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  1. I mean yea... young people not wanting to use vacation to go and RO matches which is a thankless s#!tty job and I have no idea why people do it but am super thankful they do or we wouldn't have this sport.... I can see how it would be something better fitted for retirees. Being a dedicated squad RO at locals ruins the match let alone doing it for a whole weekend and still expecting to shoot well.
  2. Only match I shot of yours was A5 last year and it was ran very well and we flew through the stages. Keep doing whatever you're doing it works haha.
  3. Exactly. Match fees are trivial in comparison to all the other costs in this sport, I don't understand how people critique them.
  4. Sarge, We got "Local ROs" that staff your matches and nationals. Then we also have "Local ROs" who are the guys who took the class (or didn't) and volunteer to run the timer on Sundays. They have 0 concept of how to move a squad along, they just have the cert and more or less know the rules. BIG difference and hence why I said what I said. If you staffed a major with all the local guys who RO and not the best ones... it would be a trainwreck.
  5. There are people who think $200 for 14 is too much money as well.
  6. House gets money that isn't spent on the match, how's that? Universal calls it profit since they're a business, your local club calls it extra funds for the club since they're non for profit. Neither goes to the match or the shooter.
  7. "Local" ROs are incompetent. Travel to any level 3 or Nationals. I'd be willing to bet 60+% of the match staff is always the same. Good ROs are hard to come by and should be paid well to stick around. How you spend your money is on you but looking at cost per stage at a local match and applying it to a major is not realistic. Locals are typically poorly ran, don't supply anything for the shooter (food/water), don't have any extra 'fees' beyond match supplies.
  8. I guess you could call it profit... When the home range says we want _____ to host a match. I'm sure there are those who make nothing but on the other hand I know of several clubs locally that held sectionals and there had a per shoot cost that went into their bank account, above and beyond running the cost of the match. This is especially true of local matches. Both of my clubs make $1000s and $1000s of dollars off USPSA.
  9. You do understand that the goal of match and match staff is to run an efficient and well managed match correct? Not save 'you' money. I'd rather pay $500 for a major knowing it will run flawless then spending money on flight, car, hotel, food, drinks, range supplies, etc. having a match that takes HOURS longer than it should, waiting backed up squads, etc. all to save $50-100 by running it with the bare minimum staff. I know for a fact that most people who actually shoot majors regularly will agree with this.
  10. People acting like matches aren't a source of revenue for clubs, organizations, private businesses and not just 'to cover costs' is comical AF.
  11. Looks just like my RF100... with zero tuning other than running it slow. And it works flawless with CCI, Federals, and S&Bs. No lube, not sawing needles, no cleaning.
  12. Ya.... going to have to disagree with that one DAA. I've got over 150k primers loaded through an RF100 and I've never cleaned the bowl. It doesn't get primer residue since the primers aren't thrown around like a case feeder.
  13. Ammobot for the sole purpose of shipping fees. When you inevitably have to send either one back to fix issues with it... it'll fit in a smaller box.
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