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  1. Take off material under both wings right? Thank you.
  2. Hi I just installed the CZ comp hammer and short reset dis-connector. Trigger do not feel right. Feel like the after the sear release the hammer, trigger bar still catch on the disconnector. Any one have this experience? How to fix? Thank you very much in advance.
  3. I am going to start Classic division in year 2020. It is the only division which have 10 round mag capacity in higher level matches. I am from Canada. 10 round max.......... For this reason, classic is going to be my focus for new few years.
  4. I just ordered a 18.5' version of FX9 I like to know what load is good for the gun. I have heard that SGM mags are working great with the gun. What is your experience? What trigger work well with this gun? What stock and buffer setup is good for this gun? I have heard that Odin works stock and buffer are great. But I have not been able to come up with the money yet. Grip is also a challenge.
  5. I put in 14lb spring and below is the load data comes back. All drive the recoil spring with no issue.
  6. IPSC load. 124 Campro RN 6.3 WAC OAL 1.145 the is is the longest my big stick will take. USPSA load 121 Campro RN 8.65 3N38 OAL 1.145
  7. Magictalent


    I run .090 w and .240h. Not going back to factory. Dawson is my only choice now. A .090 really help, but I do need to make sure my grip is right. Jim
  8. Shooter's connect do not ship outside of US. Most of the world can't get stuff from them.
  9. I have always have issue with the current Czechmate slide racker. When it install on the right sight, I can't move my hand fast to establish a grip. When install on the left sight, my thumb will hit it accidentally. I see this on Seboweapons.com and make the order. I think it is going help me. https://seboweapons.com/en/mount-rest/445-higher-slide-racker.html
  10. I orderd, but not ship or received yet. It will work well I think. The current mag release is too high for me and I will also need to adjust the spring pressure.
  11. Hi ZZT Another question. I have measured the pre and over travel last night. Pre-travel at 0.045 overtravel at 0.045 Is this good numbers? I am more of a CZ guy so anything within 0.100 is good to me. But I do want to know what is good as generally accepted by 1911/2011 shooter. Thank you very much again
  12. Thank you very much. I went and check the parts number. It looks like same mag release spring used for all CZ 75 guns. But each gun I have feel different weight to press it down. I will need to adjust it then.
  13. Hi. This is Jim from Canada. I shoot CZ Shadow, TSO, and Czechmate. I love the feel of Shadow 2 mag release. It is light weigh and easy to touch off. My TSO and Czechmate on the other hand no. May I ask how to reduce mag release spring power for TSO and Czechmate? Thank you very much for your help. Jim
  14. Yes, the half cock notch and all other safety works. Thank you very much for your help. I am going to let it like this and shoot for a thousand round first then to see if I am going to do more work with it. Jim
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