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  1. Target panic. He's anticipating/rushing the shot and likely increasing grip strength with his hand as he pulls the trigger which is what results in low left shots with a right handed shooter.
  2. Match books are usually released 2-3 weeks before nationals. Shooting skills, make sure you're proficient at strong hand only, weak hand only (15-25yds) and make sure you know where your gun hits at 30-50yds. Zebra, tough partials, head shots at 15-25yds. Those are your non typical things that will be tested at nationals.
  3. Each year its different but usually you get something at registration (mag sleeve, belt loop, sometimes a t-shirt). They will more than likely have water (food is usually for purchase/RO staff only). You're going to shoot three 1/2 days so you're not going to be on the range for more than 5ish hours, plan your meals/snacks accordingly. The typically have a banquet at the end where they'll do awards and prize table. Last few years prize table was based on heads up finish/they call names and you go and walk the table. Unless you're finishing top 10 don't expect a gun, top 20 m
  4. I was there, shot this stage. It was put down exactly as the stage diagram in the match book. It was a textbook RO sitting on the 180 watching you draw the gun stage. Every Area 8 I shot they make it a habit of putting ROs on 180s like this... its never an issue and the RO is always well up range of where the shots go That target was the first one you shot off the draw so the risk of swinging the gun over towards the RO was not something that you'd like do as you were going to transition to the right after that stack. That RO was a good 10-12ft away from the
  5. Ya I couldn't either. You'd lose if someone on the arb committee said you took what was not a 1911 (2011 wide body) and made it into one which doesn't follow the intent of the division or the rule of it needing to be a '1911'... yes, I know 'intent' isn't a word in USPSA but after following how SS came to be there's a lot of it in how rules now exist. Like... you can't lighten the slide, but cosmetic modifications intended to lighten the slide (tri-top) are allowed.
  6. Makes sense. Thank you for clarify that, learn something new everyday.
  7. Can you email Troy and ask? I recall it being stated this is not legal but I cannot find the documentation. It would be interesting to see what the reply is since, in reality... an 43oz bushing barrel 2011 with that grip would be no different than the STI Staccato R (or w/e).
  8. Got it, and yes that make sense, II was just curious what the 'by the book' way to rule it would be. So, (2) stacking and (2) failure to reload before engaging since we're assuming the shooter did intentionally stack on T3 would be the 'right' call?
  9. Does it have to be consecutive shot? If the shooter shot T1, T2, T1, T2 (instead of T1, T1, T2, T2) would it not be stacking? Would it then just be a penalty for not shooting them after reloading? I guess I misunderstood stacking, I thought it was shooting more than the required number in efforts to save the shot after a reload, not consecutive.
  10. Because T3 was engaged twice before the mandatory reload... or am I missing something?
  11. You are correct I did but either way isn't this still a stacking on T3? Shooter put (2) shots on T1, T2, and T3 BEFORE the mandatory reload (mandated after engaging T1-T5). T3 (like T1 and T2) cannot be reengaged until a reload is performed upon shooting all 5 targets. Or am I missing something. What makes T3 different than T1 and T2?
  12. You're right, he shot T5, T4, T3 after the reload but why wouldn't he get the 3rd stacking? The shooter did not reload after engaging all (5) targets before he engage T3 again. Wouldn't this be a stacking penalty since in essence he's still shooting the first array?
  13. By the same logic... is it a DQ if after the make ready command, a 1911 shooter (with gun in holster) cocks hammer on an unloaded gun, turns on safety, and proceeds to dry fire draw (basically skipping lifting the gun all the way out, racking slide, safety on, putting back into the holster)?
  14. Most importantly... 5 penalties = zeroed stage so you really don't have to worry about the rest since they're irrelevant... cue 'its just a club match' ... move on to next shooter.
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