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  1. thanks! who do I contact? I have 3 one lb jars left. everyone was sold out on the 8lb jars
  2. yup... Lot 314 i have the same production code please let me know what you find out.
  3. ahhh good to know. Iam using 124gr Delta Precision JHP, new design. Thank you for the info! Can you take a picture of where the lot number is found? I think mine is kinda faded lol I am not sure if I am looking at a resemblance of a lot number lol
  4. For sure, once I have dialed everything down ill shoot a vid. I am still playing with loads... I make 172PF with 8.2gr of HS6 and 1.175" I barely make PF with 10.4gr of Major Pistol at 1.165" I'll crank it to 10.6gr of MP at 1.165" and I am hoping to see 169-170PF
  5. Full profile, the Tri top was performed after the slide/barrel/comp fit and match
  6. CJ is the KY, but I am sure he can help with your slide
  7. She is a heavy girl for sure... It balance well and wield like a balance solid chunk. I need to start working out more... And it's VERY loud!
  8. Here is a quick update, almost done and ready for coating!
  9. 8.2gr hs6 173PF 9gr 8N38 175PF 1.16” PVD once I make up my mind on color scheme. yeah I’ll put the screw in last
  10. SHE IS DONE! Still in the white, but she shoots like a dream.
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