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  1. Any long term PCC usage with the CE? I can't stand the 24C in my PCC any longer but I don't see many PCC specific triggers that I like.
  2. In USPSA? Its still a pistol, so no.
  3. @DD78 You gonna take over at ASC and throw some badass 3 gun matches?
  4. Nothing wrong with it per se. It was just a hundred dollar trigger and felt like it. That put it in a weird middle ground in my stable. On one end I have guns that just need to go bang and not be too expensive if anything bad ever happened to them. A polished up mil spec with JP springs is just the ticket here. On the other end are Hiperfires, Timney CE's and other high triggers for when I need as much performance as possible. I don't really have any general purpose rifles that would be a good home for an okay but not amazing trigger like the Rise.
  5. The port cover flips upward, so yes, it is a lefty upper.
  6. I reject your logic! Long live 3 gun! You might be right though.
  7. Same here, I really like the original latch.
  8. I've heard a lot of good about the Criterion chrome lined barrels. All the ADM guys love them and I've seen them in action at longer range in matches and they're clearly plenty accurate for 3 gun. Since this thread started Odin introduced a 16" rifle gas, Iron City Rifleworks has one, Lantac seems to have discontinued their 14.5 and 16 intermediates, and I just noticed Foxtrot Mike has a very inexpensive 16" rifle gas barrel.
  9. Hell if all I gotta do is loan out AK's to bring 3 gun back I'm game.
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