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  1. Hey its not an issue im trying to solve. Just something im looking at since i like short and light triggers. Light does no necessary equates to better in this game but i like it. Same goes for my gas PRS type rigs. Hell i have the shortest and lightest trigger AI makes on my AT So if i find something reliable, light and short (in that order ) thats worth a look for me personally. And on the keep chasing your dreams comment... step off. Its a game i play on weekends my friend. Its funny tho how you tried to school me on the pitfalls of
  2. Seriously i think you misread the original post. Been playing other shooting games long enough to know no such thing exist but... The stock trigger while good could be better. Pretty sure JP wouldn't sell their "Armageddon" if the stock one was perfect dont you think?
  3. Is the hyperfire reliable on the GMR15. Im not ruling out the JP, just that i keep hearing more and more people using the hiperfire and ive never bothered with any of their offering. I guess i live under the geissele and rock river ...rock. thats all ive tried for years.
  4. Its back on the short list. Can i get it as light and short as the SD3G?
  5. Anyone running em on their GMRs? Looking fot something a tad lighter than the stock trigger. I was reccomended JPs own armageddon trigger kit but since ive had good experiences with geissele thought about giving their lightest one a try... Your thoughts?
  6. For those of you running GMR 15s how the hell you get the carbon build up out of your comps? I have no access to ultrasonic cleaners or the like and my comp is pinned. I took a scraper tool to mine but aborted after scratching the inside a bit. Its at its worst on the first chamber. Any adverse effects on accuracy from scratching a 9mm break?
  7. Appreciate the help. The baseplate should be here next week so ill try it out and report back. Ill revisit the sanding/filing/grinding deal after i dump a couple of boxes thru it.
  8. Noted. Yeah handled a few before going the GMR route. Will most likely built my next one.
  9. Did the smoothing involved the interior of the mag body or the baseplate. This is my first baseplate so im limited to my TTI +5 experience. I did not smoothed anything on that one.
  10. Im running only commercial ammo at the moment. Not sure about the OAL of the Aguila and Rem UMC im running
  11. Not reloading yet. Mostly shooting 147s UMC flat nosed Remington or Aguila 124. Will reload in the near future.
  12. Im torn between these new Goliaths and the older TF +12. Are there any drawback on the Goliath? At the moment the only baseplates ive used are TTI +5/6 on the Glock 33rd mags with the stock 33rd spring, no modding either on the stock or the baseplate. I understand these require a bit of shaving on the mag bottom edge and a bit of sanding on the follower bottomside. The real question is, are the goliaths plug and play after the mag mods or do they need some grinding too? On springs, any advice? I tried calling Taylor Freelance 3 times today and NADA.
  13. Nags me a bit still. Specifically the PCC part. Long mags out of a "evil" gun you know.
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