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  1. I purchased that item for both of my 550's. No problems so far.
  2. 427 Cobra, I wish I knew you quit using yours, I would have bought it off of you & saved me some cash!!! LOL
  3. I purchased a L.E. Wilson case trimmer last week and got it all set up. Boy, they are really nice!! They look terrific and are smooth as glass. Today I ordered a base (Sinclair calls it a platform) to mount it on. That way I don't have to mount it to the bench and it will be mobile. The "platform" has a place to store the case holders and a round Teflon disk to hit the cases on to seat them and remove them.L.E. Wilson equipment is "pricey" but you get great stuff.
  4. DubfromGA, you are right about that!! Every time I go to the range, I take the "94" and send some lead down range. It's "a hoot-to shoot"!!!!
  5. I'm planning on loading .30-30 Winchester this winter. I've got a 550B with Lee dies set-up. I'm relatively new to reloading( started in 2016). I was wondering what else I need to reload .30-30. So far I've saved all the cases to be reloaded. From what I understand, I will need a case trimmer. Is there anything else I will need? Any information will be greatly appreciated!
  6. I found some 450 Bushmaster cases at the range. They are a little bigger and a little heavier.
  7. Youngeyes, I just installed them on my 550,s. I wasn't having any problems but they sounded like a good idea. Preventive maintenance I guess.
  8. Isn't that the truth!!!! During the Shot Show week that's all we heard about and now NOTHING !!!!
  9. If you want to buy one of the "new ones" I'll give you $300.00 for your "OLD ONE" !!!! LOL!!
  10. That's what I was told. He said they had one set up in the show room. He told me also that it will have a new priming system.along with other improvements. The man said Dillon listened to what the buyers were telling them. He didn't say it but I'm guessing it will be a XL 750.
  11. Not to long ago, I purchased a 550 at a real good price ($245.00).I was going to flip-it. Then I decided to have it rebuilt & add the cost to my asking price. I got it back yesterday & could not sell it. I figured it was paid for & wasn't eating nothing!! I now have two 550"s & a SDB. You can't never have to many Dillons!!!!!
  12. I got some "hot news" yesterday. Dillon is replacing the 650 with a new & improved 750!!!!
  13. I bought a "older 550B " three or four weeks ago and been trying to decide what I'm going to do with it. I don"t have much money in it so yesterday I called Dillon and got a number to have it rebuilt. Right now it looks like it will be set up for .30-30 Winchester. From what I've heard they do a very good job when they rebuild them and the press looks brand new when it comes back.
  14. I believe all the 550's are the same. For instance the difference between a 550B & a 550C is how the ram link arms are fastened to the press. Every time Dillon makes a change they seem to change the letter.So I guess what I'm trying to say is yes they will work. If it says "for 550" it will work on all 550's.I have a 550B set up for large primers & a SDB set up for small primers and it is a fantastic set up.No changing, just sit down & start pulling the handle!!!! I do have one problem, a couple of weeks ago I picked up another 550B.for a great price ($245.00).I'm thinking about se
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