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  1. Happened to be on the throne when I read this. TP cardboard looks about 1.75-2" in diameter from here.
  2. I thought the regular 3 position pull/release firing triggers were a bad idea. These look worse.
  3. I've never considered the reasoning or origin of the rule. I'm not sure if 223 has enough gas to utilize a gigantic brake, and if you want to thread a soup can sized weight on your muzzle maybe you should be allowed to. I would assume no one cares, not even enough to try to change the rule.
  4. Yup, but like 021411 said, the measurement is from muzzle to end of brake. So it can be closer to 3.5" total and still be within the rules.
  5. Might as well put your list in this thread. I'm curious to see more points of view and having them compiled in one place would be great.
  6. Fairly certain DTF hasn't existed for quite some time.
  7. Agreed. Draw speed means almost nothing in 3 gun, especially when your pistol is laying on the ground where you're rifle sling snagged it and you're done for the day.
  8. Could be worse. I work outdoors in WI year round.
  9. Another aspect that most people don't factor in is gun fit. A huge selling point of the 1301 for myself and other vertically challenged individuals is that the LOP goes down to 13", and that is absolutely worth the extra dollars. This may not matter to you, and you can find youth stocks for the Stoeger but it adds cost that brings it closer to a more expensive gun.
  10. I actually don't care that much from a shooting standpoint. Its the range lawyers that have come out of the woodwork. Ever since I first got a PS penalty I've noticed the same guys just waiting to catch someone using it so they can assess penalties. These same guys have started going through all the fine print in the rule book looking for ways to bend people over.
  11. I'm sure I've covered most of my thoughts in other threads, so in this one I'll just add that I wish UML allowed Prairie Storm.
  12. I knew someone would comment on the possibility of redundancy in the number of different shotguns I've seen. I've been to enough matches where I barely knew anybody and never saw them again to say that I've seen plenty of individual guns only once. I also know people that own M4's and would never consider bringing them to a match. My experience only goes back four years so maybe I missed the golden era of M4 usage, because now is not it.
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