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  1. My 9 mm mags are from dawson. Other mag works too. My 40 SW are from Tripp. I like mag with thicker steel. They last a little longer. Mags are comsumerbles. Depends on how often you dryfire and pratice, 2 to 3 sets of mag are good to have.
  2. Well, with covid and other life changing events, I have not get where I wanted to be within the time limted I set. That does not mean I am going to stop there. Currently training on below. 1. move/drive the gun with suport hand. 2. "see" 2 targets. 3. eyes on target or looking searching for target all time. 4. gun on line between target and eye most of time. 5. physical training to build body and reduce recation time
  3. When I shoot very slow, I have no problem switch gun and divisions. Everything will work. Then later I pushed to 1second draw, 1.2 reload, 0.23 split and transition. Still very slow, but everything is by feel now. A very small change in location of the belt will cause feel changes. Switch gun? No way. Even just a taller or skinnier front post will cause the feel change and body react slower.
  4. Before I were able to call my shots, I only think I have bad grip. Now I can call my shot better, what happen is I over swing, one C then pull the gun back, another C on the other side. Fast eyes moving with legs are all great skills to have. Take very long time to train. I have spend 1 year already, can't perform it 100%
  5. not an app, but works really well on my TV. You can change how many rounds per target as you wish. Reload or not. Move Left to Right or Right to left. Use a little bit of imagination, almost unlimited practices.
  6. It will not fit the box. First the original magwell is not legal in IPSC. Need to change. Second, the mag will stick out 2 mm. Max has a higher front sight.
  7. Car engine oil I have. Works great.
  8. Congratulations on the new gun. I have a max in 40. I use both 10 mm 10 rounds and 40 9 rounds. Both work well. 10 mm no good for IPSC with MAX due to it has a tall front sight.
  9. Congratulations on the new gun. I have a max in 40. I use both 10 mm 10 rounds and 40 9 rounds. Both work well. 10 mm no good for IPSC with MAX due to it has a tall front sight.
  10. Hi I just installed the CZ comp hammer and short reset dis-connector. Trigger do not feel right. Feel like the after the sear release the hammer, trigger bar still catch on the disconnector. Any one have this experience? How to fix? Thank you very much in advance.
  11. I am going to start Classic division in year 2020. It is the only division which have 10 round mag capacity in higher level matches. I am from Canada. 10 round max.......... For this reason, classic is going to be my focus for new few years.
  12. I just ordered a 18.5' version of FX9 I like to know what load is good for the gun. I have heard that SGM mags are working great with the gun. What is your experience? What trigger work well with this gun? What stock and buffer setup is good for this gun? I have heard that Odin works stock and buffer are great. But I have not been able to come up with the money yet. Grip is also a challenge.
  13. I put in 14lb spring and below is the load data comes back. All drive the recoil spring with no issue.
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