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  1. Went all last year without cleaning my TS. Had some light strikes at a match last month that reminded me. If I didn't use Titegroup I might never clean it.
  2. Because a WSB that says "here's your stage, have fun" is a lot more interesting than one that gives you a script to follow. Besides, some guys need all the stage planning practice they can get, even if the single good way to shoot the stage is obvious.
  3. Some of you guys have clearly never followed a product release before. The key is to forget about the new shiny for two years and then be pleasantly surprised when you see one at the LGS.
  4. For starters I zero at a range that gets the BDC close. Then I verify every 50 yards out to 500 ish. And my reticle has hash marks in 50 yard increments, so I'm on a hash no matter the target distance.
  5. @mpeltier I know some limited guys that use that method. Makes my head hurt a little but if it works it works..
  6. Well now I'm kinda curious what your method is. And Burris has done some stuff with dual focal plane reticles.
  7. Unfortunately all the John Wick fans seem to have been attracted to 3 gun. You really don't want those guys in USPSA..
  8. I was gonna post here just to defend the honor of my beloved shotgun, but if there was ever a good shooting sport without a shotgun I'd say you're headed the right direction. 3 divisions max, try to mirror the most common 3 gun divisions for rifle and USPSA for pistol just because anybody already involved in competition has this stuff already. Brakes keep the 1"x3", there is just no way to police brake stuff without just having a list of approved models.
  9. Definitely check it out before you pass judgement. Its very intuitive, and while I have yet to see a FFP 4x or 6x scope I liked, in 10x it's really the better option. Reason being is that the BDC is typically calibrated for maximum magnification. In a 4x or 6x by the time you need the BDC for holdovers you're usually at max mag. already so it works out. In a 10x scope you may very well decide you'd like to use 5x for an array at 350yds and 8x for the 550yd target. In a SFP scope your BDC is next to worthless in that situation while a FFP's holdovers remain the same regardless of magnification setting.
  10. Its FFP, so it changes size relative to your eyes but stays the same relative to the target. Its designed well enough to look like a dot at 1x but its actually an unobtrusive semi transparent segmented circle dot as you turn it up.
  11. I don't understand how anyone stays there!
  12. New York is pretty much in a different country than FL.
  13. Yeah, those don't fit any mil spec lower I've tried. Might have to go custom for that.
  14. I don't own one but I've spent a little time behind one. It's a great scope. Reticle is well designed to be fast and simple at 1x and very usable for holdovers at any power above 4x, something that I haven't seen another FFP LPVO do nearly as well. Dot is bright. Eyebox and eye relief is very flexible, similar to the Gen 2. All that said, I'm mostly shooting matches at 400yds or less, and the extra magnification doesn't really pay for itself. In fact, the owners of the two Gen 3's I've looked through also own Gen 2's and say the same thing, they'll stick with the 1-6x for typical 3 gun matches and put the 1-10x on 18" rifles geared towards natural terrain matches that are more common further southwest. One other thing a Gen 3 owner told me was that you can focus it perfectly for 1x or 10x, not both. You can find a middle ground though. To be fair his focus looked to me like I was in a fishbowl, so maybe he just has unusual eyes.
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