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  1. It is no different than any other major other than number of stages. There's a gas station 5 mins from the range to stock up on stuff that you might need. They'll have water there.
  2. Dry tumble... waste of time and effort to wet tumble.
  3. Do you do pinch like a pinch of salt? Or Thumb to 2nd knuckle like you're starting your car?
  4. Its funny when a GM comes up with something so outrageous that its clearly a troll... and then you realize its Enos and this could actually be a real question.
  5. Not to mention this election doesnt matter its going to be Foley by a landslide.
  6. Did you get a ballot? If you did then stfu and vote. Whole lot more stuff to fix in USPSA than the language included in a 3rd party voting company.
  7. mikeg1005

    Next Level GM

    YellowVisorGuy on Doodie 1.0 did a regression analysis on classification vs. major match finish.. determined there was a .88 correlation coefficient from about 2-3 years of major matches...thats a pretty solid number, so yes, classification does correlate to match finish well.
  8. mikeg1005

    Next Level GM

    So like I said on page 1... they're better shooters They are more accurate, miss less, and shoot faster than 'average' GMs. I think we can close this one... as that is LITERALLY the answer.
  9. mikeg1005

    Next Level GM

    Only if you use SNS Coated bullets... 5% off "MikeG" coupon code, can be used with 5k and 10k discounts it you call in.
  10. mikeg1005

    Next Level GM

    Because they are better shooters.
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