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  1. amccallister

    Spare Parts?

    Until you get a ton of rounds on a Benelli there are very few things likely to go wrong. Magazine tube springs are the most common thing needed, but if you replace before a major match you’ll be good. I carry a few extra o-rings for the firing pin retaining pin, a front sight insert or two, and an extra mag tube spring. A spare charging handle is not a bad idea, I saw one break last weekend (aftermarket).
  2. amccallister

    PCC for STI/SVI Mags

    Unrelated to the original topic, but what setup can be used to get 36 rounds in a 2011 magazine? I had thought about a 7mm basepad on a 170, but I didn’t expect more than a couple of extra rounds.
  3. They are the same. There is also a Vortex branded one out there, also the same product with different branding. The MGM fold down model is awesome, very little chance of breaking it in a dump barrel. And as others have said, the Razor 1-6 model works great, just call MGM and ask for a longer screw.
  4. The M1 is a better quality shotgun, although the M3000 is certainly not junk. The inertia system is similar, the difference being the recoil spring assembly is in the buttstock on the Benelli and under the forend around the magazine tube in the Stoeger. When I shot an M1 I used a Limbsaver Airtech recoil pad and a foam stick on cheek piece. With that setup it shot softer than my M2 with the comfortech stock. The only thing I didn’t like about the Airtech is that it is very sticky / grippy and gets caught on your shirt easily. I mitigated that by wrapping it in electrical tape. Looked crappy but worked well.
  5. amccallister

    Need a measurement on SV steel grip

    I got .151”at the thinnest part, and about .351” wide.
  6. amccallister

    Chinese soloman shoes

    Yes, and they are awesome. I’ve had Speedcrosses and Fellcrosses and the Speed Spike is where it’s at. A little bit different style than the Speedcross but awesome shooting shoes.
  7. amccallister

    "Fold Down" MGM Switchview

    Mike Gibson Manufacturering AKA MGM. It’s called a Switchview.
  8. amccallister

    "Fold Down" MGM Switchview

    Yes, the Razor model fits, but you need a longer than standard screw. If you call them they will get you set up.
  9. amccallister

    "Fold Down" MGM Switchview

    Yes, I think it’s plenty long
  10. amccallister

    "Fold Down" MGM Switchview

    2 dot
  11. amccallister

    "Fold Down" MGM Switchview

    Still running strong, no issues at all.
  12. amccallister

    Open shotgun choices

    I’m getting into open this year, and I went with Dissident Arms. I actually bought a new one as well as a lightly used one. Starting out the guns felt awkward as I have spent very little time shooting an AK type gun in the past. With a couple of days of dry fire and a few hundred rounds of live ammo it feels much more natural and I’m really looking forward to shooting some matches. The new gun, which I have shot the most, does not run 100% with cheap shells in the 15 and 20 round magazines, but runs them well enough for practice use in the 12 round magazines (Remington Gun Club shells). It runs perfectly with Winchester AA’s no matter the magazine size, so I will be using these in matches. Very happy with the guns so far.
  13. amccallister

    benelli m2 mag extension

    12 round shotguns are long, but I have been using them for years and the capacity has been an advantage far more times than the length has been a hindrance. I wouldn’t want anything else on my tac ops guns.
  14. amccallister

    Best scope $1,000 or less

    I have owned both, and as I have said in this and other threads I am a C-more believer. The glass quality is very similar in the Razor and the C-more, while the Razor has a slight edge in eye box. They are both fantastic scopes, but the reticle of the C-more makes it a winner in my opinion.
  15. amccallister

    taking off the vent rib?

    Dillen Easley has a gun done by RCI that has the parts of the rib between the attachment pillars removed. I haven’t looked down the barrel of it but it looks like it would still have the same sight picture as a regular vent rib. It looks good and I have always thought it was a good idea.