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  1. This, one of sti’s best creations.
  2. Get the 1050! I started shooting uspsa with a 550b and used that to load for 6 years. I have no idea how many rounds I loaded on it, easily 100k or more. After I really stepped up my shooting and got busier with life I decided to buy a 650 with a case feeder and bullet feeder and instantly regretted waiting so long, it was a huge difference. Then I took the plunge into open with 9major and decided I wanted the swagger and primer seater system to dial in my loads. I picked up a 1050 and all I can say is WOW! When I started I read all the posts about just buy the 1050 and always rationalized not spending the money but now that I took the journey through all 3, I really wish I could go back and listen in the first place.
  3. If you can find a gently used Trojan in 40, their great, I love mine, also a Dan Wesson would do great.
  4. I run all MBX mags, never had a problem.
  5. Makes sense, do you think that the blast hitting the shield gives it more flip and with a mount that doesn’t cover the holes it will be flatter?
  6. I’m currently running a shorty open gun, I love the way it feels so far and have been using a slide ride with a blast shield to protect it. Since the new romeo3max came out I’ve been thinking about switching over to try it but am concerned with changing to much. I know I’ll lose some weight from going with a smaller optic but in a tuning sessions a while back I noticed the blast from the popple holes hitting the shield a lot. If I go to a shorter optic it will most likely be pushed back and clear the holes more, how much do you think the difference will be between the two optics/mounts?
  7. Another vote for the Alpha X. Simple and works well.
  8. Or the Arredondo rest, it’s pretty close. Similar to the nitrofin I think.
  9. My ck shorty seems to do really well with my WAC load, it’s 7.2gr under a 124gr jhp. The dot tracks really well, when I have a good grip the dot doesn’t leave the glass.
  10. Blue bullets are a great company with fast shipping and they have good pricing with bulk buys.
  11. A 124gr bullet with e3 or wst is a great and accurate load that I shot for awhile.
  12. I had an RO in 9mm and after some techwell grips and mag well, a little skate tape on the front of the grip it was a fantastic gun. Never had an issue with it, it ran on Wilson mags extremely well. I dont think youll you’ll go wrong either way. 9mm in a SS is a lot of fun!
  13. If you were going to do a full custom build I would take a hard look at doing a 5.4 inch. If I was doing it over again this is the route I’d go.
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