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  1. ffgats

    Ambi Lower

    Thanks for the info, that’s what I thought, proprietary ambi parts,
  2. ffgats

    Ambi Lower

    School me on this, Bootleg has lower receiver that says “Ambi” control compatible, does it mean I have to use parts that are ambi like bolt release, mag release and safety? Thanks
  3. ffgats

    Benelli Super Black Eagle

    mine doesn't run with 1145 fps even with reduce recoil spring. , the challenger 7.5, 3 drams 1 1/8 is good same with the AA 7.5 3 1/4 drams . having problems with S@B slugs too, not too bad with Federal trubul mild recoil, but still occasionnally won't eject. the Remington mild recoil buckshot 8 pellets is not also 100%, full power Remi buckshot is ok.
  4. ffgats

    Faxon match, Faxon gunner, Odin, BA

    thanks for all your feed backs, nice to hear your actual experiences, yeah sometimes the price is little tempting, although I'm very happy with my Rainier UltraMatch Fluted 18" rifle gas, I wish its around 28-30 ounces, its on the 36oz right now and I'm not a big guy. for Prone or Bench, the gun barely moves, its on off hand shooting that my arms can feel the forward weight.
  5. ffgats

    Faxon match, Faxon gunner, Odin, BA

    Which Faxon, Gunner or Match, tnx
  6. Haven’t seen this bbls in person, Which of these would you recommend and why the Gunner is light, but can i use an adjustable gas block ( Superlative.625)which has 1.1” lenght, the gunner gas journal is 1.9” and 625”. Any issue on accuracy after multiple rounds? Faxon match Flame Fluted - any feedback on its overall performance? Ballistic Advantage also has the 18” rifle length fluted - no experience either Odin 16” intermediate gas lenght, any good? right now i have the Ranier Ultra match Fluted 18” Rifle lenght, accurate but front heavy, paired with Odin adjustable GB and Faxon LW BCG. Thanks
  7. ffgats

    holo 510C or MRO

    Unfortunately Optic Planet can’t ship to Canada
  8. ffgats

    holo 510C or MRO

    Nice to know they make risers, just have to look here up North who sells them, thanks for ALL your first hand feedbacks gents
  9. ffgats

    holo 510C or MRO

    its for my incoming GMR15, had the chance to see the MRO, maybe its just me but I find the MRO has a slight magnification and when try to view at 50 yard it seems a little blurry, btw I wear a RX glasses, but this doesn't happen to my T1 before. like the height mount of the MRO lower 1/3. haven't seen the 510C red yet which is my preference, seen the Green version and like the glass, my only concern is the height which is 1.41". how's the durability of this holosun, I'm getting a mix feedback, although I dont think they really has one to compare. or should I wait for the GMR to arrive ( 6-8 weeks) and see if the 510C height is good enough. always prefer to shoot on a lower 1/3. most of the dealers are having a sale within the week. thanks
  10. ffgats

    JP GMR15 mags

    How about the Magpul Glock mags? Any good, way cheaper here up North
  11. ffgats

    JP GMR15 mags

    10 for pistol mags, the mags will not change the classification of the firearm even when use in a rifle. i know, too late to move south, should have move straight to U.S. from back home
  12. ffgats

    JP GMR15 mags

    Just placed sn order of this rifle today, but will take 6-8 weeks before I get my hands on it. ( CANADA) , any special brand of Glock type this rifle prefers. Would like to start setting up my gears. Thanks
  13. ffgats

    Beretta CX Storm 9

  14. The AR type PCC here is s little bit hard to find, considering the CX Storm, any opinion? Or upgrades like trigger or comp. thanks
  15. ffgats

    SBE2 cycling problem

    hi hope to hear what you think is the issue When shooting light load( 2 3/4, 2 /3/4 drams 1 1/8oz) Federal top gun, occasionally the fired case wont full eject even with a light recoil spring, so change my ammo to the same brand with the 3 drams, this time it extract and eject without problem, however experienced a failure to release a shell from the mag. the mag spring feels it has good push, could it be the carrier spring or the latch (cant remember the name)that activates by the trigger and activates the shell latch. Tried another box ( Challenger 3 drams and low brass same as Federal))of shell, everything went well. thanks