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  1. Hey Gang! Anyone has a good maintenance schedule? Like, Mag Spring every X rounds Main Spring every Y rounds etc etc Thanks!
  2. Are you marking because you are shooting 38SC?
  3. Yeah... I think will definitely develop some muscle after wielding this thing Did I mentioned that I also have a Brass magwell lol
  4. Sad to report, I think CJ said about 4 months...
  5. Quick update on the project! All parts are in, now the wait begins... =( Made some last min changes, 5" Hybrid Bull Barrel picked up some DP 124 JHP and some HS-6 to go with it. Probably will start a 8 grains at 1.150
  6. MBX Cause they just f'ing work
  7. Glad to have found this thread! When you guys measure the bullet with a JHP, do you guys measure from the flat. of the rim to the flat of the JHP? Or do I need to use something like the Hornady Comparator that measure from the ogive. I need to develop a load that would work for both these guns using: HS-6 and DP 124 JHP. - Open 2011 middy, with 3 port comp and two 3/16 poppel holes - CZ CM Factory Thanks!
  8. It did cross my mind! Last time I did that with a CZ TS... It cam back a very ghetto blaster
  9. Thank you guys! After mucho consideration... I will swap the barrel to a 5" Hybrid. Interesting, never even considered Atlas to get me a slide, I was going to wait for a Caspian or STI. CANT WAIT FOR THIS! In the meantime... I guess I can start thinking of color schemes... I have too many black and red gun... need to switch it up!
  10. Alright here goes! I having a new open gun build by Sky Customs, the owner CJ is a very friendly and knowledgeable guy! This will be my first open gun, never even shot one, what I do have is a 2011 sight tracker built last year using mostly Infinity parts on a CK Frame. All recommendations and comments a welcome! Here is what I plan on getting: Full size Cheely Heavy Open Frame with a Cheely E2 Aggresive Grip Slide is up in the air right now as most ppl I do business with are out of stock. 5.4 Bull Barrel is also out of stock and it will be fitted with a Binary Engineering 3 port Ti Comp, I do have the comp. Will run an RTS2 on a Wheely Mount, right next to it we will have a DAA Thumb Rest. I picked the Extreme ignition kit and I will be rocking a Everglades Short Trigger, and for safety I will have the Double Tap shielded thingy. The rest is pretty standard. As I said before, this will be my first over open gun, I do plan on reloading for it, probably 124gr with some VV N320 or something Again, any comments are welcome at this point =)
  11. Could you elaborate your methodology in determining that?
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