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  1. You could start on the hood of any car but general idea was shoot it from the back forward. Its Area 3, most stages are boring once you remove the gimmicks/props.
  2. A3 this weekend. The red lines are fault lines 'on' the golf cart, 3 sided as to suggest that its an extension of the fault lines on the ground and not a shooting box. You have to get on to lean over and shoot the target as shown. What rule would constitute that I have to stay within those fault lines seeing as the whole golf cart touches the fault lines. More specifically...would I get a penalty if say I wanted to stand in the bed and shoot said target. I am not aware of any issues, RO staff didn't penalize anyone on our squad, just A3 f*#kery that pushes the envelope of the rules.
  3. Please have nationals again, please have nationals again. Please?
  4. I have 3 that says they're not.
  5. You can do that right now, in open. Nothing is stopping you.
  6. ... no they aren't. LOL.
  7. Open division and PCC covers your first paragraph. Minor is not competitive in limited compared to major, the 2-3 round advantage is not worth minor scoring. With 20-22+1 off the start you will ALWAYS find a place to do 1 if not 2 reloads. You are the only person I've ever heard of suggesting we should have a limited minor division... so I can see how USPSA would not entertain such a concept.
  8. Ok? And who care? Limited is the biggest division in USPSA (or at least was last year or so). Why are we attempting to cater to people with minor guns? If one cannot be bothered to buy competitive equipment for a division then why does EVERYONE who chose to do this have to now suffer and adjust what they're running?
  9. 1. Tactical people and general gun enthusiasts. 2. HQ in effort to make a place for people to shoot 'competitively' with non competitive gear, in effort to bring in more money to HQ.
  10. No one shoots minor in Open or L10, no one shoots major in Revo. Please address those issues before messing with the biggest (maybe 2nd now?) division in USPSA.
  11. Shoot it the same way you shoot carry optics EXCEPT... reload every time you move (unless you can get in 2 positions without risking of running dry). Never make up any HITS if it will force you to go to slide lock/standing reload. Don't go as aggressive on 8/8 arrays as you have no make up shots. If you have the ability to break up difficult arrays (long partials, lot of steel, etc.) it 4 or 6 shot arrays it be a good approach... hedging more aggressive shooting/losing some stage time vs. having a standing reload(s).
  12. This was part of the PASA park thought process for running their matches... I personally believe it was because Dick^2 were both very much anti minor/1911s should be 45acp mindsets.
  13. Have no fear... the PASA crew burned every bridge known with USPSA. I doubt they'll ever have anything there after the s#!tshow that was the 2017 SSN/SSC.
  14. Using the Single Stack Classic/Nationals at PASA in any way shape or form to justify stage design is archaic and terrible. That match prided itself on making minor a disadvantage and never requiring more than 3 mags to shoot CoF (the reason why long course were 24rds). Also, to suggest that there were any 'options' at any of those matches besides the last time it was a nationals is comical.
  15. Major vs. Minor has almost nothing to do with difficulty of shooting the gun. Ask anyone who shoots SS, its all about stage plan/benefit of extra rounds. There is 0 advantage to having 2-3 extra rounds of 9mm vs. having minor scoring handicap in Limited. No one shoots minor at the top (except Nils last year but I am like 95% sure its because his gun isn't made in major). Can we please stop discussing changing the only division that make sense (outside of open) with arbitrary s#!t? LOL.
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