastic buffers are just so light that even with the minimum gas required to run they just cycle crazy fast anyways. Weight distribution and stock setup absolutely play a part in perceived recoil. Every
  2. Sounds pretty similar to my main match stick. Titanium carrier, 16" rlgs barrel, Hypertap, 80% spring, adj. gas, and taccom plastic buffer, 9ish pounds. Had all the parts to build a clone rifle with the same 14.8" barrel you have, but got a great deal on a Stretch15 instead. I have the same narrow operational window with regards to the gas block adjustment. Without a doubt the ultra light parts make for a very snappy rifle, way more so than the intermediate and mid gas barrels I've had with similar systems. The recoil impulse almost doesn't exist but it still could be described as
  3. Link does work though, thanks!
  4. I only ever use mobile, so...
  5. Can't figure out how to access my profile since the forum update. I didn't really care till I got a message from @LeadThrower today that I can't read or reply to.
  6. Ballistically yes. But there's a whole list of tradeoffs you get when going large frame. You gain size and weight, lose modularity, lose lots of barrel life, huge cost increase and most of all AR10's are just plain harder to shoot. The extra reciprocating mass takes a lot more practice to master.
  7. I don't have a 224V but I've equaled the ballistics with 223 bolt gun loads and I'd easily say 6mm has the edge. Even if the 224V looks slightly better for drop/drift on paper there's no comparison when it comes to effect on target or spotting misses.
  8. Yup, carriers are interchangeable, but make sure you get the right bolt type for your barrel. 6mmG is a wildcat, but its the easiest one in existence. One step neck down and done, if I can do it anyone can. But even easier yet is Hornady's new 6ARC. Its just a very slightly modified 6mmG but standardized with factory support.
  9. Barrel, bolt and mags, thats it. I love 6.5G for what it is but there's no doubt its outclassed beyond 800yds by the 6mm Grendel.
  10. I've never seen a match requiring power factor. I don't think there are enough USPSA Multigun matches for anyone to worry about their rules.
  11. Had a shooter come to the line with a Comp Pro yesterday. It looked funny and he noticed me staring at it. Told me he spent a bunch of money to swap all the Pro parts back to standard 1301 configuration. Lifter, stock and forend had all been changed and he was a lot happier with it.
  12. That'll definitely penetrate better than the Vmax.
  13. Vmax. All my experience with Vmax bullets says you'll be disappointed if you need to use it against an armored target though. It's a varmint bullet made to explode almost immediately on contact, so it's hell on soft tissue but nothing else.
  14. As counterintuitive as it sounds, plenty of government agencies with big research budgets have proven this to be false.
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