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  1. hdgun

    Scope Mount

    sent you pics. my mounts only have 4 holes not six..
  2. I have 2 gen 1 frames. Both needed extensive opening of the inside grip. Mags were super tight. 2nd gen no problem.
  3. hdgun

    Scope Mount

    I’ll send you some pics of what I have. Send me you’re e mail
  4. hdgun

    Scope Mount

    do you need one?
  5. I ended up at 1.225” for super in the MBX mag. MG JHP
  6. what do you want trade we talked years ago about this

  7. Still using metal form 38 super mags 10 round. Load,seat and feed with no issues.
  8. Do they share the same mount? thanks
  9. Any time a change is made ,ammo,springs weight ect: the gun will react differently. You might be used to the way it was set up before, now you have to relearn. Timing is everything. You can not stop recoil.
  10. Metalform 38 super mags have served me well.
  11. Try 6.8 Unique 158 plated bullet @1.540” 169PF from a 6” barrel
  12. just realized this is a paddle holster not belt holster !

  13. Can't figure out how to mail through the board w a picture attached, mind telling me your email addy.


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