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  1. Like DOUBLE the price of my GMR-15. About fell over when I saw the price point.
  2. Too expensive for significant law enforcement interest? So it will be almost entirely sold to serious competition enthusiasts.
  3. Maybe a dozen deer traverse my property every night, along with some coyotes. Game cams verify it. Motion alarms would just keep us awake all night long.
  4. I keep spare bolt and captured recoil spring assembly in range bag. I've had firing pins, firing pin clips, and captured spring assembly all break at some point in around 30,000 rounds of pcc. In open div I've also had red dot optic go out mid match. So best option is spare gun of course.
  5. As I understand it, a AR9 type PCC does not have that obvious feel (as pistols do) when a squib happens. Especially if the bullet traveled 10in then stopped in barrel, yet action still fully cycled. The pic above I suspect is a JP test, but I dont know that to be fact. Mostly this is a too-low powder-charge situation as opposed to primer-only discharge. JP, I think, has suggested using steel-plate target for those first few rounds of your freshly made super-low power-factor ammo - just to be sure the bullets leave the barrel. I have never experienced a squib in my PCC yet, 20,000+ rounds, so I dont know what it feels like to have a round stick 10" down the barrel, or if carbine will cycle.
  6. ever since the JP GMR15 first came available. More than 3 yr I think.
  7. I've never cleaned mine in like 35,000 rounds......only copper plated ammo used. No problems . Probably isnt necessary. JP GMR15
  8. Has there ever been a trustworthy drum mag made for any caliber?
  9. Dont forget the 28 ounce (1 lb 12 oz) loaded magazine thats inserted in front of trigger guard for those long stages. The pcc handles much differently on round one versus last shot. So how much difference does that +/- 4 oz on the handguard really make? Not so much IMO.
  10. PCC's have lot less blast. Sometimes even the timer cant hear them. Wear earplugs only when you're shooting, then wear muffs rest of time over plugs, like when the open dudes with ports go at it.
  11. Maybe THIS is what JP was talking about? Very low power factor rounds one after another, not even realizing the rounds never leave barrel? JP Enterprises out of Hugo, Minnesota, posted a picture of a 9×19 mm barrel cut in half.
  12. Yes.....she's a big shooting enthusiast. Shoots her mouth off all the time.
  13. I shoot open too. Once, shooting open thru a port, with no-shoot stapled on top of port, the comp. blast ripped cardboard in half. The forces are dramatically different with open pistol. Ideally (theoretically) the compensating forces should be much less with a pcc since they are acting on a leveraged position - the end of long barrel.
  14. I tried two wraps of paper around comp, secured with bit blue painters tape. gmr15 Took 3 shots before gases from comp blew paper apart. Conclusion: Compensator forces are absolutely nil.
  15. Don't forget that we have 26 ounces of mag&ammo hanging off the gun in front of trigger, when starting a 32 round stage. By the end of the stage, a lot has changed in the way of weight distribution. Personally a few ounces less on the handguard doesn't seem to make much difference to me all things considered.
  16. Winchester primers are 25% rebate right now. https://winchester.com/Rebates/2019-Winchester-Primers-Rebate
  17. FYI......some super soft loads, 122 PF, will not cycle the JP GMR15. About one in 40 rounds will not fully cycle the gun. So if yer wondering how low you can go......
  18. Not all that happy with magwell choices out there for pcc. Going to make one out of black Delrin.......should look ugly. What I want is a really huge mouth .
  19. Skip to 7:50 ......What handguard is this? I dont see it offered by JP yet.
  20. Sort of related to this topic...... Is there any significant use of 9mm PCC in law enforcement? . Not that I have any decent information, but my guess is its very low and not growing. Just wondering since PCC makers will make to the expected needs of the market
  21. I thinks thats just "copy and paste" from their AR15 equipment manuals. Still I did it.
  22. More specs would be nice. They dont list much. 16 in barrel with removable comp I assume?
  23. 122 PF out a stock JP GMR15 would fail to cycle about one in fifty.
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