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  1. Thanks for the info. I wanted to send the gun to Hayes, but that’s a lot of money and time. I looked at their loading port pictures and tried to replicate what they do. A friend of mine that is pretty handy with air tools did the cutting for me, I did the polishing myself.
  2. Got a loading port job on my new Comp Pro, I think it turned out awesome and it loads fantastic. I wanted a gun that would run sub .20 splits consistently and reliably, and have had issues with an M2 running at that pace. So far it seems like this gun is it. I am looking for advice (or a link to a video) about cleaning / maintenance on these guns. I have been shooting inertia guns forever and I want to make sure I can keep this thing running long term.
  3. I have not used the Gemini caddies, but I have used Taccom caddies for several years. The 8s4q’s are great. I used the predecessor for a long time and now have some of the current models, they are good to go. I would like to try the Gemini’s, they look fantastic. But I am still crushing shotgun stages with the old stuff, and am not losing any ground to anyone based on caddy choice.
  4. In the past it has not been required, pistols are staged. I guess the only way to know definitively would be to ask Pete Rensing, but I’m pretty confident you won’t need one.
  5. Legal, yes absolutely. I have never owned one, but have heard many stories of reliability problems. The Magpul is pretty much the new gold standard. Mine has been perfectly reliable so far, although I don’t have a ton of rounds through it (probably close to 1k). I only use it when I need the capacity or if the length makes sense for going prone or whatever. I definitely wouldn’t recommend dropping it in the sand or mud if you can help it. Seems like it would suck to take apart and clean.
  6. That makes too much sense and is way too affordable for 3-gun, especially Open. If it doesn’t cost at least $300 for a slight theoretical advantage, we aren’t interested .
  7. If I had unlimited funds I would definitely have an offset dot, but only for the peace of mind of being able to finish a stage if my primary dot takes a dump. So far I haven’t had any problems with my DPP, but anything can happen. The possibility of using an offset for a hard lean is just a bonus in my opinion. As for the top rail being stable enough to support and hold zero with an offset mount- it’s hard to speculate as I haven’t tried it. The rail on the dust cover is pretty solid, but definitely not as stable as the welded on sight rail they install that most people use to mount a
  8. I don’t know what dot you’re planning on using, I’m using a Deltapoint Pro with the triangle at Mike W’s suggestion. With the tip of the triangle zeroed at 50 yards, you can use the entire triangle as a birdshot aiming point. Works fantastic for me. I’m not currently using an offset, so I can’t give you a definitive answer on that, but it seems like it could be cumbersome to use the offset when you’re trying to make a precise shot on a slug target.
  9. Until you get a ton of rounds on a Benelli there are very few things likely to go wrong. Magazine tube springs are the most common thing needed, but if you replace before a major match you’ll be good. I carry a few extra o-rings for the firing pin retaining pin, a front sight insert or two, and an extra mag tube spring. A spare charging handle is not a bad idea, I saw one break last weekend (aftermarket).
  10. Unrelated to the original topic, but what setup can be used to get 36 rounds in a 2011 magazine? I had thought about a 7mm basepad on a 170, but I didn’t expect more than a couple of extra rounds.
  11. They are the same. There is also a Vortex branded one out there, also the same product with different branding. The MGM fold down model is awesome, very little chance of breaking it in a dump barrel. And as others have said, the Razor 1-6 model works great, just call MGM and ask for a longer screw.
  12. The M1 is a better quality shotgun, although the M3000 is certainly not junk. The inertia system is similar, the difference being the recoil spring assembly is in the buttstock on the Benelli and under the forend around the magazine tube in the Stoeger. When I shot an M1 I used a Limbsaver Airtech recoil pad and a foam stick on cheek piece. With that setup it shot softer than my M2 with the comfortech stock. The only thing I didn’t like about the Airtech is that it is very sticky / grippy and gets caught on your shirt easily. I mitigated that by wrapping it in electrical tape. Looked crappy bu
  13. I got .151”at the thinnest part, and about .351” wide.
  14. Yes, and they are awesome. I’ve had Speedcrosses and Fellcrosses and the Speed Spike is where it’s at. A little bit different style than the Speedcross but awesome shooting shoes.
  15. Mike Gibson Manufacturering AKA MGM. It’s called a Switchview.
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