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  1. Still using metal form 38 super mags 10 round. Load,seat and feed with no issues.
  2. hdgun

    STS/DPP mount

    Do they share the same mount? thanks
  3. Any time a change is made ,ammo,springs weight ect: the gun will react differently. You might be used to the way it was set up before, now you have to relearn. Timing is everything. You can not stop recoil.
  4. Metalform 38 super mags have served me well.
  5. The pin is broke Replace it.
  6. Try 6.8 Unique 158 plated bullet @1.540” 169PF from a 6” barrel
  7. hdgun

    Old School

    Still shoot my Caspians even with Aimpoint dots. I also have a Bedell and SV with APs. Love em
  8. I don't have the 9mm but I do have the forty. Great gun never a problem.
  9. I have an older Bedel and an STI/SV. I use MBX 38 super and have the same stacking issue. But, they run in both guns. 38 super zero jhp 1.235"
  10. Check your brass for excessive bulging. Even if you only have a few in the mag. The combination of a rimed case and a bulge can cause havoc. Two bulged rounds back to back is a recipe for failure.
  11. Thank you. Gun is being built now. Just didn't want any surprises.
  12. Are any of you guys using 38 super with MBX mags? I am having an open STI built but plan on running super not SC. Any issues I should know about or are am I Good to go. Thanks
  13. Yup!! I prefer c more hole pattern. But any manufacturer is fine. I got one but it's got a weird 3 hole hole pattern.
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