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  1. Do you happen to know if there will be a side-charging version, like on the other JPs ? Thank you.
  2. Hi all, I'm currently planning a trip to the US with my PCC and hi-cap mags. Some options include a stop over in Washington Dulles or Chigago O'hare. Are there any specific gun-related problems in those states/airports ? (I'm used to flying into Florida or Georgia with no problem at all, and I know not to go to California or NY) Thanks for your help !
  3. Hi all, I'd like to put a laser sight on my pcc, in front of the DeltaPoint (on the same picatinny rail). DeltaPoint sits over a .5" riser. Can someone tell me the max height (from top of the picatinny rail) of the Crimson Trace CMR206 and the Laser Max Micro 2 ? Thanks a lot !
  4. Are you using 308 or 223 springs ?
  5. Hi all, Does anybody know the dimensions (with length) of the SV trigger set screw ? It's the overtavel screw that also holds the trigger insert in place. Thank you
  6. Thanks Matir. How do you make your mags 10-rounds legal ? Would a wood dowel inserted inside the spring be enough ? Or must they be "permanently" limited to 10 rounds ? I never heard about the no constructive possession thing. Do you know what would be the official legal authority to get an official quote on this ? Jack, about the same as flight to Vegas.
  7. Hi all ! Need your help here. I'm a foreigner, going to shoot a match in Nevada. Flights to Los Angeles are 1/3rd the price than to Vegas. Travelling with a regular PCC rifle (with pistol grip, threaded barrel, etc...), hi cap magazines + 2011-type pistols with 19 & 21 rounds magazines. Already got the ATF Form 6 NIA to enter the USA with my gear. Plan is to land in L.A., rent a car at the airport, drive directly to Nevada. Same thing when returning. No stop in California. Is this allowed ? If yes, is there any advanced paperwork, special requirements, etc ... ? Who would be the final authority to ask ?
  8. Thanks Tim and BigBamBoo. I haven't got any reply yet from AR Gold, so still don't know which trigger to order...
  9. Thank you for the tip. I checked their website and FB but couldn't find anything (no blog there). Maybe I'm not looking at the right place... So I sent them an email. Btw, TRUBL, do you work at Taccom ? Should I get some extra firing pins ?
  10. Hi all ! With a Taccom (or Faxon) 9mm bolt, which AR-Gold trigger should I use ? The 223 or the 308 trigger ? Ar Gold say on their website that some 9mm bolts require the 308 model, but not all. Dooes anybody have some experience with them ? Thanks
  11. It's an airsoft ipsc target (2/3?), fitted with a mechanism taken from a VERY cheap Ikea clock (http://www.ikea.com/...oducts/70098989) And yes, there are two .45 alphas in the head box BTW, Saul sells his own design http://www.doublealpha.biz/fun-items/ipsc-clock.htm
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