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  1. I have the GLS and it wont fit the S2, Glock, Beretta 1911/2011 does fit, ssme with S1
  2. ffgats

    Jp SCS2

    My castle nut is badly staked so its hard to take it out, will Dremel do the trick? Grind the pin, lol thanks, i just want to buy the stock( std) weight, no need for the kit, can’t buy direct from JP since they don’t ship to Canada, want to try the standard and the 80% too.
  3. ffgats

    Jp SCS2

    just a follow up , I can't seem to find info regarding the main spring of the SCS, are there any after market springs I can use, like the present set up of my SCS ( standard spring used). tried contacting JP, so far no response, my concern is where in the future to get replacement spring, Oring and bumper. I'm in Canada so Jp might not ship, btw, how often do you replace the spring. thanks
  4. ffgats

    Jp SCS2

    My castle nut is badly staked so its hard to take it out, will Dremel do the trick? Grind the pin, lol
  5. ffgats

    Jp SCS2

    Hi do you run the SCS2 without the buffer retainer pin, a little bit of pain to install and reinstall. thanks
  6. Thanks, just pull the the trigger on the Odin 16” Intermediate , was able to get the last piece, and its only 30 mins drive. The next shipment is 6 months. Its a not light barrel, just a couple of ounces than my SPR
  7. Care to share your experience, accuracy wise and recoil, have you tried the rifle gas to compare, justfound a dealer with very limited stock. Thanks
  8. From where, all I see here are 18” rifle and mid and 16” middy, interested on 16” intermediate.
  9. my 18" ( rainier Ultra Match fluted) with rifle gas and adjustable gas block shoots the way I wanted, with 18" bbl 35oz, its a little front heavy, so I'm asking about the 16", unfortunately cant't seem to find a dealer who sells the 16' intermediate, just the middy. . base from your experience the 16" middy will not shoot like my 18' rifle. I thought the adjustable gas block with do the trick. good to know, thanks
  10. because nobody sells here 16' intermediate .
  11. Lets say everything is the same except for the bbl lenght 18” with rifle gas and 16” middy and both running Adjustable Gas Block, can I make the 16” shoot like the 18”, recoil impulse, softness and muzzle stability. Btw the 18” will be s little heavier. Thanks
  12. any pictures of your rifles please, thanks
  13. Thanks for the info, that’s what I thought, proprietary ambi parts,
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